One Direction vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

E3 - F#6

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
Little Things (E3-D5)

Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
Midnight Memories (E3-F#6)

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More songs by the artist

Story of My Life (Bb3-Ab5)

One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) (D4-F#5)

Stockholm Syndrome (E4-B5)

No Control (E4-A5)

Through the Dark (A3-A5)

Drag Me Down (C4-Ab5)

End of the Day (F#4-B5)

Once in a Lifetime (C4-C6)

If I Could Fly (C4-A5)

Up All Night (G3-G5)

Back for You (B3-B5)

Where Do Broken Hearts Go? (E4-A5)

Heart Attack (E4-B5)

Tell Me a Lie (E4-B5)

I Would (B3-G#5)

Save You Tonight (F4-Bb5)

Taken (A3-A5)

Fireproof (Eb4-C6)

Stole My Heart (D4-C6)

Girl Almighty (A4-A5)

Never Enough (D4-B5)

Steal My Girl (C4-E5)

What Makes You Beautiful (G3-E5)

She's Not Afraid (E4-B5)

Little Black Dress (B3-G#4)

Hey Angel (Eb4-Ab5)

History (E4-B5)

A.M. (C#4-A5)

Night Changes (G4-F5)

I Want to Write You a Song (D4-A5)

Change My Mind (D4-B5)

Infinity (C#4-A5)

Home (E4-B5)

Happily (C4-G5)

Kiss You (E4-C#6)

Same Mistakes (F4-Ab5)

What a Feeling (Eb4-Bb5)

Strong (F3-A5)

More Than This (F4-A5)

Summer Love (F#4-A5)

Change Your Ticket (F4-D6)

Ready to Run (A3-A5)

Half a Heart (C4-A5)

Diana (C4-A5)

Long Way Down (A3-G5)

Last First Kiss (E4-B5)

Over Again (A3-A5)

I Wish (F#4-G5)

You & I (G3-G5)

One Thing (F3-G5)

Olivia (F3-A5)

Nobody Compares (F#4-G#5)

C'mon C'mon (C4-C6)

Clouds (G4-C6)

Don't Forget Where You Belong (D4-B5)

Everything About You (G4-G5)

Live While We're Young (G3-G5)

18 (E4-A5)

I Should Have Kissed You (D4-Ab5)

Gotta Be You (Eb4-Eb6)

Act My Age (D4-B5)

Irresistible (D4-B5)

Little White Lies (C4-A5)

Spaces (E4-A5)

Perfect (D4-G5)

Rock Me (F4-C6)

Something Great (F3-G5)

Moments (D4-A5)

Fool's Gold (E4-A5)

Love You Goodbye (A3-G5)

They Don't Know About Us (G4-A5)

I Want (A3-A5)

Right Now (Eb4-Eb6)

Better Than Words (A4-D6)

Best Song Ever (G3-A5)

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