Coldplay vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

B2 - G#6

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
World Turned Upside Down (B2-F#5)

Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
Cry Cry Cry (F3-Ab6)

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More songs by the artist

1.36 (F4-F5)

Amsterdam (Bb3-G5)

Yellow (G4-A5)

I Bloom Blaum (D4-C#5)

Only Superstition (E4-A5)

Such a Rush (C4-A5)

Amazing Day (C4-D6)

Sleeping Sun (Bb3-Ab5)

Violet Hill (B3-D#5)

Paradise (Bb3-A5)

Oceans (E4-A#5)

A Head Full of Dreams (B3-B5)

A Spell a Rebel Yell (G3-E5)

Army of One (Bb3-Eb6)

The Scientist (C4-A5)

Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground (G3-C5)

Miracles (A3-C6)

Daddy (C4-G5)

Rainy Day (Ab3-Db6)

Politik (C4-Eb5)

Square One (G3-C6)

Twisted Logic (F#3-Bb5)

The Escapist (B3-G#5)

U.F.O. (B3-G5)

Trouble (F#4-A5)

A Rush of Blood to the Head (G3-F5)

Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix) (D4-G5)

In My Place (C4-F#5)

Spies (C#4-G#5)

Everyday Life (A3-G5)

Swallowed In the Sea (A3-A5)

Fun (E4-C6)

Speed of Sound (F#3-A5)

Wish I Was Here (E3-D4)

Princess of China (G3-E6)

Magic (E4-D6)

Viva la Vida (A3-C5)

Lost? (Acoustic) (B3-E5)

Reign of Love (A3-D5)

Everything's Not Lost (C#4-C#6)

We Never Change (C#4-B5)

Us Against the World (G3-D5)

The Goldrush (C4-D5)

A Sky Full of Stars (G4-C6)

A Whisper (E4-A5)

Crests of Waves (B3-B5)

Lovers In Japan (D4-G5)

X&Y (G3-B5)

See You Soon (G#3-B5)

Everglow (A3-B5)

Moving To Mars (F3-Ab5)

What If? (G#3-B5)

Colour Spectrum (F#4-E5)

Yellow (Piano Version) (F#3-G#5)

Up With the Birds (G3-B5)

Gravity (Bb3-C5)

Low (D4-C6)

Proof (F#3-B5)

Strawberry Swing (Eb4-G6)

We All Fall in Love Sometimes (C4-G5)

Fix You (G3-G5)

Murder (F#3-G#5)

Arabesque (A3-F#5)

Animals (F3-A4)

Death Will Never Conquer (Eb4-Eb5)

Glass of Water (A3-G5)

Always in My Head (G3-C6)

Shiver (E4-E6)

Careful Where You Stand (E4-B5)

Moses (C#4-B5)

Talk (G4-C6)

Up & Up (E4-D6)

A Message (Ab3-Db6)

Death and All His Friends (C4-G5)

Christmas Lights (E3-G5)

Cemeteries of London (D4-G5)

Things I Don't Understand (C3-A4)

Up In Flames (Bb3-Bb5)

Life In Technicolor II (F4-F5)

Birds (C4-A5)

Lost! (B3-E5)

Lovers In Japan / Reign of Love (A3-G5)

The World Turned Upside Down (B3-A5)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Ab3-Db5)

Don't Let It Break Your Heart (G#3-G#5)

O (Fly On) (Bb3-A5)

'Til Kingdom Come (B3-C5)

Don't Panic (A3-G5)

Daylight (A#3-G#5)

Life In Technicolor (C#5-A5)

All I Can Think About Is You (G3-G5)

For You (B3-B5)

True Love (E4-G6)

Sparks (Bb3-Ab5)

Hurts Like Heaven (F4-Bb5)

Bigger Stronger (C4-G5)

High Speed (G4-B5)

The Hardest Part (G3-Bb5)

Prospekt's March / Poppyfields (A3-A5)

Major Minus (D4-B5)

I Ran Away (C#4-B5)

Parachutes (E4-C#5)

Orphans (E4-C#6)

White Shadows (C#4-G#6)

Adventure of a Lifetime (G4-E6)

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (A3-C5)

No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground (C#4-C#6)

Ink (Ab3-Bb5)

Help Is Round the Corner (Ab3-Eb5)

Atlas (G#3-G#5)

Yes (F3-B5)

Hypnotised (A3-A5)

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (D4-G5)

A L I E N S (G3-G5)

Life Is for Living (F4-G5)

Poor Me (A3-F#5)

Clocks (C4-F5)

Charlie Brown (F4-Bb5)

42 (F4-Bb5)

One I Love (A3-F#5)

X Marks the Spot (A3-D5)

Brothers and Sisters (A3-A5)

Midnight (Bb4-Db6)

Hymn for the Weekend (Bb3-Bb5)

When I Need a Friend (Db4-Bb5)

Champion of the World (G3-E5)

Easy To Please (C#4-B5)

How You See the World (E4-D6)

Green Eyes (A3-C#5)

Bani Adam (A3-D5)

Warning Sign (D4-Bb5)

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