A collection of inspirational songs for baritone voice

Crowder - Come As You Are (C3-G4)

Merle Haggard - One Day at a Time (B2-D4)

Michael W. Smith - Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (C3-F4)

Donald Lawrence - Encourage Yourself (A#2-F4)

Andraé Crouch - The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power (D3-C#4)

Michael Card - Love Crucified, Arose (D3-D4)

Bluetree - God of This City (A2-E4)

Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up (C3-G4)

Mikeschair - Let the Waters Rise (D3-G4)

Perry Como - One Little Candle (D3-D#4)

Ray Boltz - Thank You (A#2-D4)

Steve Green - Holding Hands (B2-E4)

Charlie Hall - Center (B2-E4)

Chris Tomlin - I Will Rise (G3-G4)

Elvis Presley - Stand By Me (A2-D4)

Fernando Ortega - Sing To Jesus (D#3-E4)

Glad - Easter Song (A2-F#4)

Keith Green - Asleep In the Light (G#3-A4)

Keith Green - Easter Song (A#2-G4)

Keith Green - The Lord Is My Shepherd (23rd Psalm) (G3-A4)

Keith Green - Your Love Broke Through (D3-G4)

MercyMe - God with Us (A2-E4)

Michael Card - El Shaddai (A#2-G3)

Michael Card - God's Own Fool (B2-E4)

Michael W. Smith - Agnus Dei (E3-F4)

Needtobreathe - Multiplied (D3-G4)

Phillips Craig & Dean - How Great You Are (C3-F4)

Scott Wesley Brown - He Will Carry You (E3-G4)

Scott Wesley Brown - When Answers Aren't Enough (A2-G4)

Steve Green - He Who Began a Good Work In You (C3-D#4)

Steve Green - In You Alone (A2-G4)

Steve Green - I Repent (A#2-F4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - His Strength Is Perfect (D3-G#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Hold on To Jesus (C#3-E4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - I'll Take Care of You (B2-E4)

Tye Tribbett - Chasing After You (D3-E4)

Wayne Watson - Through It All (A2-E4)

Aaron Ivey - God Undefeatable (C#3-G#4)

Alabama - I Need Thee (C3-A#3)

Andraé Crouch - All Because of Jesus (A2-F4)

Andraé Crouch - Finally (C3-F#4)

Andraé Crouch - Give It All Back To Me (A#2-G4)

Andraé Crouch - Got Me Some Angels (A2-F4)

Andraé Crouch - Jesus Is Lord (E3-G4)

Andraé Crouch - Jesus Is the Answer (A2-B3)

Andraé Crouch - My Tribute (C3-G#4)

Andraé Crouch - Nobody Else Like You (A#2-F4)

Andraé Crouch - Perfect Peace (D3-G4)

Andraé Crouch - Quiet Times (A#2-F4)

Andraé Crouch - Soon and Very Soon (D#3-D4)

Andraé Crouch - That's Why I Needed You (D#3-F4)

Andraé Crouch - The Lord Is My Light (A2-F#4)

Andraé Crouch - Until Jesus Comes (A2-A4)

Andraé Crouch - We Give You Glory (A2-D#4)

Andraé Crouch - Yes, Lord (A2-D4)

Andraé Crouch - You Can Depend on Me (A2-B3)

Austin Stone - Love Shines (D3-G4)

Bill Gaither - Gone (C3-D4)

Bill Gaither Trio - Something Beautiful (A#2-C#4)

Bill Gaither Trio - The Longer I Serve Him (D#3-C#4)

Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses (E3-A4)

Brandon Heath - Faith Hope Love Repeat (C#3-F#4)

Brenton Brown - Hosanna (C3-D4)

Byron Cage - Royalty (A#2-G3)

Charlie Hall - All We Need (G3-G4)

Charlie Hall - Breathe (E3-F#4)

Charlie Hall - Chainbreaker (A3-E4)

Charlie Hall - Marvelous Light (B2-F#4)

Charlie Peacock - In the Light (G3-G4)

Chris Tomlin - I Will Boast (D#3-D#4)

Church of Jesus Christ Youth feat. David Archuleta - I Will Go and Do (F#3-A4)

Cowboy Church Sunday School - Open Up Your Heart (D3-C4)

Dallas Holm - Rise Again (B2-E4)

David Kauffman - Behold (C3-D4)

David Meece - God's Promises / Rainbows In the Night (C3-E4)

Elvis Presley - By and By (D3-D4)

Elvis Presley - I Got a Feelin' in My Body (A#3-G4)

Elvis Presley - I, John (C3-G#4)

Elvis Presley - Up Above My Head (C3-D4)

Elvis Presley - We Call on Him (A#2-D#4)

Eoghan Heaslip - Lord Have Mercy (A#2-D#4)

Fernando Ortega - A Place on the Earth (C3-D#4)

Fernando Ortega - City of Sorrows (C#3-D#4)

Fernando Ortega - Cristina's Dream (A2-G4)

Fernando Ortega - Light of Heaven (D3-E4)

Fernando Ortega - Our Great God (C3-E4)

Fernando Ortega - Storm (C3-D#4)

Fernando Ortega - This Time Next Year (A2-D4)

For King & Country - Without You (B2-D#4)

Israel Houghton - Just a Glimpse (A2-G4)

Israel & New Breed - He Lives (C3-D4)

Jeremy Camp - He Knows (B2-G#4)

John Ellis - Look What You've Done (C3-E4)

Keith Green - I Want To Be More Like Jesus (D3-G4)

Keith Green - Lord, I'm Gonna Love You (C#3-E4)

Keith Green - Make My Life a Prayer To You (D3-G4)

Keith Green - Oh Lord, You're Beautiful (G3-F#4)

Keith Green - Soften Your Heart (A2-G4)

Keith Green - There Is a Redeemer (C3-D4)

Keith Green - To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice (E3-F4)

Keith Green - Your Love Came Over Me (E3-G4)

Kenny Rogers - To Me (A2-D4)

Larnelle Harris - Seekers of Your Heart (A2-F4)

Matthew West - Grace Wins (A#2-G#4)

Matthew West - Hello, My Name Is (C3-G4)

Matthew West - Save a Place for Me (D3-A4)

Matt Redman - Center (B2-E4)

MercyMe - Forever (D#3-E4)

MercyMe - Look To the Heavens (E3-F#4)

Michael Blanchard - Be Ye Glad (B2-E4)

Michael Boggs - Our Hallelujah (B2-F#4)

Michael Card - Baptism (C3-C4)

Michael Card - By Faith (C3-D#4)

Michael Card - Carmen Christi (B2-E4)

Michael Card - Cross of Glory (B2-F#4)

Michael Card - God Will Provide a Lamb (A2-D4)

Michael Card - Grace Be With You All (A#2-D#4)

Michael Card - Heal Our Land (C3-F4)

Michael Card - He Was Heard (C3-E4)

Michael Card - Jesus, Let Us Come to Know You (C3-C4)

Michael Card - Jesus Loves Me (A2-E4)

Michael Card - Joy In the Journey (A#2-F4)

Michael Card - Make Me a Miracle (A2-C4)

Michael Card - Overture to the Trilogy (D3-C4)

Michael Card - Spirit of the Age (E3-E4)

Michael Card - Starkindler (E3-B3)

Michael Card - Tell the World That Jesus Loves You (C3-A#3)

Michael Card - The Final Word (D3-F#4)

Michael Card - The Lamb Is a Lion (A3-A4)

Michael Card - The Nazarene (A2-F#4)

Michael Card - The Promise (E3-G4)

Michael Card - The Wedding (C3-C4)

Michael Card - This Must Be the Lamb (B2-C4)

Michael Card - What Will It Take (F3-A4)

Michael Card - Why (C3-E4)

Michael Crawford - Now the Day Is Over (G#3-F4)

Michael W. Smith - A New Hallelujah (B2-E4)

Michael W. Smith - Be Lifted High (D3-F#4)

Michael W. Smith - Cry for Love (A#2-D#4)

Michael W. Smith - Deep In Love With You (F3-D#4)

Michael W. Smith - Do You Dream of Me (D#3-G#4)

Michael W. Smith - Great is the Lord (B2-E4)

Michael W. Smith - Healing Rain (C3-F4)

Michael W. Smith - I'll Be Around (C3-E4)

Michael W. Smith - Intro/Prepare Ye the Way (F3-G4)

Michael W. Smith - I Surrender All (D#3-G4)

Michael W. Smith - Love One Another (C3-F4)

Michael W. Smith - Majesty (B2-A4)

Michael W. Smith - Mighty to Save (E3-F#4)

Michael W. Smith - Shout Unto God (B2-F#4)

Michael W. Smith - Sky Spills Over (C#3-A4)

Michael W. Smith - The Other Side of Me (E3-E4)

Michael W. Smith - There She Stands (A2-F4)

Michael W. Smith - The River Is Rising (F#3-F#4)

Michael W. Smith - When I Think of You (E3-F4)

Mikeschair - Keep Changing the World (E3-E4)

Paul Baloche - Because of Your Love (E3-D4)

P.O.D. - Set Your Eyes To Zion (C3-D4)

Ray Boltz - Beat of the Drum (B2-E4)

Ray Boltz - Give Me Your Hand (B2-E4)

Ray Boltz - Hey, Little Brother (C3-D4)

Ray Boltz - Never Lost (A2-D4)

Ray Boltz - Saving Grace (D3-E4)

Reuben Morgan - Stronger (A2-C#4)

Smokie Norful - It's All About You (F3-G#4)

Steve Angrisano - Many and One (C3-C4)

Steve Green - A Mighty Fortress (C#3-G#4)

Steve Green - Answer the Call (C#3-D4)

Steve Green - Bring Back the Glory (C3-E4)

Steve Green - Cross Medley (C3-D4)

Steve Green - Embrace the Cross (C#3-F#4)

Steve Greene - People Need the Lord (D3-D4)

Steve Green - Find Us Faithful (D3-G4)

Steve Green - God Causes All Things to Grow (D3-F4)

Steve Green - In Brokenness You Shine (B2-A4)

Steve Green - I Will Go (C3-G4)

Steve Green - My Soul Found Rest (D3-G4)

Steve Green - Non Nobis Domine (D3-G4)

Steve Green - The Faithful (E3-A4)

Steve Green - The Mission (C3-E4)

Steve Green - 'Til the End of Time (A2-E4)

Steve Green - To God All Praise and Glory (D3-G#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - 11-6-64 (C#3-D#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - All I Really Want (A2-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Believe Me Now (D3-F4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Bring It On (A2-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Celebrate You (E3-A4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Children of the Burning Heart (C3-G#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Christmas Is All in the Heart (D3-E4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Do Everything (B2-A4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Echoes of Eden (D#3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Free (D#3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Go There with You (A#2-F4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Hiding Place (F3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - How Do I Love Her (D#3-G#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - I Will Be Here (B2-D4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Jesus Is Life (D#3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Jesus Will Meet You There (A#2-D#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Land of Opportunity (G3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Live Out Loud (D3-A4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - More To This Life (D3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Only Natural (D#3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Questions (D3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Remembering You (C3-E4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Rubber Meets the Road (C3-A4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - See (C3-F4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Something Crazy (E3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Speechless (A2-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Spring Is Coming (A2-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Still Called Today (B2-F#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - The Big Story (F#3-A4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - The Great Adventure (B2-A4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - The Night Before Christmas (D3-E4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - The Only One (A#2-F4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - The Walk (A2-A4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - This Day (A#2-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Treasure of Jesus (D3-F4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - We Will Dance (A#2-F4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - What Now (A#2-D#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - What Would I Say (C3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - When You Are a Soldier (A2-D4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - With Hope (B2-F#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - You Are Being Loved (B2-A4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Your Side of the World (C#3-F#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - You've Got Me (D#3-F#4)

Switchfoot - The Setting Sun (A2-A4)

Switchfoot - The Shadow Proves the Sunshine (B2-A4)

The Canton Spirituals - Drug Me (E3-E4)

The Glorious Unseen - Close To Your Heart (C3-C4)

The Glorious Unseen - Forever Holy (C#3-E4)

The Winans - Tomorrow (C3-A4)

Third Day - I Need a Miracle (B2-F#4)

Trevor Thomson - Send Your Glory Down (C3-C4)

Tye Tribbett - I Need You (A2-B3)

Up With People - She's Gone (E3-B3)

Vince Gill - Look What Love's Revealing (D3-A4)

Wayne Watson - A Beautiful Place (B2-E4)

Wayne Watson - Friend of a Wounded Heart (A#2-D#4)

Wayne Watson - It's Time (A2-E4)

Wayne Watson - More of You (B2-F4)

Wayne Watson - Say It All Again (C3-E4)

Wayne Watson - Somewhere In the World (A2-D4)

Wayne Watson - The Class of '95 (A2-F4)

Wayne Watson - Walk In the Dark (B2-E4)