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The Rolling Stones vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

D2 - A5 (3.6 octaves)

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
Out of Control (D2-F#4)
Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
Miss You (G3-A5)

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Voice types

Based on their range the artist can perform songs for:

Bass (E2-E4)

Baritone (A2-A4)

Tenor (C3-C5)

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More songs by the artist

Angie (G3-A4)
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Under My Thumb (E3-E4)
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Susie Q (E3-E4)
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(Sing This) All Together (A#3-G4)
User likes: Katie Langon
Around and Around (E3-E4)
User likes: Berke Kurt
Jiving Sister Fanny (C3-G3)
User likes: Jeff Fairman
Love In Vain (A#2-E4)
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Dead Flowers (B2-F#4)
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Tumbling Dice (D3-G4)
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Bitch (A3-A4)
User likes: Mary Glen Montgomery
Heart of Stone (G3-G4)
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Prodigal Son (B2-G#3)
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Brown Sugar (G3-G4)
User likes: Mary Glen Montgomery
I'm a King Bee (G2-D4)
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As Tears Go By (E3-E4)
User likes: Bill Salmi
I Want to Be Loved (C3-E4)
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Some Girls (C#3-F#4)
I Am Waiting (C3-F4)
All the Way Down (E2-C#5)
Think (E3-E4)
Sway (F3-A4)
My Girl (E3-F#4)
Jumpin' Jack Flash (C#3-G#4)
Emotional Rescue (G#2-F4)
Come On (C3-A#3)
Family (B2-F#4)
Little Queenie (G3-G4)
Flight 505 (F3-D#4)
Honest I Do (C#3-C#4)
Memory Motel (D3-F4)
Dear Doctor (D3-F#4)
The Last Time (B2-E4)
If You Let Me (F3-F4)
Empty Heart (E3-E5)
Hang Fire (A3-G4)
Star Star (F3-G4)
Country Honk (E3-A#4)
Pain In My Heart (D3-F#4)
Respectable (E3-F#5)
Not Fade Away (E3-G#4)
Don't Lie to Me (E3-F#4)
Route 66 (E3-E4)
Out of Time (D3-G4)
Ride on, Baby (E3-D4)
Loving Cup (D3-G4)
Ruby Tuesday (G2-F4)
Rocks Off (C#3-A4)
Let It Bleed (G3-A#4)
I'm Movin' On (E3-G4)
Sad Day (A#2-G4)
She's So Cold (G3-G4)
High and Dry (C3-F4)
Cry To Me (B2-G4)
Doncha Bother Me (E3-C#5)
Soul Survivor (G3-G4)
Black Limousine (C3-A4)
Stray Cat Blues (A2-A4)
Jigsaw Puzzle (A3-F#4)
Moonlight Mile (D3-A4)
Mercy, Mercy (E3-C#5)
She Was Hot (D3-G5)
Hot Stuff (E3-G4)
Stupid Girl (E3-D#4)
Grown Up Wrong (C4-E4)
What a Shame (B2-G4)
The Lantern (C#3-E4)
2000 Man (E3-G#4)
Gomper (D3-A3)
Monkey Man (A3-E5)
Shine a Light (C3-A4)
Gotta Get Away (E3-E4)
Parachute Woman (E3-D4)
Good Times (D#3-G4)
Walking the Dog (D3-D4)
We Love You (E3-G#4)
She's a Rainbow (D2-A#4)
Factory Girl (D3-B4)
Off the Hook (G3-G#4)
Dandelion (F3-B4)
Turd on the Run (A3-A4)
My Obsession (E3-G#4)
Bye Bye Johnny (A#2-F4)
It's Not Easy (G3-D#4)
Carol (D3-D4)
No Expectations (E3-E4)
Doom and Gloom (D3-G4)
Long Long While (B2-G4)
Sweet Virginia (A3-A4)
Sittin' on a Fence (C#3-C#4)
Fortune Teller (E3-A3)
Shattered (E4-G#4)
Please Go Home (A3-E4)
Gimme Shelter (A#2-C#5)
Sister Morphine (D#3-G4)
Rip This Joint (C#4-A4)
Down Home Girl (D3-E4)
Midnight Rambler (A2-A#4)
Fool To Cry (F3-E5)
Congratulations (B2-E4)
What To Do (F3-F4)
Going Home (A2-B3)
All Sold Out (E3-A4)
I'm Free (G3-F4)
Money (D3-F4)
Complicated (E3-E4)
Poison Ivy (B2-E4)
I Got the Blues (G2-A4)
Lady Jane (B2-D4)
Live With Me (G3-A4)
One More Try (E3-E4)
Downtown Suzie (C#3-G#4)
Back Street Girl (G3-F#4)
Happy (G#3-G#4)
Hitch Hike (E3-E4)
Faraway Eyes (F3-D4)
Connection (G3-F#4)
I'm Going Down (F3-G4)
I'm All Right (C#3-C#5)
Citadel (G3-E4)
Start Me Up (F3-F4)
She Said Yeah (A3-G#4)

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