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Vocal range test

You sing a few notes into the mic. We instantly visualize these notes, calculate your vocal range, and compare it against some famous singers from our database. Don’t have a mic? No worries. In that case we have prepared a video with some instructions for you.

Find your vocal range

Pitch accuracy test

The interactive pitch accuracy test is easy to use. You sing along with a couple of simple melodies into the mic. We measure how well you hit the notes.

Test your tuning

Vocal Pitch Monitor

Simple online pitch detector that shows which notes you sing on a virtual piano.

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Voice Training in Pitch, Range, and Rhythm for Singers of All Levels

Our vocal exercises are for smart people who want to get guaranteed results and ready to spend 15 minutes a day on their singing.

All exercises can be adapted to your voice type and level.

We use your mic to visualise your voice on the screen for instant feedback.

It's not a magic pill, but it works: 80% of our users see results in 2 weeks and 90% in 4 weeks.

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The right songs for you

Looking for a good song to sing? Let’s use your vocal range to find songs that match your natural singing capabilities. With our search tool you can filter songs by level of difficulty and choose from the musical genres that you like.

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You can also jump straight to one of our search presets below:

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Vocal ranges of famous singers

Curious to know the vocal ranges of some famous artists? We analyzed our database and calculated the vocal ranges for more than 5000 singers based on the songs they performed. You can check for each singer in which song they hit the highest pitch and in which the lowest.

Discover artist ranges

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Song-book to organize your repertoire

With Singing Carrots you can create a list of songs for karaoke or your performance set. We will automatically link lyrics, sheet music, chords, karaoke, and youtube audio for each song in one place. Just search for songs and add them to your repertoire.

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Monitor your progress to see how you are becoming a better version of yourself.

Once you create an account, we will start tracking the history of your exercises. You will be able to see all your chronological vocal range measurements. We will also collect statistics on your pitch training exercises and show you how you compare to other players.

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Educational singing course

All our users get access to an educational singing program. The course consists of 21 lessons. Each lesson covers a topic on singing theory and contains a video with some practical tips that you can apply to your technique.

Lessons will start from the very basics explaining things like breath support, intonation and articulation. As the program develops we will touch on more specific things around singing in various genres, fighting stage fright and taking care of your voice health.

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