A collection of teen pop songs for baritone voice

One Direction - A.M. (C#3-A4)

Jonas Brothers - When You Look Me In the Eyes (G3-A4)

One Direction - Moments (D3-A4)

5 Seconds of Summer - Amnesia (D3-A4)

5 Seconds of Summer - Jet Black Heart (A2-G4)

Backstreet Boys - Incomplete (A2-E4)

Boyce Avenue - Teenage Dream (D3-F#4)

David Archuleta - My Kind of Perfect (E3-A4)

Jonas Brothers - Hello Beautiful (B2-E4)

Jonas Brothers - S.O.S. (E3-A4)

Justin Bieber - Sorry [piano version] (D#3-G4)

Nick Jonas & The Administration - Who I Am (B2-G#4)

One Direction - Fool's Gold (E3-A4)

One Direction - Half a Heart (C3-A4)

One Direction - I Want to Write You a Song (D3-A4)

One Direction - Love You Goodbye (A2-G4)

One Direction - Same Mistakes (F3-G#4)

One Direction - Story of My Life (A#2-G#4)

Shawn Mendes - Believe (G3-A4)

Shawn Mendes - Running Low (C3-G4)

tobyMac - Atmosphere (A2-B3)

tobyMac - Irene (A2-E4)

Westlife - My Love (E3-A4)

5ive - It's the Things You Do (F#3-G#4)

5 Seconds of Summer - Beside You (C#3-A4)

5 Seconds of Summer - Ghost of You (F3-G4)

5 Seconds of Summer - Heartbreak Girl (A3-A4)

5 Seconds of Summer - Hey Everybody! (E3-G#4)

5 Seconds of Summer - Kiss Me Kiss Me (C3-A4)

5 Seconds of Summer - Long Way Home (A2-A4)

5 Seconds of Summer - Mrs. All American (D#3-G#4)

5 Seconds of Summer - Wherever You Are (C3-G4)

98 Degrees - Because of You (G3-A4)

98 Degrees - Christmas Wish (C3-G4)

98 Degrees - Give Me Just One Night (G3-A4)

98 Degrees - I Do (Cherish You) (D#3-G#4)

98 Degrees - If Every Day Could Be Christmas (D#3-A4)

98 Degrees - This Gift (D3-G#4)

Aaron Carter - Oh Aaron (A#2-A#3)

Adam Lambert - If I Had You (A2-D4)

Alec Benjamin - I Built a Friend (F#3-A4)

Alec Benjamin - If We Have Each Other (C#3-F#4)

Alec Benjamin - Mind is a Prison (D#3-G4)

Austin Mahone - Mmm Yeah (E3-C#4)

Backstreet Boys - As Long as You Love Me (E3-G4)

Backstreet Boys - Drowning (C#3-G#4)

Backstreet Boys - I Need You Tonight (B2-G#4)

Backstreet Boys - I Still... (A2-A4)

Backstreet Boys - It's Gotta Be You (F3-A4)

Backstreet Boys - Lose It All (A#2-G#4)

Backstreet Boys - Never Gone (A#2-A4)

Backstreet Boys - No One Else Comes Close (C3-A4)

Backstreet Boys - Not for Me (F#3-A4)

Backstreet Boys - Quit Playing Games (E3-F#4)

Backstreet Boys - Siberia (C3-F4)

Backstreet Boys - Spanish Eyes (D#3-G4)

Backstreet Boys - The Answer To Our Life (E3-A4)

Backstreet Boys - The Call (F3-G#4)

Backstreet Boys - The One (D3-G#4)

Backstreet Boys - We've Got It Goin' On (D3-F#4)

Backstreet Boys - Yes I Will (A#2-A4)

BBMak - Out of My Heart (F3-G4)

Boyzone - Arms of Mary (D#3-D#4)

Boyzone - Better (A#2-G4)

Boyzone - Father and Son (D#3-C4)

Boyzone - It's Time (A#2-G4)

Boyzone - Love Me for a Reason (E3-A4)

Boyzone - Picture of You (G3-F4)

Boyzone - When You Say Nothing at All (B2-E4)

Boyzone - You Needed Me (C3-F4)

Charlie Puth - Attention (A#2-C4)

Cody Simpson - La Da Dee (C3-A4)

Conan Gray - Lookalike (F3-G4)

Conor Maynard - Can't Say No (C3-G#4)

Corbin Bleu - Push It To the Limit (C3-G4)

Corbin Bleu - What Time Is It (A2-A4)

Dan Hartman - Relight My Fire (C3-D4)

Dream - He Loves U Not (A#2-G#3)

Dr. Hook - A Little Bit More (B2-G4)

East 17 - Stay Another Day (D3-A4)

Eastern Conference Champions - A Million Miles An Hour (B2-D4)

Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care (D3-G4)

Edwin McCain - Broke Down Hearted Wonderland (E3-A4)

Elyar Fox - Do It All Over Again (D3-E4)

Emblem3 - 3000 Miles (G3-G4)

Hanson - MMMBop (A2-D4)

Jack & Jack - Like That (D3-E4)

Jacob Sartorius - Sweatshirt (D#3-D#4)

Jesse McCartney - She's No You (E3-G4)

Jesse McCartney - Take Your Sweet Time (D#3-G#4)

Jesse McCartney - What's Your Name? (A#2-F4)

JLS - Eyes Wide Shut (G3-A4)

Joe Jonas - This Is Our Song (B2-E4)

Jonas Brothers - 6 Minutes (D3-G4)

Jonas Brothers - A Little Bit Longer (C3-A4)

Jonas Brothers - Got Me Going Crazy (F#3-F#4)

Jonas Brothers - Gotta Find You (B2-D4)

Jonas Brothers - Hold On (D3-G4)

Jonas Brothers - Hollywood (G3-A4)

Jonas Brothers - Inseparable (C#3-G#4)

Jonas Brothers - Just Friends (F3-G4)

Jonas Brothers - Live To Party (C3-A4)

Jonas Brothers - Love Is on Its Way (E3-F#4)

Jonas Brothers - One Man Show (C3-G4)

Jonas Brothers - Poison Ivy (A#2-G4)

Jonas Brothers - Still In Love With You (B2-A4)

Jonas Brothers - That's Just the Way We Roll (A3-A4)

Jonas Brothers - Time for Me To Fly (D3-D4)

Jonas Brothers - Underdog (C#3-G#4)

Jonas Brothers - Video Girl (E3-A4)

Jonas Brothers - What I Go To School For (E3-F#4)

Jonas Brothers - Year 3000 (C3-G4)

Joshua Bassett - Common Sense (D3-E4)

Joshua Bassett - Lie Lie Lie (B2-A4)

Justin Bieber - All Around the World (G3-A4)

Justin Bieber - All That Matters (C#3-G#4)

Justin Bieber - Baby (A2-D4)

Justin Bieber - Be Alright (D#3-G#4)

Justin Bieber - Bigger (C3-C4)

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (G3-A4)

Justin Bieber - Down To Earth (B2-D4)

Justin Bieber - Eenie Meenie (F#3-A4)

Justin Bieber - Get Used to It (D3-G4)

Justin Bieber - Heartbreaker (C#3-E4)

Justin Bieber - I'll Show You (E3-E4)

Justin Bieber - Life Is Worth Living (F3-G4)

Justin Bieber - Love Me (A#2-C4)

Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (B2-B3)

Justin Bieber - Mistletoe (B2-E4)

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never (G3-A4)

Justin Bieber - No Pressure (C3-A4)

Justin Bieber - Nothing Like Us (C3-A4)

Justin Bieber - One Less Lonely Girl (B2-D4)

Justin Bieber - One Love (F3-A4)

Justin Bieber - Out of Town Girl (D3-F4)

Justin Bieber - Purpose (E3-G4)

Justin Bieber - Recovery (E3-F#4)

Justin Bieber - Right Here (D3-A4)

Justin Bieber - Sorry (C3-G4)

Justin Bieber - The Feeling (E3-F#4)

Justin Bieber - U Smile (C3-G4)

Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean? (E3-F#4)

Justin Bieber - Yellow Raincoat (D#3-D#4)

Justin Timberlake - Let's Take a Ride (F3-A4)

Justin Timberlake - Nothin' Else (C#3-F#4)

Justin Timberlake - Right for Me (E3-A4)

Kyle - Let It Go (G3-A4)

Logan Paul feat. Why Don't We - Help Me Help You (E3-E4)

Matthew Mdot Finley - Fire (D3-D#4)

Mindless Behavior - My Girl (B2-C#4)

MKTO - Wasted (C#3-F#4)

Mudslide Crush - And the Crowd Goes (B3-G#4)

Mudslide Crush - Don't Ya Wish U Were Us? (F3-A4)

Nathan Sykes feat. Ariana Grande - Over and Over Again (D#3-G#4)

New Edition - Candy Girl (A2-F#4)

New Kids on the Block - I'll Be Loving You (Forever) (A2-E4)

New Kids on the Block - This One's for the Children (D3-G#4)

Niall Horan - Flicker (C3-G4)

Niall Horan - Since We're Alone (F3-G4)

Niall Horan - This Town (C3-D4)

Nicholas Jonas - Chains (A#2-G4)

Nick Jonas - Introducing Me (B2-D4)

Nick Jonas & The Administration - Vesper's Goodbye (E3-A4)

Nick Lachey - This I Swear (B2-A4)

One Direction - 18 (E3-A4)

One Direction - Diana (C3-A4)

One Direction - Drag Me Down (C3-G#4)

One Direction - Everything About You (G3-G4)

One Direction - Girl Almighty (A3-A4)

One Direction - Happily (C3-G4)

One Direction - Hey Angel (D#3-G#4)

One Direction - If I Could Fly (C3-A4)

One Direction - Infinity (C#3-A4)

One Direction - I Should Have Kissed You (D3-G#4)

One Direction - I Want (A2-A4)

One Direction - I Wish (F#3-G4)

One Direction - I Would (B2-G#4)

One Direction - Little Black Dress (B2-G#3)

One Direction - Little White Lies (C3-A4)

One Direction - Long Way Down (A2-G4)

One Direction - More Than This (F3-A4)

One Direction - Night Changes (G3-F4)

One Direction - Nobody Compares (F#3-G#4)

One Direction - No Control (E3-A4)

One Direction - One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) (D3-F#4)

One Direction - Over Again (A2-A4)

One Direction - Perfect (D3-G4)

One Direction - Ready to Run (A2-A4)

One Direction - Spaces (E3-A4)

One Direction - Steal My Girl (C3-E4)

One Direction - Summer Love (F#3-A4)

One Direction - Taken (A2-A4)

One Direction - They Don't Know About Us (G3-A4)

One Direction - Through the Dark (A2-A4)

One Direction - Where Do Broken Hearts Go? (E3-A4)

O-Town - All or Nothing (G3-A4)

Paul Anka - Crazy Love (E3-A4)

Pink - Stupid Girls (B2-C4)

Raven - This Is My Time (D3-D4)

Robbie Nevil - We're All In This Together (C3-D4)

Rock It! - Wie Die Welt Leuchtet (A2-C#4)

Ross Lynch - Not a Love Song (A3-G4)

Sam and Mark - With a Little Help from My Friends (C#3-F#4)

Sebastian Mego - Where Do I Go From Here (F3-G4)

Shawn Mendes - Aftertaste (D3-A4)

Shawn Mendes - A Little Too Much (C3-A4)

Shawn Mendes - Crazy (D#3-G#4)

Shawn Mendes - Fallin' All in You (C3-G4)

Shawn Mendes feat. Khalid - Youth (A2-F#4)

Shawn Mendes - Hold On (D3-G4)

Shawn Mendes - Life of the Party (F3-G4)

Shawn Mendes - Lights On (E3-E4)

Shawn Mendes - Mercy (B2-A4)

Shawn Mendes - Never Be Alone (A#2-A4)

Shawn Mendes - Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) (D#3-G#4)

Shawn Mendes - Patience (A#2-G4)

Shawn Mendes - Roses (G3-G4)

Shawn Mendes - Ruin (D3-G4)

Shawn Mendes - Show You (A2-G4)

Shawn Mendes - Strings (F3-G4)

Shawn Mendes - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back (A2-A4)

Shawn Mendes - This Is What It Takes (C3-A4)

Shawn Mendes - Three Empty Words (E3-G4)

Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better (D3-A4)

Stephen Puth - Look Away (F#3-G#4)

Stereo Kicks - Love Me So (C3-A4)

Steve Rushton - Game Over (G#3-A4)

Take That - A Million Love Songs (G#3-F#4)

Take That - Hold Up a Light (A2-A4)

Take That - Like I Never Loved You At All (A#2-G4)

Take That - Promises (D3-D4)

Take That - Rule the World (A2-A4)

Take That - The Circus (E3-A4)

Take That - The Flood (E3-A4)

Take That - These Days (A#2-F#4)

Take That - Up All Night (D3-E4)

Take That - Wooden Boat (C#3-G4)

The Wanted - All Time Low (E3-G4)

The Wanted - Chasing the Sun (G3-G4)

The Wanted - Glad You Came (F3-G4)

The Wanted - Gold Forever (G3-A4)

The Wanted - Lightning (D3-G4)

The Wanted - Lose My Mind (G3-A4)

The Wanted - Walks Like Rihanna (C3-A4)

The Wanted - We Own the Night (B2-G#4)

tobyMac - Extreme Days (C3-A4)

tobyMac - Somebody's Watching (A#2-A#3)

Westlife - Have You Ever Been In Love (G3-A4)

Westlife - If I Let You Go (D3-A4)

Westlife - I Wanna Grow Old With You (F3-G4)

Westlife - Obvious (C#3-A4)

Westlife - Soledad (E3-E4)

Westlife - What About Now (B2-G4)

Westlife - When You're Looking Like That (E3-G#4)

Westlife - Written In the Stars (E3-A4)

Westlife - You Are So Beautiful (D#3-G#4)

Will Young - All Time Love (D3-A4)

Will Young - Leave Right Now (C#3-G#4)

Will Young - Light My Fire (C#3-G#4)

Zac Efron - Now or Never (D#3-G4)