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Vocal ranges of famous singers

Curious to know what are the vocal ranges of some famous performers? We analyzed our database and calculated the vocal ranges for more than 5000 singers based on the songs they performed.

You can check for each singer in which song they hit the highest pitch and in which the lowest. Please note that we estimate artists ranges based on their songs that we have in the database. The range might not reflect the real physical abilities of the singer.

Would you like to know how you compare with the famous singers? You can try our interactive Vocal Range finder.

Famous artists

💪👩‍🎤 Try out our selection of interactive vocal warm ups! 💪👩‍🎤

These vocal exercises can be dynamically adjusted to your vocal range. They can help you to work on your pitch accuracy, air pressure control, range extension and much more.

Perfect song
Keep your singing list at hand

Singing carrots offers you a simple song notebook to organize your repertoire. You can create a list of songs for karaoke or for your performance set.

We will automatically link for you lyrics, sheet music and youtube audio for each song in one place. Just search for songs and click "Add to my repertoire" button next to the song you find.

Our database contains more than 70 000 titles, so you will probably find here any song you can think about. Also you can check how any song compares with your voice.

The website will suggest you what is your optimal key to sing any song. We do it by showing you possible transpositions based on your vocal range on the song page.