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Useful links for singers

Our hand-picked collection of useful things around the internet.

⚒️ Tools

  • Singing Voice Analyser - record or upload an MP3 with a vocal recording to analyse pitch plotted as a line and timber plotted as a spectrogram.
  • - Separate vocals from background music. Find key and tempo of any song. Convert audio formats. Test your mic spec. Change pitch and tempo of the recordings.

  • Transpose - Chrome Extension that makes any online audio sound lower or higher in real time. Now we can sing any karaoke song directly from YouTube in a preferred key.

  • iREAL PRO - Your musicians took a holiday? This virtual band is at your service.

👩‍🎓 Online courses

  • Singing for beginners - singing course from Singing Carrots. Split into 21 lessons. Each lesson contains a summary video, a theoretical read and a vocal exercise or a practical tip.

  • 30 Day Singer - The most comprehensive paid generic online course for beginners.

  • Make singing click - very well-structured course that gives you a framework for self-improvement. Good choice for analytical thinkers.

  • LA Sightsinger - Learn to sight-sing with Gerald White.

📚 Books

🎤 Karaoke

  • Smule - Best karaoke app if you want to socialise with strangers on the internet.

Some of the resources on that page are free, and some are paid or partially paid. In case you find any of them useful and make a purchase we might receive an affiliate commission. Thank you for supporting our project and never stop singing!