Paul McCartney vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

F#2 - B5 (3.4 octaves)

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
Vanilla Sky (F#2-A4)
Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
A Love for You (A4-B5)

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Voice types

Based on their range the artist can perform songs for:

Baritone (A2-A4)

Tenor (C3-C5)

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More songs by the artist

C Moon (G3-G4)
User likes: Ronan Shelly Jack Mattersnot
On My Way To Work (D3-C4)
User likes: Walo Cruz
Junk (F3-A#4)
User likes: Liz H
Save Us (G3-A4)
User likes: Katie Langon
Silly Love Songs (G2-E4)
User likes: Nae Nae
Get Yourself Another Fool (G#2-C4)
User likes: Andrew Chen
Jet (E3-B4)
Turned Out (E3-G4)
Say, Say, Say (F3-A#4)
Happy with You (B2-D4)
New (G3-C5)
Hosanna (E3-F#4)
Your Loving Flame (G#3-A#4)
Get Enough (C3-C5)
Jenny Wren (G3-A#4)
Driving Rain (A3-C#5)
Fuh You (F3-C5)
At the Mercy (B2-D4)
Too Many People (D3-B4)
Dominoes (D3-F4)
Friends To Go (E3-E4)
Bluebird (C3-G4)
I Can Bet (E3-D4)
C'mon People (D#3-A#4)
Road (G3-G4)
Junior's Farm (E3-E4)
What It Is (G3-A#4)
Put It There (C#3-F#4)
Pipes of Peace (E3-A4)
Venus & Mars (A2-C4)
Back in Brazil (F3-A4)
Every Night (F3-A4)
Mull of Kintyre (C#3-G4)
My Brave Face (C#3-A4)
Great Day (E3-A4)
Come On to Me (G3-C5)
Waterfalls (F#3-G#4)
About You (A3-D5)
Coming Up (A#3-C5)
Motor of Love (E3-A4)
Little Willow (D3-A4)
Early Days (D3-D5)
Flaming Pie (A3-A4)
Fine Line (E3-A4)
I'm Carrying (E3-E4)
Love In Song (F3-A#4)
My Valentine (C3-D4)
Follow Me (D3-A4)
Somedays (F#2-F#4)
Scared (D3-D4)
Caesar Rock (B3-B4)
Sally (C#3-F4)
One of These Days (A#2-F#4)
Rock Show (C#3-A4)
Movie Magg (B2-G4)
Let Me Roll It (B3-G#4)
How Kind of You (C#3-F#4)
Dance Tonight (A#2-A4)
Beautiful Night (E3-A4)
Beware My Love (A3-C5)
English Tea (E3-G4)
The Inch Worm (C#3-F#4)
Mrs Vandebilt (G3-C5)
Tug of War (C3-A#4)
Only Our Hearts (C3-A#4)
Looking At Her (C#3-F#4)
Do It Now (D3-D5)
Alligator (E3-B4)
Only Mama Knows (A3-B4)
My Love (E3-A#4)
Anyway (B2-A4)
Take It Away (E3-F#4)
Rough Ride (D3-B4)
Another Day (B2-G4)
Ebony and Ivory (B2-A4)
Who Cares (E3-C5)
Distractions (A#2-G4)
I Don't Know (D3-F4)
Hand in Hand (E3-E4)
Appreciate (B2-F#4)
Band on the Run (E3-C5)
Too Much Rain (C3-G4)
Freedom (F#3-A4)
Queenie Eye (D3-G4)
Dear Boy (D3-C5)
With a Little Luck (F#3-G#4)
Confidante (D3-D4)
She Said Yeah (B3-A4)

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