A collection of country rock songs for bass voice

Neil Young - All Along the Watchtower (G3-D4)

Alabama - Down Home (B2-D4)

Billy Swan - I Can Help (G3-E4)

Don McLean - Empty Chairs (D3-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes (D3-B3)

Kip Moore - Hey Pretty Girl (A2-D4)

Neil Young - Words (Between the Lines of Age) (G3-E4)

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Dear John (E2-A3)

Wilco - California Stars (F#3-D4)

Alabama - Born Country (B2-C#4)

Alabama - Dixieland Delight (D3-E4)

Alabama - Fallin' Again (C3-D4)

Alabama - Feels So Right (A2-B3)

Alabama - High Cotton (C3-E4)

Alabama - How Do You Fall In Love (A2-D4)

Alabama - If You're Gonna Play In Texas (E3-C#4)

Alabama - Jukebox In My Mind (A#2-D4)

Alabama - Lady Down on Love (A2-D4)

Alabama - Old Flame (A#2-D4)

Alabama - Sad Lookin' Moon (D3-D4)

Alabama - Song of the South (E3-E4)

Alabama - Tennessee River (E3-E4)

Bellamy Brothers - They Could Put Me In Jail (G2-E4)

Bill Justis - Raunchy (C3-E4)

Blue Rodeo - Dark Angel (F2-G3)

Blue Rodeo - Hasn't Hit Me Yet (B2-E4)

Bob Dylan - I Threw It All Away (G2-E4)

Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay (F#2-C#4)

Bob Dylan - You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (G2-B3)

Bob Seger - Listen (C3-D4)

Chris Stapleton - Might As Well Get Stoned (E3-E4)

Chris Stapleton - When the Stars Come Out (D3-E4)

Chris Stapleton - Whiskey and You (A2-E4)

Clifford Rhodes - Why Do I Love You So (C3-D4)

Crazy Horse - Old King (F3-C4)

Crazy Horse - Unknown Legend (B2-E4)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down on the Corner (C3-C4)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Heard It Through the Grapevine (A2-D4)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Keep on Chooglin' (B2-A#3)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary (C3-E4)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Up Around the Bend (C3-A3)

Dierks Bently - Riser (G2-E4)

Dwight Yoakam - Fast As You (E3-D#4)

Dwight Yoakam - Guitars, Cadillacs (C#3-E4)

Dwight Yoakam - Honky Tonk Man (B2-E4)

Dwight Yoakam - It Only Hurts When I Cry (B2-C#4)

Dwight Yoakam - The Back of Your Hand (C3-D4)

Elvis Costello - Good Year for the Roses (A2-E4)

Elvis Presley - Guitar Man (D3-E4)

Elvis Presley - Polk Salad Annie (F3-C4)

Eric Clapton - Hello Old Friend (D3-D4)

Eric Clapton - Promises (B2-B3)

Florida Georgia Line - Sun Daze (C#3-E4)

Gram Parsons - $1,000 Wedding (G2-E4)

Gram Parsons - 100 Years From Now (C3-D4)

Gram Parsons - A Song for You (D3-E4)

Gram Parsons - Blue Eyes (D3-D4)

Gram Parsons - Brass Buttons (B2-C#4)

Gram Parsons - Hickory Wind (A2-E4)

Grateful Dead - Black Muddy River (A2-E4)

Grateful Dead - Candyman (F3-E4)

Grateful Dead - Dark Hollow (C#3-E4)

Grateful Dead - Dire Wolf (C#3-E4)

Grateful Dead - Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad (C#3-E4)

Grateful Dead - Unbroken Chain (C3-E4)

Hank Williams Jr. - Lone Wolf (E2-E4)

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Alabama Pines (B2-E4)

J.D. Souther - I'll Be Here At Closing Time (A#2-D#4)

Jimmie Rodgers - Secretly (C3-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - A Pirate Looks at Forty (B2-B3)

Jimmy Buffett - Beach House on the Moon (A2-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Beautiful Swimmers (G#2-C#4)

Jimmy Buffett - Big Top (E3-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Buffet Hotel (G2-C4)

Jimmy Buffett - Coast of Carolina (A2-C#4)

Jimmy Buffett - Come Monday (E2-B3)

Jimmy Buffett - Far Side of the World (G2-C#4)

Jimmy Buffett - Fins (G#3-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit (A2-D4)

Jimmy Buffett - He Went To Paris (G#2-A3)

Jimmy Buffett - In the Shelter (A2-C#4)

Jimmy Buffett - I Will Play for Gumbo (C3-D4)

Jimmy Buffett - License To Chill (D3-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Life Short Call Now (A#2-C4)

Jimmy Buffett - One Particular Harbour (B2-C#4)

Jimmy Buffett - Rhumba Man (E3-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Simply Complicated (G2-C4)

Jimmy Buffett - Son of a Son of a Sailor (D3-D4)

Jimmy Buffett - Summerzcool (C3-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Surfing In a Hurricane (D3-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Trip Around the Sun (B2-C#4)

Jimmy Buffett - Turn Up the Heat and Chill the Rosé (C3-C4)

Jimmy Buffett - Waiting for the Next Explosion (C3-D4)

Jimmy Buffett - We Learned To Be Cool From You (B2-B3)

Jimmy Buffett - What If the Hokey-Pokey Is All It Really Is About? (E2-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Why Don't We Get Drunk (A2-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Wings (B2-C4)

John Mayer - Roll It on Home (F#2-D4)

Johnny Tillotson - It Keeps Right on a-Hurtin' (B2-C4)

Johnny Tillotson - Out of My Mind (B2-D4)

Johnny Tillotson - True True Happiness (D3-B3)

Johnny Tillotson - Without You (A#2-D4)

Johnny Tillotson - Worry (C3-C4)

Johnny Tillotson - You Can Never Stop Me Loving You (D3-D#4)

Jon Pardi - Up All Night (E3-E4)

Kenny Rogers - Reuben James (B2-D4)

Kenny Rogers - Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town (B2-C4)

Kings of Leon - Holy Roller Novocaine (D3-E4)

Kings of Leon - No Money (B3-E4)

Kings of Leon - Red Morning Light (D3-E4)

Kings of Leon - Wasted Time (B2-E4)

Little Texas - Kick a Little (B2-E4)

Lyle Lovett - Pontiac (G2-D4)

Lyle Lovett - She's Hot To Go (A2-D4)

Lyle Lovett - She's No Lady (D3-D4)

Lyle Lovett - Simple Song (A2-D4)

Michael Martin Murphey - Cosmic Cowboy, Pt. 1 (E3-E4)

Michael Martin Murphey - What's Forever For (C3-D4)

Montgomery Gentry - Lucky Man (E2-E4)

Montgomery Gentry - You Do Your Thing (A2-D4)

Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime (A2-C4)

Neil Young - Are You Ready for the Country? (D3-D4)

Neil Young - Bringin' Down Dinner (A2-C4)

Neil Young - Come on Baby Let's Go Downtown (E3-E4)

Neil Young - Differently (D3-E4)

Neil Young - Don't Cry No Tears (F#3-E4)

Neil Young - Dreamin' Man (G3-D4)

Neil Young - Fallen Angel (E3-E4)

Neil Young - Falling From Above (D3-E4)

Neil Young - Fontainebleau (E3-E4)

Neil Young - Grandpa's Interview (F2-E4)

Neil Young - Harvest (D3-D4)

Neil Young - Harvest Moon (C3-E4)

Neil Young - Heart of Gold (D3-E4)

Neil Young - Homegrown (B2-B3)

Neil Young - Human Highway (E3-E4)

Neil Young - Let It Shine (B2-C#4)

Neil Young - Love Is a Rose (C3-A3)

Neil Young - Mellow My Mind (A2-C4)

Neil Young - Motion Pictures (G2-A3)

Neil Young - Motorcycle Mama (G#2-E4)

Neil Young - Out on the Weekend (D3-E4)

Neil Young - Pardon My Heart (C3-D4)

Neil Young - Peace of Mind (E3-E4)

Neil Young - Roll Another Number (A2-D4)

Neil Young - Saddle Up the Palomino (D3-D4)

Neil Young - Stringman (G2-D4)

Neil Young - There's a World (F3-D#4)

Neil Young - The Will To Love (E3-E4)

Neil Young - Thrasher (B2-B3)

Neil Young - Through My Sails (D3-D4)

Neil Young - Vampire Blues (E3-E4)

Neil Young - Welfare Mothers (B2-A3)

Outlaws - There Goes Another Love Song (D3-D4)

Ozark Mountain Daredevils - If You Wanna Get To Heaven (G3-D#4)

Poco - Crazy Love (G3-D#4)

Ricky Nelson - Garden Party (A2-A3)

Ryan Adams - I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say (D#3-E4)

Ryan Adams - La Cienaga Just Smiled (A#2-A#3)

Ryan Adams - Oh My Sweet Carolina (F#2-B3)

Son Volt - Creosote (C#3-E4)

Son Volt - No More Parades (A2-B3)

Son Volt - Tear Stained Eye (B2-C#4)

Son Volt - Windfall (A2-E4)

Spectrum - I'll Be Gone (G2-B3)

Steve Earle - Fearless Heart (A2-E4)

Steve Earle - Guitar Town (G2-D4)

The Beatles - What Goes on (E3-B3)

The Beatles - Words of Love (E3-D4)

The Bellamy Brothers - Do You Love As Good As You Look (G3-E4)

The Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow (C3-D4)

The Byrds - Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man (D3-D4)

The Byrds - Hickory Wind (D3-D4)

The Charlie Daniels Band - The South's Gonna Do It (F#3-E4)

The Charlie Daniels Band - The South's Gonna Do It Again (A2-E4)

The Eagles - Hollywood Waltz (E3-E4)

The Eagles - Peaceful Easy Feeling (B2-D4)

The Eagles - Teenage Jail (E2-D4)

The Eagles - Tequila Sunrise (D3-E4)

The Eagles - Too Many Hands (C3-A3)

The Eagles - You Are Not Alone (D3-D4)

The Everly Brothers - Bird Dog (D3-B3)

The Everly Brothers - Problems (D3-C4)

The Flying Burrito Brothers - Hot Burrito No. 1 (C3-E4)

The Mavericks feat. Flaco Jiménez - All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (E2-F#3)

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Mr. Bojangles (A2-C#4)

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Shadow Dream Song (B2-C4)

The O'Kanes - Can't Stop My Heart From Lovin' You (D3-D4)

The Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women (D3-B3)

The Warratahs - Hands of My Heart (D3-E4)

Tim McGraw - If You're Reading This (B2-D#4)

Tim McGraw - I Need You (G#2-C#4)

Townes Van Zandt - I'll Be Here in the Morning (B2-G#3)

Wilco - Hummingbird (G2-E4)

Wilco - Jesus, Etc. (G2-C4)

Wilco - Please Be Patient With Me (B2-C4)

Wilco - Someone Else's Song (F#2-A3)

Wilco - The Late Greats (F3-D4)

Wilco - What Light (B2-E4)

Willie Nelson - Up Against the Wall Redneck (C3-C4)

Zac Brown Band - Goodbye In Her Eyes (G2-E4)