Elton John vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

E1 - F4

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
Hearts Have Turned To Stone (E1-F#3)

Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
The Bridge (D#2-F4)

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Based on their range the artist can perform songs for:

Bass (E2-E4)

More songs by the artist

Can You Feel the Love Tonight (G2-G3)
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Love Lies Bleeding (E2-A3)
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Your Song (A#1-F#3)
User likes: C.Smith Anders Carlsson

The One (B1-G3)
User likes: George Romaka

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (E2-A3)
User likes: John Wilkin

I'm Still Standing (E2-C4)
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Tiny Dancer (G2-C4)
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Believe (E2-F3)

Grey Seal (F#2-A3)

Lady Samantha (F2-G3)

Candle in the Wind 1997 (A1-A3)

Bennie and the Jets (E2-B3)

Postcards from Richard Nixon (C2-D3)

Voyeur (D#2-D#3)

They Call Her the Cat (G2-E3)

Little Jeannie (A2-A#3)

I Feel Like a Bullet (E2-C4)

The Last Song (G1-F3)

Whispers (D#2-D#3)

Ego (E2-B3)

Shoot Down the Moon (C2-G3)

Nobody Wins (G1-D#2)

Mexican Vacation (G2-F3)

Country Comfort (F2-A3)

Looking Up (E2-F#3)

One Horse Town (F#2-C4)

Jimmie Rodgers' Dream (B1-C#3)

Kiss the Bride (G2-C4)

Mama Can't Buy You Love (D2-E3)

Candle in the Wind (B1-E3)

Without Question (D2-F3)

If It Wasn't for Bad (G1-F3)

Part-Time Love (G1-A3)

Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody) (D2-E3)

Something About the Way You Look Tonight (C2-F3)

The New Fever Waltz (C2-D3)

Love Builds a Garden (C2-G3)

Teacher I Need You (D2-A3)

Your Sister Can't Twist (B1-G#3)

Sweet Painted Lady (D2-G3)

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting (G2-C4)

Madness (D2-D4)

Song for Guy (C2-B2)

Give Peace a Chance (G2-F3)

Once We Were Kings (C2-G#3)

Memory of Love (D2-G3)

Friends Never Say Goodbye (C2-F3)

Step into Christmas (F#2-B3)

You Can Make History (Young Again) (G1-E3)

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (D#2-C#4)

El Dorado (F2-G3)

Nikita (G1-E3)

Too Many Tears (E2-E3)

Blue Eyes (C2-G3)

When Love Is Dying (C2-F3)

Home Again (D2-F3)

Roy Rogers (C2-A#3)

Bite Your Lip (C3-A3)

All the Girls Love Alice (G#2-A#3)

Legal Boys (F2-A#3)

Blessed (A1-D#3)

Blue Wonderful (E2-E3)

I Swear I Heard the Night Talkin' (C2-G3)

Rock and Roll Madonna (G2-G3)

Sartorial Eloquence (A#1-G#3)

Healing Hands (F2-G3)

Never Too Late (D2-F3)

The Open Chord (C2-F3)

I Saw Her Standing There (A#1-F3)

Island Girl (E2-A3)

Made for Me (A#1-F3)

Burn Down the Mission (G2-B3)

Freaks In Love (F2-F3)

I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues (D2-F3)

Talking Old Soldiers (A#1-G3)

There's No Tomorrow (A#1-D#3)

Hercules (D2-G3)

Philadelphia Freedom (C2-A3)

Michelle's Song (D2-A3)

Turn the Lights Out When You Leave (E2-E3)

In Neon (D#2-F3)

Live Like Horses (D2-G3)

Sacrifice (G2-F3)

Levon (C2-F3)

Sad (D#2-A3)

Daniel (F2-C4)

My Quicksand (C2-D#3)

Oceans Away (A#1-D#3)

Club at the End of the Street (D2-F#3)

Tonight (G2-C4)

I Want Love (F#2-E3)

I Stop and I Breathe (C2-G3)

A Dream Come True (A#1-F3)

Expressing Yourself (A#1-B2)

No Valentines (G2-F3)

Someone Saved My Life Tonight (E2-C4)

Grandma's Song (F1-A#2)

I Don't Wanna Go on With You Like That (E2-E3)

Answer In the Sky (G1-G3)

A Town Called Jubilee (E2-E3)

Sixty Years On (F#2-G3)

Can't Stay Alone Tonight (C#2-E3)

Porch Swing In Tupelo (C2-G#3)

You Gotta Love Someone (D#2-D#3)

Heartache All Over the World (D2-G3)

Come Down in Time (C2-E3)

Harmony (A1-F#3)

My Father's Gun (A#1-C4)

This Train Don't Stop There Anymore (D#2-F3)

Who Wears These Shoes? (C2-E3)

Simple Life (C2-D#3)

Pinball Wizard (F2-C4)

Have Mercy on the Criminal (C2-C4)

Made In England (F2-G3)

Tambourine (D2-E3)

2 Fingers of Whiskey (D2-F#3)

The Ballad of Blind Tom (F#2-F3)

Recover Your Soul (D2-G3)

High Flying Bird (C#2-G#3)

You're So Static (G2-A3)

Claw Hammer (C2-D3)

Hey Ahab (D#2-G3)

Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word (G2-A#3)

Honky Cat (D2-G#3)

Friends (F2-A3)

Electricity (C2-F#3)

In the Name of You (D#2-D#3)

Tower of Babel (A2-C4)

Chloe (C2-A3)

I Should Have Sent Roses (C2-D3)

It's Getting Dark In Here (D#2-F3)

Madman Across the Water (G2-A3)

I've Been Loving You (D2-A3)

Princess (C2-A3)

Crocodile Rock (G2-C4)

The Bitch Is Back (D#2-F#3)

Someday Out of the Blue (F2-G3)

I Need You to Turn To (B1-D3)

Deep Into the Ground (A#1-D#3)

Easier To Walk Away (F2-G3)

Runaway Train (G1-D3)

Weight of the World (D2-D#3)

Take This Dirty Water (D2-E3)

The Stars Look Down (G1-G3)

Amazes Me (A#1-G3)

My Elusive Drug (D#2-G#3)

This Song Has No Title (A#1-G3)

Shine (G1-B2)

Wrap Her Up (F#2-A3)

Love Song (E2-D3)

Curtains (D#2-G3)

Pain (G2-G3)

Bad Side of the Moon (G1-A#2)

Monkey Suit (D2-F#3)

Please (B1-E3)

The Best Part of the Day (D2-F3)

I Just Can't Wait To Be King (D2-G3)

Amoreena (G2-G3)

Rocket Man (F2-A#3)

The Diving Board (A#1-D3)

Border Song (E1-A2)

I Can't Keep This From You (D2-A#3)

Sad Songs (Say So Much) (F2-G3)

Circle of Life (A1-D3)

Take Me to the Pilot (A2-A3)

Blues for Baby and Me (B1-E3)

Ball and Chain (F2-A3)

Whenever You're Ready (A2-G3)

Thank You for All Your Loving (G2-A3)

Jack Rabbit (C2-G3)

Cold (C2-A#3)

Lies (D2-F3)

Whipping Boy (G#2-G#3)

Skyline Pigeon (C2-F3)

Gone To Shiloh (A1-F3)

Hello Hello (E2-B3)

Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (D2-G3)

Are You Ready for Love (D2-F#3)

Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes (A#1-D#3)

Empty Garden (F2-A#3)

Duets for One (D#2-F3)

Sleeping With the Past (C2-A3)

Born To Boogie (G1-C3)

All That I'm Allowed (C#2-G#3)

Young Man's Blues (C2-E3)

Oscar Wilde Gets Out (A1-E3)

Grow Some Funk of Your Own (E2-G3)

It's Tough To Be a God (D2-G3)

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (A1-F3)

It's Me That You Need (C2-F3)

And the House Fell Down (G1-C3)

Indian Sunset (D2-G3)

A Word in Spanish (D2-F#3)

We All Fall in Love Sometimes (D2-C4)

Mellow (D2-A3)

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