Josh Groban vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

D#2 - D5

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
February Song (D#2-A#3)

Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (A2-D5)

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Voice types

Based on their range the artist can perform songs for:

Bass (E2-E4)

Baritone (A2-A4)

Tenor (C3-C5)

More songs by the artist

Panis Angelicus (F#3-E4)
User likes: John McGlothlen Tom

Ave Maria (F3-F4)
User likes: John McGlothlen Tom

You Raise Me Up (C3-G4)
User likes: Brian Tchen Tom

Never Let Go (F3-A#4)
User likes: Annoynymous Beetle

Mi Mancherai (Il Postino) (C#3-G4)
User likes: Tom

Hymne a L'Amour (C3-G#4)
User likes: Tom

Un Amore Per Sempre (C3-G#4)
User likes: diane Park

Your Hideaway (D#3-A#4)

Believe (G#2-A4)

So She Dances (A2-A#4)

All 'Improvviso Amore (B2-A4)

Gira Con Me (A#2-F#4)

Per Te (D#3-A4)

In Her Eyes (E3-F#4)

Now or Never (A#2-G#4)

O Holy Night (B2-F#4)

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) (B2-D4)

When You Say You Love Me (B2-A4)

Lullaby (A2-G4)

Evermore (G#2-F4)

War At Home (A#2-G4)

Você Existe Em Mim (D3-A4)

The Little Drummer Boy (D3-G#4)

Hidden Away (C3-A4)

I'll Be Home for Christmas (C3-F4)

Solo Por Ti (G2-F#4)

Caruso (G2-A4)

O Come, All Ye Faithful (B2-E4)

She's Out of My Life (G#2-G#4)

Mi Morena (C3-A4)

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (C3-D#4)

Petit Papa Noël (C3-D#4)

Straight To You (D#3-C#4)

Higher Window (G2-A4)

What Child Is This? (A2-D4)

Gold Can Turn to Sand (B2-A4)

Broken Vow (A2-A4)

Au Jardin Des Sans-Pourquoi (C3-F4)

Mai (B2-G#4)

Remember When It Rained (A#2-G#4)

Brave (B2-G#4)

Happy In My Heartache (C3-G4)

Love Only Knows (A#2-G4)

Thankful (B2-G#4)

Canto Alla Vita (A#2-G4)

L'Ultima Notte (C3-A4)

Galileo (Someone Like You) (B2-A4)

Awake (D#3-G#4)

The Mystery of Your Gift (A#2-G4)

Si Volvieras a Mi (A#2-G#4)

You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) (A2-B4)

Verita (C#3-G#4)

If I Walk Away (C3-G4)

My Confession (B2-A4)

River (D#3-C5)

Un Dia Llegara (A2-F#4)

You're Still You (C3-A4)

For Always (F#2-F4)

Machine (A#2-A#4)

Oceano (C3-G#4)

More of You (A2-C#5)

L'Ora Dell'addio (D#3-G4)

Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso (C3-F4)

Vincent (Starry Starry Night) (C3-F4)

To Where You Are (G2-G4)

Weeping (G2-G4)

Granted (A2-B4)

Silent Night (C3-A#4)

Bells of New York City (F3-G4)

Remember (G2-G#4)

Un Giorno Per Noi (B2-G4)

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