Hi! My name is Sergey.
I created Singing Carrots for people who like to sing.

What is this website about?

Singing carrots is a place, where I'm putting together everything that might be useful for your singing practice. Currently, here you can:

There is also quite some work in progress. I publish updates in our Facebook Group.

Why did you create this website?

During the rainy Amsterdam winter of 2018, I was spending a lot of my evenings with my friends playing guitar and singing. I have quite a low voice and often struggle to sing moderns songs which are mostly written for tenors. In that kind of situation transposition normally helps.

Technically, transposing chords for guitar is a pretty straight forward process. You just have to put the capodaster on the proper fret, and voila! The issue is that finding the proper key normally takes some time. Especially if you haven’t tried to sing the song before.

So this is how the process would normally go for me: My friends would ask me to play another recent masterpiece. I would google some chords and start identifying my key. In the meantime, the audience would be waiting for me and yawning.

Me - struggling to find the key for so long, that all my friends left to go somewhere else...

The process of finding that key was frustrating almost every time. I have an engineering degree and more than 10 years of work experience in the IT industry. As you might imagine I have a tendency to automate things. So at some point, while struggling to figure out where to put my capo, I thought: “It would be great if there was a service for this”.

I tried to search for one on the internet but I didn’t find any. So I decided to create one.

The problem looked fairly simple. I know what my vocal range is. If I know the range of the song I want to sing, then I can make the computer tell me how much to shift the notes! Eurica! I started collecting a database of vocal ranges for songs.

While I was busy preparing the database I talked with some musicians that I knew personally to check if they had any similar problems to mine and if they were looking for solutions. Here is where community power showed itself. People started giving me suggestions on what other features might be useful to add to my service after I prepared my database.

Some people wanted to know which songs they could comfortably sing in karaoke, some were looking for challenges, some for a part in a musical. One of the vocal teachers I talked to was struggling to put together repertoires for her students based on their musical genre preferences and singing capacities. There was one common thing in all of these requests. People wanted to find songs to sing based on their vocal range. And that’s what I’ve built.

Singing Carrots, a website that connects a singer with a song

The website started with two main features. Both features first required a user to enter their vocal range. After that users can either explore songs based on the song genre and difficulty; or they can find any particular song through the text search and check in which key it would be optimal for them to sing the song.

On top of that, I started trying to add more features that could come in handy along the way. First I added links to youtube videos, lyrics, and music sheets, then the interactive vocal range test, then the artist ranges, and so on. Since then I'm adding more things and features as people are actively using the service.

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Can I request a feature XYZ?

Leave the message through the contact form. I will be happy to hear your idea.

How do I add songs and artists to the website?

You can submit a new song here. Before adding a song, please, use the search to check if it already exists in the database.

Adding a new artist? Just submit a song and specify the artist name. The artist page will be generated automatically.

Would you like to help?

This project is too big and complex for one person.
Do you want to partner up or maybe are just willing to help? I would really appreciate some working hands from:

  • Content creators & copywriters
  • Singing teachers
  • UX Designers
  • Marketing specialists
  • Software Developers (Frontend, Backend, Mobile)
  • Data-Scientists
  • Business developers
  • Name your title =)

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Are you an investor or publisher?

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A word of appreciation

I would not be able to walk so far without the help and support of these amazing people:

  • Gonzalo Gonzales - UX researcher, who is helping with design, customer development and songs content moderation
  • Celina von Wrochem - awesome, energetic author of our educational course Singing theory for beginners
  • Leo Maia - illustrator, who created all these funny carrots pictures and designed a big portion of this website
  • Sergey Alimsky - designer and photographer, who came up with the idea for the first feature on this website, and who constantly helps me with advice and brainstorming
  • Sandra Dominguez Ortiz - wonderful person who inspired me to create this project and motivated me to keep going. Without her support Singing Carrots would not exist.
  • Claudia Rolando - my first singing teacher, who prepared a list of exercises for our pitch training
  • Beth Aggett - singer, composer, arranger and teacher, who constantly helps me with feedback and ideation
  • Dominika Zawada - singer, actress and coach helping with dog-fooding pitch training and sharing actionable thoughts
  • Linor Oren - singer and voice expert, who helped with preparing warm-up videos and gave a lot of useful feedback and advices on how to improve the website