Effective yet fun singing practice

An educational game to warm up your voice, master your pitch, extend your range and improve your vocal agility

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Simple Gameplay

  1. We give you a melody to listen to
  2. You sing along into the mic
  3. We show your pitch and if you hit the right notes
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Tailored to your voice and skill level

  • The game starts with a test to check your current pitch accuracy
  • The melody grows more complex with each level of the game
  • Practice each melody until you master it or move to the next challenge
  • All the melodies can be adjusted to fit within your vocal range
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Track your progress

See how much and how often you practice

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Compete with other players

3D 2H 8M
Until week end
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1 Crazy singer 1405
2 Alejandro Vasquez 1031
3 Eliška Boháčiková 691
4 Анастасия Неважно 643
5 Avpboy 625
6 Anonymous Orange 608
7 The best 560
8 marta neri 560
9 BEES80 534
10 Amelia Fiocca 513
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Free bonus

Once you create an account we will grant you free access to our educational singing series. Two to three days a week you will receive useful reads and videos with vocal exercises, singing techniques, and other singing resources straight to your mailbox.

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