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βš’οΈ Tools

  • - Separate vocals from background music. Find key and tempo of any song. Convert audio formats. Test your mic spec. Change pitch and tempo of the recordings.

  • ToneGym - Collection of mini games to train your ears. Learn and improve interval detection, chord recognition, sense of rhythm, chord progression, echoic memory.

  • Transpose - Chrome Extension that makes any online audio sound lower or higher in real time. Now we can sing any karaoke song directly from YouTube in a preferred key.

  • iREAL PRO - Your musicians took a holiday? This virtual band is at your service.

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Online courses

πŸ“š Books

🎀 Karaoke

  • Smule - Best karaoke app if you want to socialise with strangers on the internet.

  • Singing machine - Sing Karaoke in the car! Or organise a karaoke party.

Some of the resources on that page are free, and some are paid or partially paid. In case you find any of them useful and make a purchase we might receive an affiliate commission. Thank you for supporting our project and never stop singing!

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