A collection of rock roll songs for baritone voice

The Beatles - Till There Was You (E3-G4)

The Searchers - Love Potion Number Nine (B2-B3)

Chuck Berry - Rock and Roll Music (D#3-C#4)

Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road (C3-A4)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Call Me the Breeze (A#3-F4)

The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (C#3-G#4)

Elvis Presley - He Touched Me (F3-D4)

Deep Purple - Hush (D#3-G4)

Bruce Springsteen - Secret Garden (B2-A3)

Sam Cooke - Another Saturday Night (E3-A4)

Neil Diamond - I'm a Believer (C#3-E4)

Kenny Rogers - Just Dropped In (D3-F#4)

Elvis Presley - Reach Out To Jesus (C#3-A4)

Billy Swan - I Can Help (G3-E4)

Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell (D3-C4)

Johnny Rivers - Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu (G3-E4)

ZZ Top - Arrested for Driving While Blind (D3-C#4)

The Who - Cousin Kevin (C3-F#4)

Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight? (D3-E4)

The Allman Brothers Band - Black Hearted Woman (G3-A4)

Ritchie Valens - La Bamba (G3-F4)

Dion - Abraham, Martin and John (C3-F4)

Elvis Presley - You're the Devil In Disguise (C3-F4)

Bob Dylan - Silver Bells (C3-C4)

Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa (F#3-E4)

The Kinks - All Day and All of the Night (F3-F4)

Sam Cooke - Twistin' the Night Away (F#3-F#4)

The Five Satins - In the Still of the Nite (C3-C4)

Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels - Devil With the Blue Dress (C3-G4)

The Beatles - When I'm Sixty Four (D#3-G4)

Cliff Richard - Miss You Nights (C3-F4)

Elvis Presley - A Mess of Blues (D#3-D#4)

The Rolling Stones - Black Limousine (C3-A4)

Freddy Fender - Before the Next Teardrop Falls (A#2-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Angie (G3-A4)

Elvis Presley - It's Over (D3-F4)

Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats - Rocket 88 (D3-D4)

Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild (E3-G4)

The Beatles - Blackbird / Yesterday (D3-F4)

Bruce Springsteen - Waitin' on a Sunny Day (D3-G#4)

Jerry Lee Lewis - You Win Again (D3-G#4)

Carl Perkins - Who Do You Love (D3-A#3)

Blue Rodeo - Diamond Mine (D3-G4)

Johnny Cash - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (B2-A3)

Trashmen - Surfin' Bird (B2-B3)

Les Elgart - Bandstand Boogie (A2-F#4)

Terry Stafford - Suspicion (A2-E4)

Jerry Lee Lewis - Rockin' My Life Away (D3-G4)

Elvis Presley - She's Not You (A2-E4)

Roy Orbison - Borne on the Wind (B2-E4)

Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds (D3-G4)

Jerry Lee Lewis - Another Place, Another Time (A2-E4)

Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas (B2-G4)

Bruce Springsteen - Girls In Their Summer Clothes (D3-F4)

Lou Reed - Femme Fatale (E3-G4)

The Beatles - Oh! Darling (A2-D4)

Little Feat - Oh Atlanta (E3-G4)

Bryan Adams - I'll Always Be Right There (E3-F#4)

Elton John - Tower of Babel (A2-C4)

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark (A3-A4)

Roy Orbison - You Got It (A2-B3)

Elvis Presley - My Baby Left Me (A3-A4)

The Stranglers - No More Heroes (F3-D4)

Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A. (A3-F#4)

Elvis Presley - The Promised Land (A#2-F4)

INXS - By My Side (A#2-F#4)

Eric Clapton - Double Trouble (A#2-G4)

Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling in Love (C3-E4)

Elvis Presley - I'll Remember You (C3-D4)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Hello Mary Lou (A#2-D4)

Carl Perkins - Boppin' the Blues (A#2-D4)

The Beatles - You've Really Got a Hold on Me (C#3-A4)

Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back in Town (C#3-A4)

Roy Orbison - California Blue (C#3-A4)

Elvis Presley - Hurt (C3-D4)

The Everly Brothers - Wake Up Little Susie (C3-D4)

Chas & Dave - Wish I Could Write a Love Song (C#3-G4)

Santana - Everybody's Everything (G#3-A4)

Sonny James - Young Love (C3-D4)

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - (I Don't Know Why) But I Do (C3-D#4)

Clarence Henry - (I Don't Know Why) But I Do (C3-D#4)

Little Richard - Good Golly Miss Molly (C3-C4)

The Big Bopper - Chantilly Lace (C3-C4)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down on the Corner (C3-C4)

The Beatles - All My Loving (C3-C4)

The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love (C3-C4)

Johnny O'Keefe - Real Wild Child (C3-C#4)

The Beatles - With a Little Help from My Friends (C3-C4)

The Beatles - Carry That Weight (C3-C4)

The Rolling Stones - Come On (C3-A#3)

The Beatles - In My Life (C3-C4)

The Beatles - Love of the Loved (C3-C4)

Elvis Presley - King Creole (C3-C4)

The Beatles - Nowhere Man (C3-C4)

The Jackson 5 - Rockin' Robin (C3-A#3)

Tommy Roe - Sheila (E3-C4)

The Troggs - Wild Thing (C3-C4)

Ricky Nelson - Poor Little Fool (C3-C4)

The Rivieras - California Sun (C3-C4)

The Silhouettes - Get a Job (C3-C4)

Eddie Cochran - Somethin' Else (C3-A#3)

Bruce Springsteen - We Take Care of Our Own (C3-A#3)

John Mellencamp - Hurts So Good (C3-C4)

The Charms - Ling, Ting, Tong (C3-C4)

The Beach Boys - Sloop John B (C3-C4)

Dion & The Belmonts - A Teenager In Love (C3-C4)

Dire Straits - Water of Love (C3-C4)

Bruce Springsteen - Death To My Hometown (C3-C4)

Johnny Cash - Forty Shades of Green (C3-C4)

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - The Fire Down Below (C3-C4)

Dire Straits - Single Handed Sailor (C3-A#3)

The Scaffold - Lily the Pink (C3-C4)

James Brown - Please, Please, Please (C3-C4)

The Who - Miracle Cure (C3-A#3)

Johnny Cash - Frankie's Man, Johnny (C3-C4)

Lou Reed - Rock and Roll Heart (C3-C4)

Bruce Springsteen - Factory (C3-C4)

Bobby Rydell - Swingin' School (C3-C4)

Eddie Holman - Hey There Lonely Girl (C3-B3)

Bruce Springsteen - Held Up Without a Gun (C3-F3)

The Coasters - Charlie Brown (F3-E4)

Ringo Starr - Oh My My (F3-E4)

Bobby Day - Rockin' Robin (F3-D#4)

The Rolling Stones - Flight 505 (F3-D#4)

The Beatles - Helter Skelter (F3-D#4)

The Yardbirds - I Wish You Would (F3-D#4)

The Ramones - Baby I Love You (F3-D#4)

Danny and the Juniors - At the Hop (C3-B3)

The Stranglers - (Get a) Grip (On Yourself) (F3-F#4)

Roy Orbison - I'm Hurtin' (F3-F4)

The Beatles - The Ballad of John and Yoko (F3-F4)

The Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown (F3-F4)

The Who - There's a Doctor (I've Found) (F3-F4)

Bruce Springsteen - I'll Work for Your Love (F3-F4)

The Guess Who - No Time (C3-B3)

Del Shannon - I Go To Pieces (F3-F4)

The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up (F3-F4)

The Elegants - Little Star (F3-F4)

The Clash - Clash City Rockers (F3-F4)

John Mellencamp - Rumbleseat (F3-F4)

The Who - There's a Doctor (F3-F4)

Chuck Berry - No Particular Place to Go (F3-F4)

Bob Dylan - Jokerman (F3-F4)

The Rolling Stones - Try a Little Harder (C3-B3)

The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes (C3-A3)

Neil Sedaka - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (C3-A3)

The Rolling Stones - Calm, Cool and Collected (F3-F4)

The Rolling Stones - If You Let Me (F3-F4)

The Rolling Stones - What To Do (F3-F4)

The Rolling Stones - You Can't Catch Me (F3-F4)

Roy Orbison - Penny Arcade (F3-F4)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Up Around the Bend (C3-A3)

The Beatles - You Won't See Me (E3-A4)

Little Feat - Dixie Chicken (E3-A4)

The Who - Sally Simpson (E3-A4)

The Beatles - Good Morning Good Morning (E3-A4)

The Beatles - I Want to Hold Your Hand (E3-A4)

The Rolling Stones - Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) (E3-A4)

The Rolling Stones - Fingerprint File (C3-G3)

The Rolling Stones - Jiving Sister Fanny (C3-G3)

Sam Cooke - It's Got the Whole World Shakin' (E3-A4)

Sam Cooke - Nothing Can Change This Love (E3-A4)

Paul McCartney - Motor of Love (E3-A4)

Duane Eddy - Yep! (E3-A4)

Jimi Hendrix - Catfish Blues (E3-A4)

The Clash - Train In Vain (E3-A4)

The Georgia Satellites - Keep Your Hands to Yourself (E3-A4)

Little Richard - Send Me Some Lovin' (E3-A4)

The Rolling Stones - In Another Land (C3-G3)

The Spencer Davis Group - Keep on Running (E3-A4)

Elvis Presley - C.C. Rider (E3-A4)

Lenny Kravitz - Again (E3-A4)

The Vogues - Five O'Clock World (E3-A4)

The Beatles - For You Blue (E3-A4)

Carl Perkins - You Can't Make Love To Somebody (With Somebody Else on Your Mind) (E3-A4)

Huey Lewis & the News - Hip To Be Square (E3-A4)

Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue Got Married (C3-D4)

The Knickerbockers - Lies (E3-A4)

The Rolling Stones - All Sold Out (E3-A4)

The Rolling Stones - I've Been Loving You Too Long (E3-A4)

The Rolling Stones - Talkin' About You (E3-A4)

Bruce Springsteen - Adam Raised a Cain (E3-A4)

The Mystics - Hushabye (C3-D4)

Chicago - Vote for Me (E3-A4)

Ricky Nelson - Believe What You Say (E3-A4)

The Capris - There's a Moon Out Tonight (E3-A4)

Billy Joel - Careless Talk (E3-A4)

Michael Jackson - Rockin' Robin (F3-G#4)

Grateful Dead - Casey Jones (F3-G4)

Roy Orbison - Dream Baby (C3-D4)

Elvis Costello - Riot Act (F3-G4)

Elvis Costello - Just a Memory (F3-G4)

The Beatles - Paperback Writer (F3-G4)

The Beatles - Flying (F3-G4)

The Animals - Sky Pilot (F3-G4)

The Beatles - You Can't Do That (F3-G4)

Collective Soul - Full Circle (F3-G4)

Elvis Presley - All Shook Up (F3-G4)

Elvis Presley - I Need Your Love Tonight (C3-D4)

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Hungry (F3-G4)

Bryan Adams - I'm Ready (F3-G4)

Elvis Presley - Up Above My Head (C3-D4)

Steppenwolf - The Pusher (F3-G4)

Elvis Presley - Walk a Mile In My Shoes (F3-G4)

Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs - Sugar Shack (F3-G4)

The Rolling Stones - Star Star (F3-G4)

The Rolling Stones - I'm Going Down (F3-G4)

Bruce Springsteen - Sherry Darling (F3-G4)

The Rolling Stones - I Just Want to Make Love to You (F3-A4)

Chuck Berry - 30 Days (C3-D4)

Bruce Springsteen - Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (F3-A4)

The Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden (F3-A4)

The Beach Boys - Darlin' (F3-A4)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lodi (F3-A4)

George Harrison - Got My Mind Set on You (F3-A4)

The Rolling Stones - Sway (F3-A4)

Brian Wilson - Let Him Run Wild (C3-D4)

ZZ Top - Cheap Sunglasses (F3-G4)

Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues (E3-E4)

Bobby Helms - Jingle Bell Rock (E3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Gotta Get Away (E3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Mother's Little Helper (E3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - No Expectations (E3-E4)

Elvis Presley - I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (C3-D4)

Elvis Costello - I'm Not Angry (E3-E4)

Elvis Costello - High Fidelity (E3-E4)

Elvis Costello - 5ive Gears In Reverse (E3-E4)

Ricky Nelson - Be-Bop Baby (C3-D4)

Elvis Costello - Crawling To the U.S.A. (E3-E4)

The Beatles - Lady Madonna (E3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Think (E3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb (E3-E4)

Elvis Presley - Bossa Nova Baby (E3-E4)

The Beatles - Things We Said Today (E3-E4)

Little Anthony and the Imperials - Tears on My Pillow (E3-E4)

Chas & Dave - In Sickness and in Health (E3-E4)

Manfred Mann - Do Wah Diddy Diddy (E3-E4)

The Beatles - If I Needed Someone (E3-E4)

Buddy Holly - Listen To Me (E3-E4)

The Clash - London Calling (E3-E4)

The Clash - (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (E3-E4)

The Beach Boys - Surfin' (E3-E4)

Elvis Presley - Good Luck Charm (C3-D4)

John Mellencamp - Lonely Ol' Night (E3-E4)

The Moody Blues - I'm Just a Singer (E3-E4)

The Clash - Ghetto Defendant (E3-E4)

Chuck Berry - Maybellene (C3-D4)

The Rolling Stones - As Tears Go By (E3-E4)

Lou Reed - Trouble With Classicists (E3-E4)

Elvis Presley - Santa, Bring My Baby Back (To Me) (E3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Around and Around (E3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Complicated (E3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Hitch Hike (E3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - One More Try (E3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Route 66 (E3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Susie Q (E3-E4)

Mystics - Hushabye (C3-D4)

John C. Fogerty - The Old Man Down the Road (E3-E4)

John C. Fogerty - Big Train (From Memphis) (E3-E4)

Bob Seger - Let the Rivers Run (E3-E4)

Paul Kelly - To Her Door (E3-E4)

Bob Dylan - Most Likely You Go Your Way (and I'll Go Mine) (E3-E4)

Billy Fury - Wondrous Place (E3-E4)

Nick Lowe - I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock and Roll) (E3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Stupid Girl (E3-D#4)

Dion - Ruby Baby (E3-D#4)

The Rolling Stones - We Love You (E3-G#4)

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil (E3-G#4)

Jan & Dean - Surf City (C3-D4)

Elvis Costello - Human Touch (E3-G#4)

The Beach Boys - Surfin' U.S.A. (C3-D4)

Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas (C3-D4)

Elvis Presley - That's When Your Heartaches Begin (C3-D4)

The Beatles - If I Fell (E3-G#4)

The Beatles - Yes It Is (E3-G#4)

The Beatles - Mean Mr. Mustard (E3-G#4)

The Beatles - All I've Got To Do (E3-G#4)

The Beatles - Ask Me Why (E3-G#4)

The Beach Boys - Your Summer Dream (E3-G#4)

The Beatles - Honey Don't (E3-G#4)

The Fourmost - I'm In Love (C3-D4)

The Yardbirds - Train Kept a Rollin' (E3-G#4)

Deep Purple - Never Before (E3-G#4)

U2 - When Love Comes To Town (E3-G#4)

Bruce Springsteen - She's the One (E3-G#4)

Bruce Springsteen - My City of Ruins (E3-G#4)

The Rolling Stones - My Obsession (E3-G#4)

The Rolling Stones - Not Fade Away (E3-G#4)

The Searchers - Needles and Pins (E3-G#4)

The Beatles - Lend Me Your Comb (E3-G#4)

Bo Diddley - Crackin' Up (E3-G#4)

Ritchie Valens - Donna (E3-G4)

Bill Haley & His Comets - Rock Around the Clock (E3-G4)

The Rolling Stones - Surprise, Surprise (E3-G4)

The Beatles - Blackbird (E3-G4)

The Beatles - Revolution (E3-G4)

The Beatles - We Can Work It Out (E3-G4)

The Who - Tommy (C3-D4)

Buddy Holly - Not Fade Away (E3-G4)

John Lennon - Crippled Inside (E3-G4)

Oasis - The Girl In the Dirty Shirt (E3-G4)

The Beatles - Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (E3-G4)

The Rolling Stones - Hot Stuff (E3-G4)

The Beatles - Penny Lane (C3-D4)

John Mellencamp - The Big Jack (E3-G4)

John Mellencamp - Dance Naked (E3-G4)

The Everly Brothers - ('Til) I Kissed You (E3-G4)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Don't Do Me Like That (E3-G4)

The Beatles - The Word (C3-D4)

ZZ Top - I Thank You (E3-G4)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River (E3-G4)

The Diamonds - Little Darlin' (E3-G4)

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - Sunspot Baby (E3-G4)

ZZ Top - Just Got Paid (E3-G4)

The Rolling Stones - I'm Movin' On (E3-G4)

The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night (C3-D4)

The Rolling Stones - Dancing With Mr. D (E3-G4)

The Rolling Stones - Who's Been Sleeping Here? (E3-G4)

INXS - Mediate (C3-D4)

John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band - God (E3-G4)

Ray Peterson - Tell Laura I Love Her (E3-G4)

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - You'll Accomp'ny Me (E3-F#4)

Roy Orbison - Claudette (E3-F#4)

The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses (E3-F#4)

Elvis Costello - Girls Talk (E3-F#4)

Oasis - Champagne Supernova (E3-F#4)

Jerry Lee Lewis - Lucille (E3-F#4)

The Who - The Acid Queen (E3-F#4)

Bruce Springsteen - Badlands (E3-F#4)

The Beatles - Little Child (E3-F#4)

Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman (E3-F#4)

Chuck Berry - Route 66 (E3-F#4)

Wilbert Harrison - Kansas City (C3-D4)

The Beatles - Doctor Robert (E3-F#4)

The Beach Boys - Help Me Rhonda (C3-D4)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone (E3-F#4)

John Mellencamp - Ain't Even Done With the Night (E3-F#4)

The Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care (E3-F#4)

The Rolling Stones - Don't Lie to Me (E3-F#4)

The Beatles - The Long and Winding Road [Excerpt] (E3-F#4)

The Beatles - Sure to Fall (In Love With You) (E3-F#4)

Buddy Holly - Real Wild Child (E3-F#4)

The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black (E3-F4)

Paul Evans - Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat (C3-D#4)

Elvis Costello - Possession (E3-F4)

The Beatles - Day Tripper (E3-F4)

The Beatles - For No One (E3-F4)

Chuck Berry - Too Much Monkey Business (C3-D#4)

Bruce Springsteen - Rosalita (E3-F4)

The Beatles - Your Mother Should Know (E3-F4)

The Beatles - I've Just Seen a Face (E3-F4)

Oasis - Roll With It (E3-F4)

John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth (E3-F4)

Bruce Springsteen - Growin' Up (E3-F4)

The Beatles - Misery (E3-F4)

Chuck Berry - Nadine (D3-F#4)

Lou Reed - Open House (D3-F#4)

The Rolling Stones - Pain In My Heart (D3-F#4)

Bruce Springsteen - Highway Patrolman (D3-F#4)

The Beatles - Free As a Bird (D3-F#4)

The Four Coins - Shangri-La (D3-D#4)

Barry Mann - Who Put the Bomp (In the Bomp Bomp Bomp) (D3-D#4)

The Clash - London's Burning (D3-D#4)

Elvis Presley - Tweedle Dee (D3-D#4)

Cliff Richard - When the Girl In Your Arms Is the Girl In Your Heart (D3-D#4)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Blue Yodel ("T" for Texas) (D3-D#4)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Fault Lines (D3-D#4)

Clyde McPhatter - A Lover's Question (D3-E4)

The Dave Clark Five - Catch Us If You Can (D3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Child of the Moon (rmk) (D3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Black and White World (D3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Radio Sweetheart (D3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Sunday's Best (D3-E4)

Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll (D3-E4)

John Hiatt - Perfectly Good Guitar (D3-E4)

The Beatles - All You Need Is Love (D3-E4)

Jerry Lee Lewis - I Am What I Am (D3-E4)

Elvis Presley - I Gotta Know (D3-E4)

Elvis Presley - Guitar Man (D3-E4)

Oasis - She Is Love (D3-E4)

Sam Cooke - The Riddle Song (D3-E4)

Chas & Dave - Snooker Loopy (D3-E4)

Ian Dury - There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards (D3-E4)

John Mellencamp - Just Another Day (D3-E4)

John Mellencamp - Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First) (D3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Temptation (F#3-G#4)

Bruce Springsteen - Easy Money (D3-E4)

Jim Lowe - The Green Door (D3-E4)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - All I Can Do Is Write About It (Acoustic Version) (D3-E4)

Paul McCartney - Brown Eyed Handsome Man (D3-E4)

Elvis Presley - The Wonderful World of Christmas (D3-E4)

The Dave Clark Five - Because (D3-E4)

Elvis Presley - (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame (D3-E4)

Bob Dylan - Dark Eyes (D3-E4)

Lee Dorsey - Ya Ya (D3-E4)

Elvis Presley - The Thrill of Your Love (D3-E4)

Roy Orbison - Love Hurts (D3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Down Home Girl (D3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - I'd Much Rather Be With the Boys (D3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Little By Little (D3-E4)

Bruce Springsteen - I Wanna Marry You (D3-E4)

Chuck Willis - What Am I Living for (D3-E4)

The Crickets - Oh, Boy! (D3-E4)

Hootie & the Blowfish - Hey, Hey, What Can I Do (D3-E4)

The Ramones - Teenage Lobotomy (G#3-D4)

The Beatles - Only a Northern Song (G#3-D4)

Elvis Costello - The Beat (F#3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Big Tears (F#3-E4)

The Rolling Stones - Salt of the Earth (F#3-E4)

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues (F#3-E4)

Bruce Springsteen - Better Days (F#3-G4)

The Beatles - Fool on the Hill (F#3-G4)

The Beach Boys - All Summer Long (F#3-G4)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Louisiana Rain (F#3-G4)

Chicago - I Don't Want Your Money (F#3-G4)

The Animals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (F#3-F#4)

Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (F#3-F#4)

Oasis - Fade Away (F#3-F#4)

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - A Woman in Love (It's Not Me) (F#3-F#4)

Bryan Adams - Black Pearl (F#3-A4)

The Beatles - She Came In Through the Bathroom Window (F#3-A4)

John Lennon - Imagine (F#3-A4)

Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me (F#3-A4)

The Kingsmen - Louie, Louie (F#3-A4)

Paul McCartney - Freedom (F#3-A4)

INXS - Don't Change (F#3-A4)

Bruce Springsteen - Out In the Street (F#3-A4)

Bryan Adams - Somethin' To Believe In (F#3-A4)

The Beatles - Beautiful Dreamer (F#3-A4)

Chicago - A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast (F#3-A4)

Jackie Wilson - I'm Comin' on Back to You (F#3-A4)

The Beatles - Do You Want To Know a Secret (F#3-G#4)

Jay & The Americans - She Cried (G#3-D#4)

Buddy Holly - Heartbeat (G#3-E4)

The Who - Amazing Journey (G#3-G4)

Ritchie Valens - Come On Let's Go (G#3-F#4)

The Clash - Career Opportunities (G#3-F#4)

The Clash - Tommy Gun (G#3-F#4)

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (G#3-F#4)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Born on the Bayou (G#3-A4)

Collective Soul - Skin (G#3-A4)

Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels - Jenny Take a Ride (G#3-A4)

INXS - New Sensation (G#3-A4)

Bob Dylan - Changing of the Guards (G#3-G#4)

Bo Diddley - Road Runner (G#3-G#4)

The Presidents of the United States of America - Cleveland Rocks (G#3-G#4)

The Rolling Stones - Happy (G#3-G#4)

Santana - Persuasion (G#3-G#4)

Lou Reed - Good Evening Mr. Waldheim (A#2-B3)

Bobby Boris Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers - Monster Mash (A#2-B3)

Cliff Richard - The Minute You're Gone (A#2-A#3)

The Diamonds - The Stroll (A#2-G#3)

Buddy Holly - Valley of Tears (A#2-D4)

Jess Conrad - Mystery Girl (A#2-D4)

Bobby Rydell - Forget Him (A#2-D4)

Troy Shondell - This Time (A#2-D4)

The Beach Boys - Dance, Dance, Dance (A#2-D4)

Ricky Nelson - A Teenager's Romance (A#2-D4)

Elvis Presley - Something Blue (A#2-D4)

The Beach Boys - Girls on the Beach (A#2-C#4)

The Doors - Blue Sunday (A#2-C#4)

ZZ Top - I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide (A#2-C4)

Ian Dury - I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra (A#2-C4)

The Beatles - Love You To (A#2-C4)

The Crests - Sixteen Candles (A#2-C4)

Roy Orbison - Ride Away (A#2-A4)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Double Trouble (A#2-G#4)

The Beatles - Mr. Moonlight (A#2-G#4)

Roy Orbison - Communication Breakdown (A#2-G#4)

INXS - The Strangest Party (A#2-G#4)

Ray Charles - What'd I Say (A#2-F4)

John Mellencamp - Your Life Is Now (D3-E4)

Elvis Presley - That's All Right (F#3-G#4)

Social Distortion - Bad Luck (F#3-G#4)

Roy Orbison - Yesterday's Child (F#3-G#4)

Elvis Presley - One Night (F#3-G#4)

The Traveling Wilburys - Heading for the Light (F#3-G#4)

Elvis Costello - (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (F#3-D4)

Chuck Berry - Little Queenie (F#3-D4)

The Beatles - Wild Honey Pie (F#3-C#4)

Simon & Garfunkel - Hey, Schoolgirl (F#3-C4)

Gary Glitter - Rock & Roll - Part II (A#3-A4)

The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) (A#3-G4)

Santana - Toussaint L'Overture (A#3-G4)

The Beatles - One After 909 (A#3-G4)

The Kinks - You Really Got Me (A#2-D#4)

Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill (A#2-D#4)

Ray Charles - I Got a Woman (A#2-D#4)

Elvis Presley - Young and Beautiful (A#2-D#4)

Chuck Berry - School Days (A#2-D#4)

Elvis Presley - Just Pretend (A#2-G4)

Elvis Presley - It's Now or Never (A#2-G4)

The Rolling Stones - Sad Day (A#2-G4)

Elvis Presley - The Sound of Your Cry (A#2-F#4)

Buddy Holly - Lonesome Tears (A#2-F#4)

Dee Clark - Raindrops (A#2-F4)

Bruce Springsteen - Incident on 57th Street (A#2-G4)

The Rolling Stones - Bye Bye Johnny (A#2-F4)

Chuck Berry - Reelin' and Rockin' (A#2-F4)

Elvis Presley - Spinout (A#2-D#4)