Billy Joel vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

A#2 - E6

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
Just the Way You Are (Bb2-G4)

Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
The Stranger (D4-E6)

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More songs by the artist

We Didn't Start the Fire (G4-B5)

No Man's Land (C#4-B5)

Somewhere Along the Line (D4-Bb5)

Ain't No Crime (F#4-F5)

Get It Right the First Time (D4-A5)

Everybody Loves You Now (G4-A5)

Weekend Song (F4-A5)

Famous Last Words (C4-G5)

Shades of Grey (D4-A5)

James (D4-F5)

C'etait Toi (You Were the One) (D4-A5)

Rosalinda's Eyes (D4-E5)

Sometimes a Fantasy (D4-B5)

Cross To Bear (D4-G5)

Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) (D4-D5)

(The) Ballad of Billy the Kid (D4-F5)

Travelin' Prayer (D4-D5)

Tell Her About It (G4-Bb5)

Only the Good Die Young (G4-C6)

Uptown Girl (G#4-B5)

She's Always a Woman (D4-Ab5)

A Matter of Trust (A3-G5)

Souvenir (D4-Eb5)

Captain Jack (C4-G5)

Say Goodbye to Hollywood (G3-G4)

Christie Lee (G4-A5)

Zanzibar (D4-A5)

Honesty (Bb3-A5)

The Great Wall of China (F4-Bb5)

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (A3-B5)

When In Rome (D4-Bb5)

Why Should I Worry? (B3-D6)

An Innocent Man (G3-C6)

Los Angelenos (F4-A5)

Careless Talk (E4-A5)

Shameless (C4-A5)

New York State of Mind (C4-C6)

Stiletto (Eb4-Ab5)

Storm Front (C4-C6)

You May Be Right (C4-E5)

My Life (D4-G5)

Half a Mile Away (D4-D6)

Streetlife Serenader (C4-A5)

52nd Street (D4-D5)

All About Soul (F4-Bb5)

Roberta (F4-G5)

I Go To Extremes (E4-A5)

Summer, Highland Falls (F4-G5)

Two Thousand Years (F4-A5)

Miami 2017 (D4-F#5)

(The) Great Suburban Showdown (E4-F#5)

Don't Ask Me Why (A3-F5)

All for Leyna (G4-A5)

Allentown (D4-G5)

Piano Man (A3-G5)

Everybody Has a Dream (B3-F#5)

Worse Comes To Worst (G4-G5)

Movin' Out (D4-A5)

Modern Woman (G4-C6)

If I Only Had the Words (D4-Bb5)

Prelude / Angry Young Man (F4-G5)

You're My Home (C4-D5)

Sleeping With the Television On (D4-F#5)

House of Blue Light (F4-Bb5)

State of Grace (E4-A5)

She's Got a Way (D4-G5)

Highway 61 Revisited (D4-A4)

And So It Goes (C4-C5)

Big Shot (D4-G5)

I Don't Want to Be Alone (C4-G5)

I've Loved These Days (C4-F5)

This Night (C4-C6)

You're Only Human (D4-Bb5)

The Downeaster "Alexa" (F4-Bb5)

Stop In Nevada (D4-D5)

Vienna (Eb4-G5)

Pressure (F4-F5)

Through the Long Night (D4-E5)

Keeping the Faith (D4-G5)

The Entertainer (D4-F#5)

The Longest Time (Eb4-Eb6)

All You Wanna Do Is Dance (D4-G5)

That's Not Her Style (F#4-A5)

A Minor Variation (A3-D6)

The River of Dreams (D4-C6)

Until the Night (C4-G5)

Blonde Over Blue (F4-G5)

Baby Grand (C4-G5)

Close to the Borderline (D4-B5)

It's Still Rock and Roll to Me (C4-E5)

Leningrad (A3-D5)

Elvis Presley Boulevard (D4-A5)

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