A collection of soft rock songs for tenor voice

Al Stewart - Year of the Cat (D3-F4)

Billy Joel - New York State of Mind (C3-C5)

Barry Manilow - Soon (C3-F#4)

Billy Joel - And So It Goes (C3-C4)

REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling (E3-A4)

Tony Christie - (Is This the Way To) Amarillo (D3-F#4)

Lionel Richie - All Night Long (D#3-G#4)

Lionel Richie - Hello (E3-F4)

Loggins & Messina - Danny's Song (D3-F#4)

Major Harris - Love Won't Let Me Wait (E3-G4)

Barry Manilow - I Am Your Child (C3-E4)

Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (A3-A4)

George Benson - This Masquerade (C3-D#4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Beautiful (C3-E4)

Hall & Oates - I Can't Go for That (F3-A#4)

Joe Cocker - With a Little Help from My Friends (E3-G4)

John Denver - Perhaps Love (C#3-F#4)

Paul McCartney - Junk (F3-A#4)

Pure Prairie League - Amie (C3-A4)

Steely Dan - Do It Again (G3-A4)

Terry Jacks - Seasons In the Sun (D3-C4)

The Bee Gees - (In The) Morning of My Life (D3-D4)

The Bee Gees - I Started a Joke (D3-G4)

10cc - Dreadlock Holiday (D#3-G#4)

Air Supply - All Out of Love (G3-A4)

Art Garfunkel - 99 Miles From L.A. (G3-E4)

Barry Manilow - One Voice (C3-G4)

Benny Mardones - Into the Night (G3-A#4)

Billy Joel - Allentown (D3-G4)

Billy Joel - My Life (D3-G4)

B. J. Thomas - Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (C3-D#4)

B. J. Thomas - (Hey, Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (C3-D#4)

Bread - The Guitar Man (D3-E4)

Chicago - Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home (F#3-E4)

Chicago - Saturday in the Park (D3-B4)

Chicago - Song for You (E3-C5)

David Gates - If (E3-A4)

Don McLean - And I Love You So (C3-E4)

Don McLean - Empty Chairs (D3-E4)

England Dan & John Ford Coley - I'd Really Love To See You Tonight (D3-G4)

Eric Carmen - Make Me Lose Control (E3-B4)

Eric Carmen - Never Gonna Fall In Love Again (F#3-A4)

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (D3-E4)

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (Live Version) (D3-E4)

Genesis - Follow You, Follow Me (D3-F#4)

George Michael - Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (D#3-G4)

Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street (C3-C5)

Glen Campbell - Southern Nights (D3-F4)

Harry Nilsson - Without You (C#3-B4)

Jackson Browne - These Days (D3-F4)

James Taylor - First Cut Is the Deepest (E3-E4)

James Taylor - That Lonesome Road (D3-D4)

James Taylor - Up on the Roof (C3-F4)

Jimmy Buffett - Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes (D3-B3)

Joe Cocker - The Jealous Kind (D3-D4)

John Lennon - #9 Dream (D3-B4)

John Paul Young - Love Is In the Air (D3-G4)

Journey - Any Way You Want It (D3-C5)

Kenny Loggins - Return to Pooh Corner (E3-G4)

Kenny Rogers - Don't Fall In Love With a Dreamer (C#3-C5)

Loggins & Messina - A Love Song (E3-B4)

Michael Jackson - Human Nature (D3-A#4)

Michael McDonald - It Keeps You Runnin' (D3-B4)

Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom (D3-C5)

Morris Albert - Feelings (D3-E4)

Neil Diamond - Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show (C3-F4)

Neil Diamond - Desirée (C3-F4)

Neil Sedaka - The Hungry Years (C#3-A4)

Paul Anka - (You're) Having My Baby (C3-G4)

Paul McCartney - Coming Up (A#3-C5)

Paul McCartney - Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five (F#3-G4)

Paul Simon - American Tune (C3-F4)

Paul Simon - Loves Me Like a Rock (D3-D4)

Phil Collins - One More Night (D3-A4)

Starbuck - Moonlight Feels Right (E3-B3)

Steely Dan - Any Major Dude Will Tell You (E3-G4)

Steely Dan - Doctor Wu (E3-G4)

Steely Dan - Josie (B3-A4)

Steely Dan - Only a Fool Would Say That (E3-C5)

Steely Dan - The Fez (G3-F4)

Steve Tyrell - Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head (C3-C#4)

Sting - Fields of Gold (D3-D4)

Sting - La Belle Dame Sans Regrets (D3-D4)

Terry Jacks - Seasons in the Sun (Le Moribond) (D3-C4)

The Beatles - The Long and Winding Road (D3-G4)

The Doobie Brothers - Takin' It to the Streets (C4-G4)

The Eagles - Desperado (D3-B4)

The Eagles - It's Your World Now (D3-A4)

The Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin (E3-G4)

Three Dog Night - An Old Fashioned Love Song (F3-D4)

Todd Rundgren - We Got To Get You a Woman (D3-A#4)

Toto - Georgy Porgy (E3-E4)

Toto - I'll Be Over You (F3-F4)

Van Morrison - Full Force Gale (A3-G4)

1927 - Compulsory Hero (G3-A4)

Ace - How Long (D#3-G4)

Airport - Airport Love Theme (Winds of Chance) (C3-D4)

Air Supply - Chances (E3-B4)

Air Supply - Even the Nights Are Better (D3-F4)

Air Supply - Every Woman in the World (D#3-A4)

Air Supply - Here I Am (E3-A4)

Air Supply - Just As I Am (D3-B4)

Air Supply - Lonely Is the Night (G3-C5)

Air Supply - Making Love Out of Nothing at All (C3-A#4)

Air Supply - Now and Forever (G3-A#4)

Air Supply - The One That You Love (G3-C5)

Air Supply - The Power of Love (F3-A#4)

Air Supply - Two Less Lonely People In the World (E3-G#4)

Alan Parson - What Goes Up. . . (F3-C5)

Al Jarreau - Our Love (C3-G4)

Al Jarreau - We're in This Love Together (C3-G4)

America - A Horse with No Name (F#3-D4)

America - Amber Cascades (E3-E4)

America - Daisy Jane (D3-E4)

America - Don't Cross the River (B3-A4)

America - Everyone I Meet Is From California (F#3-G#4)

America - I Need You (C#3-C4)

America - Lonely People (F#3-G4)

America - Sandman (E3-D4)

America - Sister Golden Hair (C3-C4)

America - The Border (A#3-G4)

America - Tin Man (E3-A4)

America - Ventura Highway (E3-F#4)

America - Woman Tonight (A3-G4)

America - You Can Do Magic (D3-G4)

Andrew Gold - Lonely Boy (E3-A4)

Andrew Gold - Never Let Her Slip Away (F3-G4)

Art Garfunkel - A Heart in New York (D3-F4)

Art Garfunkel - All I Know (D3-C5)

Badfinger - Without You (F3-A#4)

Barry Manilow - Brooklyn Blues (D3-F4)

Barry Manilow - Could It Be Magic (C3-D#4)

Barry Manilow - Daybreak (C3-F4)

Barry Manilow - I Don't Want to Walk Without You (C3-F4)

Barry Manilow - I Made It Through the Rain (F3-E4)

Barry Manilow - It's a Miracle (D#3-A#4)

Barry Manilow - It's Just Another New Year's Eve (C3-D4)

Barry Manilow - Lay Me Down (C3-F4)

Barry Manilow - Let's Hang On! (D#3-F4)

Barry Manilow - Looks Like We Made It (F3-C5)

Barry Manilow - Mandy (G3-G4)

Barry Manilow - Ready to Take a Chance Again (C#3-F4)

Barry Manilow - Ships (D#3-G4)

Barry Manilow - Some Kind of Friend (A3-G4)

Barry Manilow - Sweet Heaven (D3-F#4)

Barry Manilow - Sweet Life (D3-G4)

Barry Manilow - The Bells of Christmas (C3-D#4)

Barry Manilow - Tryin' to Get the Feeling Again (C3-G4)

Barry Manilow - Weekend in New England (G3-A4)

Barry Manilow - When I Wanted You (C#3-G4)

Barry Manilow - When the Meadow Was Bloomin' (C3-F4)

Barry Manilow - Where Does the Time Go? (C3-D#4)

Bertie Higgins - Key Largo (E3-G4)

Billy Joel - Careless Talk (E3-A4)

Billy Joel - Christie Lee (G3-A4)

Billy Joel - Cross To Bear (D3-G4)

Billy Joel - Elvis Presley Boulevard (D3-A4)

Billy Joel - House of Blue Light (F3-A#4)

Billy Joel - Keeping the Faith (D3-G4)

Billy Joel - Modern Woman (G3-C5)

Billy Joel - Movin' Out (D3-A4)

Billy Joel - Pressure (F3-F4)

Billy Joel - She's Always a Woman (D3-G#4)

Billy Joel - She's Got a Way (D3-G4)

Billy Joel - Streetlife Serenader (C3-A4)

Billy Joel - Tell Her About It (G3-A#4)

Billy Joel - This Night (C3-C5)

Billy Joel - Vienna (D#3-G4)

Billy Joel - You May Be Right (C3-E4)

Billy Joel - You're Only Human (D3-A#4)

B. J. Thomas - Hooked on a Feeling (C3-D4)

B. J. Thomas - You Gave Me Love (D3-B4)

Bobby Bloom - Montego Bay (D3-G4)

Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses (E3-A4)

Bob Welch - Sentimental Lady (E3-E4)

Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods - Billy, Don't Be a Hero (C3-D4)

Boz Scaggs - Breakdown Dead Ahead (E3-G4)

Boz Scaggs - Dinah Flo (F3-G4)

Boz Scaggs - Heart of Mine (F#3-G#4)

Boz Scaggs - It's Over (C3-A3)

Boz Scaggs - Jojo (D#3-G#4)

Boz Scaggs - Lido Shuffle (D3-A#4)

Boz Scaggs - Miss Sun (E3-E4)

Boz Scaggs - What Can I Say (C3-A4)

Boz Scaggs - You Make It So Hard (To Say No) (D3-B4)

Bread - Aubrey (D3-G4)

Bread - Baby, I'm-a Want You (D#3-A#4)

Bread - Hooked on You (D3-F4)

Bread - If (G3-C5)

Bread - Let Your Love Go (E3-A4)

Bread - Look What You've Done (F#3-C5)

Bread - Mother Freedom (E3-A4)

Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is (D3-E4)

Bryan Adams - All for Love (G3-A4)

Bryan Adams - Summer of '69 (A3-A4)

Burton Cummings - Stand Tall (D3-B4)

Cat Stevens - Bitterblue (C3-G4)

Cat Stevens - Can't Keep It In (D3-E4)

Cat Stevens - Hard Headed Woman (D3-F4)

Cat Stevens - Lady D'Arbanville (D3-B3)

Cat Stevens - On the Road to Find Out (D3-E4)

Cat Stevens - Peace Train (C3-D4)

Cat Stevens - (Remember the Days of the) Old Schoolyard (D3-D#4)

Cat Stevens - Sad Lisa (D3-D4)

Cat Stevens - Wild World (C3-E4)

Chairmen of the Board - Give Me Just a Little More Time (C4-A4)

Chicago - A Hit By Varèse (G3-G4)

Chicago - All Is Well (G3-A#4)

Chicago - Anxiety's Moment (F3-G#4)

Chicago - Baby, What a Big Surprise (C4-C5)

Chicago - Brand New Love Affair, Part I (E3-G#4)

Chicago - Brand New Love Affair Part II (D3-B3)

Chicago - Byblos (E3-G#4)

Chicago - Call on Me (G#3-C5)

Chicago - Chasin' the Wind (D3-A#4)

Chicago - Child's Prayer (C3-F4)

Chicago - Come In from the Night (D3-A4)

Chicago - Critic's Choice (D3-E4)

Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (D3-F4)

Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? [with Horn Parts] (D3-F4)

Chicago - Fallin' Out (D3-G4)

Chicago - Forever (C3-F#4)

Chicago - Gently I'll Wake You (F3-E4)

Chicago - Get Away (E3-A3)

Chicago - Gone Long Gone (G3-A4)

Chicago - Goodbye (C4-A#4)

Chicago - Hard Habit To Break (D#3-B4)

Chicago - Hold On (C4-B4)

Chicago - Hollywood (G3-F4)

Chicago - Hot Streets (C#3-E4)

Chicago - I Believe (D#3-C5)

Chicago - I'd Rather Be Rich (G3-A4)

Chicago - I Stand Up (G3-G4)

Chicago - It's Alright (E3-C5)

Chicago - Jenny (E3-E4)

Chicago - Just You 'n' Me (F3-C5)

Chicago - Little Miss Lovin' (D3-A#3)

Chicago - Loneliness Is Just a Word (G3-D4)

Chicago - Long Time No See (C#3-C4)

Chicago - Look Away (E3-A4)

Chicago - Love Was New (D#3-F4)

Chicago - Lowdown (C#3-B4)

Chicago - Make Me Smile (D#3-G#4)

Chicago - Make Me Smile - Horn section score (D#3-G#4)

Chicago - Mama Mama (F#3-B4)

Chicago - Manipulation (G3-G4)

Chicago - Morning Blues Again (D3-A4)

Chicago - Mother (A3-G4)

Chicago - Movin' In (G3-A4)

Chicago - Never Been in Love Before (C#3-C#4)

Chicago - Niagara Falls (A#3-C5)

Chicago - No Tell Lover (C3-C4)

Chicago - Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now (G#3-B4)

Chicago - Now That You've Gone (D3-B4)

Chicago - Oh Thank You Great Spirit (D3-G4)

Chicago - Once In a Lifetime (A#3-A#4)

Chicago - Once or Twice (F3-G4)

Chicago - One from the Heart (F3-A4)

Chicago - Only Time Can Heal the Wounded (D#3-A4)

Chicago - Over and Over (G3-A4)

Chicago - Overnight Cafe (A3-C5)

Chicago - Policeman (F3-D#4)

Chicago - Rediscovery (C3-C4)

Chicago - Remember the Feeling (A#3-B4)

Chicago - Reruns (F3-G4)

Chicago - Skin Tight (D4-A#4)

Chicago - Something in This City Changes People (C#3-C4)

Chicago - So Much to Say, So Much to Give (F3-F4)

Chicago - Song of the Evergreens (E3-G4)

Chicago - Take a Chance (D#3-G4)

Chicago - This Time (G3-B4)

Chicago - Till the End of Time (G3-G4)

Chicago - Together Again (D3-A#4)

Chicago - Upon Arrival (A3-A4)

Chicago - Uptown (E3-A4)

Chicago - Victorious (G3-E4)

Chicago - We Can Stop the Hurtin' (E3-F4)

Chicago - What Else Can I Say (G3-B4)

Chicago - What Kind of Man Would I Be? (F3-C5)

Chicago - Where Did the Lovin' Go (C4-C5)

Chicago - Will You Still Love Me (E3-C5)

Chicago - You Get It Up (F3-D4)

Chicago - You're the Inspiration (G#3-C5)

Chris De Burgh - Borderline (C3-D4)

Chris De Burgh - Don't Pay the Ferryman (G3-C5)

Chris De Burgh - I'm Not Scared Anymore (F#3-B4)

Chris De Burgh - Lady in Red (D3-A#4)

Chris De Burgh - Missing You (E3-A4)

Chris Rea - Loving You (E3-E4)

Christopher Cross - Sailing (D3-D4)

Christopher Cross - Think of Laura (F#3-A4)

Climax Blues Band - I Love You (G3-G4)

Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night (F3-G#4)

Crosby & Nash - Carry Me (E3-G#4)

Crosby & Nash - Immigration Man (D3-A4)

Crosby Stills & Nash - Change Partners (E3-A4)

Crosby Stills & Nash - Dark Star (C3-F4)

Crosby Stills & Nash - Fair Game (F3-D4)

Crosby Stills & Nash - Guinnevere (D3-D4)

Crosby Stills & Nash - Just a Song Before I Go (E3-F#4)

Crosby Stills & Nash - Long Time Gone (E3-B4)

Crosby Stills & Nash - Teach Your Children (D3-D4)

Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Teach Your Children (C3-C4)

Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over (G3-A#4)

Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight (F#3-G4)

Dan Fogelberg - Anyway I Love You (D3-G4)

Dan Fogelberg - As the Raven Flies (E3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Below the Surface (D3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Be on Your Way (G3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Better Change (E3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Captured Angel (D3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Changing Horses (D3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Comes and Goes (D3-B4)

Dan Fogelberg - Crow (E3-D4)

Dan Fogelberg - Face the Fire (D3-E4)

Dan Fogelberg - False Faces (F3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Give Me Some Time (C3-G4)

Dan Fogelberg - Heart Hotels (C3-C5)

Dan Fogelberg - Hickory Grove (G3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Illinois (F#3-F#4)

Dan Fogelberg - Leader of the Band (C3-G#4)

Dan Fogelberg - Longer (D3-G4)

Dan Fogelberg - Long Way Home (Live In The Country) (A#3-B4)

Dan Fogelberg - Loose Ends (E3-G4)

Dan Fogelberg - Man In the Mirror (E3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - More Than Ever (E3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Morning Sky (G3-G4)

Dan Fogelberg - Next Time (F3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Part of the Plan (D3-F#4)

Dan Fogelberg - Phoenix (D3-B4)

Dan Fogelberg - Rhythm of the Rain (D3-G4)

Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne (G3-C5)

Dan Fogelberg - Scarecrow's Dream (F3-G4)

Dan Fogelberg - (Someone's Been) Telling You Stories (G3-F#4)

Dan Fogelberg - Song From Half Mountain (F#3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Souvenirs (F3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Stars (C3-G4)

Dan Fogelberg - The Last Nail (C3-E4)

Dan Fogelberg - The Last To Know (F#3-G4)

Dan Fogelberg - The Long Way (C3-G4)

Dan Fogelberg - There's a Place In the World for a Gambler (E3-E4)

Dan Fogelberg - The River (A#3-C5)

Dan Fogelberg - These Days (E3-F#4)

Dan Fogelberg - Times Like These (E3-F4)

Dan Fogelberg - To the Morning (G3-G4)

Dan Fogelberg - Wishing on the Moon (E3-A4)

Dan Fogelberg - Wysteria (E3-A4)

Dan Hill - Never Thought (That I Could Love) (C3-B4)

Dan Hill - Sometimes When We Touch (C3-G4)

Dan Hill - Sometimes When We Touch [Excerpt] (E3-F#4)

Dave Loggins - Please Come to Boston (C3-A4)

Dave Mason - We Just Disagree (F3-F4)

Dave Mason - Will You Love Me Tomorrow? (F#3-G4)

David Gates - Diary (D3-G4)

Don McLean - Bronco Bill's Lament (D3-G4)

Don McLean - No Reasons for Your Dreams (D3-E4)

Don McLean - Vincent (Starry Starry Night) (D3-E4)

Don McLean - Wonderful Baby (C#3-G4)

Dr. Hook - All the Time In the World (D3-G4)

Dr. Hook - Sexy Eyes (G3-A4)

Dr. Hook - When You're In Love With a Beautiful Woman (C3-G4)

Eddie Rabbitt - Both to Each Other (Friends and Lovers) (D3-A#4)

Eddie Rabbitt - Drivin' My Life Away (E3-E4)

Eddie Rabbitt - I Love a Rainy Night (C3-G4)

Elton John - Bite Your Lip (C3-A3)

Elvis Presley - I'm Leaving (C#3-F#4)

Eric Clapton - If I Don't Be There By Morning (D#3-G#4)

Eric Clapton - Let It Rain (A3-F#4)

Eric Clapton - Love Comes to Everyone (D3-F#4)

Eric Clapton - My Father's Eyes (D3-E4)

Eric Clapton - Running on Faith (E3-G4)

Extreme - More Than Words (G#3-F#4)

Firefall - You Are the Woman (G3-B4)

Five Man Electrical Band - Signs (F#3-A4)

Frankie Valli - My Eyes Adored You (G3-C5)

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - My Eyes Adored You (E3-A#4)

Frank Mills - When You Smile (C3-D4)

Frank Mills - Wish I Weren't Alone (F3-C4)

Fyfe Dangerfield - She's Always a Woman (D3-G#4)

Gary Puckett & the Union Gap - Young Girl (G3-A4)

Genesis - Abacab (F3-C5)

Genesis - Anything She Does (F#3-A4)

Genesis - Behind the Lines (A3-C5)

Genesis - Cul-De-Sac (D#3-B4)

Genesis - Duchess (B3-A4)

Genesis - Fading Lights (F3-G#4)

Genesis - Home By the Sea (E3-A4)

Genesis - I Can't Dance (F#3-A#4)

Genesis - In Too Deep (D#3-C5)

Genesis - Invisible Touch (A3-B4)

Genesis - Jesus He Knows Me (D3-G#4)

Genesis - Land of Confusion (A#3-A#4)

Genesis - Living Forever (G3-G4)

Genesis - Never a Time (G3-A4)

Genesis - Please Don't Ask (F3-A4)

Genesis - Since I Lost You (A3-A4)

Genesis - Snowbound (D3-A4)

Genesis - Taking It All Too Hard (D#3-A4)

Genesis - Tell Me Why (E3-A4)

Genesis - Undertow (C#3-B4)

Genesis - Way of the World (F3-A4)

George Harrison - All Those Years Ago (E3-F#4)

George Harrison - Blow Away (E3-F4)

George Harrison - Cheer Down (C#3-F#4)

George Harrison - That's the Way It Goes (D3-F#4)

George Harrison - Wake Up My Love (G3-A4)

Gerry Rafferty - Get It Right Next Time (G3-D4)

Gerry Rafferty - Whatever's Written In Your Heart (C3-E4)

Gerry & the Pacemakers - How Do You Do It? (C3-E4)

Gilbert O'Sullivan - All They Wanted to Say (D#3-F4)

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Can't Think Straight (D#3-G#4)

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Missing You Already (E3-G4)

Gino Vannelli - Wheels of Life (F3-A4)

Glenn Frey - Part of Me, Part of You (D3-A4)

Godley & Creme - Cry (C3-C5)

Gordon Lightfoot - Carefree Highway (C3-D4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Christian Island (Georgian Bay) (C#3-D4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Circle of Steel (C3-C4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Dream Street Rose (C3-D4)

Gordon Lightfoot - I'll Tag Along (E3-D4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Race Among the Ruins (C3-E4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Salute (A Lot More Livin' to Do) (D3-D4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Sea of Tranquility (C3-D#4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Stay Loose (C#3-D4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Summertime Dream (C3-D4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown (D3-C4)

Graham Nash - Military Madness (G3-A4)

Grateful Dead - Alabama Getaway (E3-F#4)

Grateful Dead - Easy to Love You (G3-A4)

Grateful Dead - Far from Me (A3-A#4)

Grateful Dead - Lost Sailor (D#3-F#4)

Grateful Dead - Saint of Circumstance (E3-A4)

Hall & Oates - Did It in a Minute (D3-G4)

Hall & Oates - Family Man (G3-A4)

Hall & Oates - Kiss on My List (D#3-G4)

Hall & Oates - Maneater (B3-B4)

Hall & Oates - Private Eyes (G3-A4)

Hall & Oates - Say It Isn't So (E3-A4)

Hall & Oates - Wait for Me (F3-G4)

Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds - Don't Pull Your Love (E3-G4)

Harry Chapin - Cat's In the Cradle (C3-C4)

Harry Chapin - Circle (D3-E4)

Harry Chapin - I Want to Learn a Love Song (E3-E4)

Harry Chapin - She Sings Songs Without Words (C3-D4)

Harry Chapin - Tangled Up Puppet (D3-G4)

Herb Alpert - Rise (D#3-G#4)

Herman's Hermits - Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter (C3-C#4)

Herman's Hermits - There's a Kind of Hush (D3-D#4)

Howard Jones - No One Is to Blame (E3-A4)

I Camaleonti - Eternità (D3-F#4)

Jackson Browne - Linda Paloma (C3-G4)

Jackson Browne - Rock Me on the Water (C3-B4)

Jackson Browne - Rosie (E3-A4)

Jackson Browne - Somebody's Baby (D3-B4)

Jackson Browne - The Load Out / Stay (D3-G4)

Jackson Browne - The Road and the Sky (E3-F#4)

James Ingram - Yah Mo B There (G3-C5)

James Taylor - Carolina in My Mind (C3-D4)

James Taylor - Everybody Has the Blues (D3-G4)

James Taylor - Golden Moments (D3-E4)

James Taylor - Her Town Too (D3-F#4)

James Taylor - I Was a Fool To Care (C3-F4)

James Taylor - I Will Not Lie for You (D3-E4)

James Taylor - Looking for Love on Broadway (C#3-E4)

James Taylor - Mexico (C#3-A#4)

James Taylor - Millworker (D3-D4)

James Taylor - Sarah Maria (C3-D4)

James Taylor - Shower the People (D3-D4)

James Taylor - Whenever You're Ready (C#3-E4)

J.D. Souther - A Chorus of Your Own (C3-G4)

J.D. Souther - Come on Up (C3-B4)

J.D. Souther - House of Pride (E3-A4)

J.D. Souther - Journey Down the Nile (F#3-F#4)

J.D. Souther - The Secret Handshake of Fate (C3-F#4)

Jim Croce - A Long Time Ago (D3-C4)

Jim Croce - Cigareetes, Whuskey and Wild, Wild Women (D3-D4)

Jim Croce - Lover's Cross (C3-C4)

Jim Croce - Operator (That's Not The Way It Feels) (D3-D4)

Jim Croce - Spin, Spin, Spin (D3-B3)

Jim Croce - Workin' at the Car Wash Blues (D3-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Boat Drinks (D3-F#4)

Jimmy Buffett - Fins (G#3-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - I Will Play for Gumbo (C3-D4)

Jimmy Buffett - Rhumba Man (E3-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Son of a Son of a Sailor (D3-D4)

Jimmy Buffett - Summerzcool (C3-E4)

Jimmy Buffett - Turn Up the Heat and Chill the Rosé (C3-C4)

Jimmy Buffett - Waiting for the Next Explosion (C3-D4)

John David Souther - You're Only Lonely (D3-F4)

John Denver - Annie's Song (F#3-E4)

John Denver - Aspenglow (D3-C4)

John Denver - Back Home Again (C3-G4)

John Denver - Calypso (D3-C5)

John Denver - Farewell Andromeda (C3-D4)

John Denver - Fly Away (D3-A4)

John Denver - Follow Me (C3-D4)

John Denver - For Baby (For Bobbie) (D3-E4)

John Denver - Friends with You (C3-F4)

John Denver - Garden Song (C3-A#4)

John Denver - I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado (D3-D4)