A collection of folk songs for contralto voice

Alison Krauss - Down to the River to Pray (A3-C5)

Birdy - People Help the People (Bb3-Db5)

Birdy - The A Team (A3-D5)

Carole King - Beautiful (G3-C#5)

Mindy Gledhill - Anchor (G3-C5)

Regina Spektor - All the Rowboats (F3-C5)

Eva Cassidy - At Last (A3-D5)

Lulu - To Sir, with Love (B3-C5)

Natalie MacMaster - Touch of the Master's Hand (C4-E5)

Regina Spektor - Firewood (Gb3-Db5)

Cher - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (F3-Ab4)

First Aid Kit - Emmylou (G3-D5)

Judy Collins - Both Sides, Now (A3-D5)

Julie Gold - The Journey (F3-D5)

Mindy Gledhill - All About Your Heart (A3-B4)

Priscilla Ahn - Dream (A3-D5)

Regina Spektor - Open (A3-C5)

Regina Spektor - Small Town Moon (G3-F5)

Ani Difranco - Both Hands (C4-A4)

Beth Nielsen Chapman - I Find Your Love (A3-A4)

Birdy - Skinny Love (B3-C#5)

Cara Dillon - False False (G3-D5)

Cara Dillon - The Parting Glass (A3-C#5)

Celtic Woman - Caledonia (B3-B4)

Celtic Woman - Scarborough Fair (Bb3-Eb5)

Charlotte Church - Carrick Fergus (B3-E5)

Deana Carter - Strawberry Wine (A3-D5)

Dolly Parton - If (G3-F5)

Dolly Parton - Stairway to Heaven (A3-D5)

Emmylou Harris - Boulder To Birmingham (F3-C5)

Eva Cassidy - Coat of Many Colours (G#3-A4)

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (G3-C5)

JJ Heller - Love Me (A3-C5)

Joni Mitchell - He Comes for Conversation (G3-D5)

Joni Mitchell - My Old Man (F#3-E5)

Joni Mitchell - Rainy Night House (F3-A4)

Joni Mitchell - The Last Time I Saw Richard (G3-E5)

Kate Wolf - Give Yourself To Love (D4-E5)

Kathy Mattea - There's a New Kid In Town (G3-G4)

Linda Ronstadt - Prisoner In Disguise (G3-C5)

Linda Ronstadt - Someone to Lay Down Beside Me (B3-C5)

Linda Ronstadt - When Will I Be Loved (C4-C5)

Loreena McKennitt - The Mummers' Dance (C4-E5)

Lynn Anderson - Rocky Top (D4-C5)

Maisie Peters - Feels Like This (F#3-D5)

Malvina Reynolds - Magic Penny (A3-D5)

Melanie - Brand New Key (C4-E5)

Melanie Safka - Beautiful People (C4-A4)

Melanie - What Have They Done To My Song, Ma? (G3-Db5)

Miranda Lambert - All Kinds of Kinds (G3-C5)

Natalie Merchant - Wonder (Gb3-Bb4)

Of Monsters and Men - Your Bones (C4-F5)

Regina Spektor - Don't Leave Me (A3-E5)

Regina Spektor - How (G3-Eb5)

The New Seekers - I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing (C4-C5)

The Seekers - A World of Our Own (C4-E5)

The Seekers - Five Hundred Miles (D4-E5)

Alison Krauss - Down to the River to Pray [excerpt] (A3-C5)

Alison Krauss & Union Station - Lay My Burden Down (G3-B4)

Alison Krauss - You Will Be My Ain True Love (G3-C5)

Ani Difranco - 32 Flavors (F3-F4)

Ani Difranco - Angry Anymore (G3-G4)

Ani Difranco - Anticipate (F#3-B4)

Ani Difranco - Blood in the Boardroom (A3-A4)

Ani Difranco - Buildings and Bridges (F3-F4)

Ani Difranco - Dilate (A3-C#5)

Ani Difranco - Fire Door (F#3-A4)

Ani Difranco - Fixing Her Hair (G3-G4)

Ani Difranco - God's Country (F#3-G#4)

Ani Difranco - Gratitude (A3-A4)

Ani Difranco - Gravel (F3-A4)

Ani Difranco - I'm No Heroine (G3-E4)

Ani Difranco - In or Out (A3-F#4)

Ani Difranco - Joyful Girl (F3-D5)

Ani Difranco - Jukebox (G3-D5)

Ani Difranco - Lost Woman Song (G3-G#4)

Ani Difranco - Napoleon (G3-C5)

Ani Difranco - Out of Habit (G#3-G#4)

Ani Difranco - Out of Range (acoustic) (G3-G4)

Ani Difranco - Overlap (F#3-A4)

Ani Difranco - Shameless (G3-D5)

Ani Difranco - She Says (F#3-A4)

Ani Difranco - The Diner (G3-D5)

Ani Difranco - The Whole Night (A3-A4)

Ani Difranco - Two Little Girls (G3-E5)

Ani Difranco - Untouchable Face (G3-B4)

Ani Difranco - What If No Ones Watching (G3-Eb5)

Ani Difranco - Willing To Fight (A3-A4)

Ani Difranco - You Had Time (G3-G4)

Aretha Franklin - Groovin' (A3-D5)

Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You) (F3-F5)

Aretha Franklin - The Weight (Bb3-Db5)

Aurora - Exist for Love (F#3-E5)

Barbra Streisand - Evergreen (A3-D5)

Bethany Dillon - When You Love Someone (G3-C5)

Beth Nielsen Chapman - Sand and Water (G3-C5)

Beth Orton - Blood Red River (F#3-B4)

Beth Orton - Central Reservation (G3-D5)

Beth Orton - Couldn't Cause Me Harm (F#3-C#5)

Beth Orton - Feel To Believe (F#3-A#4)

Beth Orton - Pass In Time (Ab3-Db5)

Beth Orton - So Much More (F#3-C#5)

Beth Orton - Stars All Seem To Weep (A3-B4)

Beth Orton - Stolen Car (A3-B4)

Beth Orton - Sweetest Decline (F3-Db5)

Birdy - Lost It All (G3-C5)

Birdy - Words as Weapons (A3-D5)

Bonnie Raitt - Angel from Montgomery (D4-D5)

Brandi Carlile - 100 (D4-E5)

Brandi Carlile - Carried Me with You (G3-C5)

Brandi Carlile - Heart's Content (G3-D5)

Brandi Carlile - Murder in the City (Bb3-Eb5)

Brandi Carlile - The Eye (E4-F5)

Brandi Carlile - The Joke (F#3-E5)

Brandi Carlile - The Things I Regret (Eb4-Bb4)

Buffalo Springfield - Burned (G4-F5)

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth (E4-E5)

Buffalo Springfield - I Am a Child (E4-D5)

Captain & Tennille - Love Will Keep Us Together (A3-C5)

Carey Mulligan - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (G3-A4)

Carmen Cusack - If You Knew My Story (G3-D5)

Carole King - Smackwater Jack (A3-B4)

Carole King - Wasn't Born to Follow (A3-D4)

Carole King - You've Got a Friend (Ab3-C5)

Carol Hall - Jenny Rebecca (B3-F5)

Celtic Woman - Homeland (A3-D5)

Charlene Soraia - Broken (G3-Bb4)

Charlene Soraia - Ghost (G3-C5)

Cheat Codes & Little Mix - Only You (A3-D5)

Cher - Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves (G3-F5)

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years (F3-C5)

Colbie Caillat - Hold On (C4-E5)

Colbie Caillat - Never Gonna Let You Down (G3-A4)

Darling Lili - Smile Away Each Rainy Day (C4-F5)

Dar Williams - The Beauty of the Rain (F#3-A4)

Dar Williams - The Christians and the Pagans (Ab3-C5)

Dar Williams - When I Was a Boy (G3-B4)

Deana Carter - You and Tequila (B3-E5)

Delia Murphy - If I Were a Blackbird (C4-D5)

Dolly Parton - Banks of the Ohio (Gb3-Db5)

Dolly Parton - Better Get To Livin' (A3-C#5)

Dolly Parton - Blue Smoke (A3-E5)

Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colors (G3-C5)

Dolly Parton - Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man (B3-D5)

Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You (A3-C#5)

Dolly Parton - Jesus and Gravity (G3-D5)

Dolly Parton - Little Sparrow (F#3-D5)

Dolly Parton - Love Is Like a Butterfly (Bb3-C5)

Dolly Parton - Starting Over Again (Bb3-D5)

Eddi Reader - The Patience of Angels (A3-C#5)

Ellie Goulding - Vincent (Starry Starry Night) (G3-A4)

Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum (A#3-Bb4)

Emmylou Harris - A Love That Will Never Grow Old (G3-C5)

Emmylou Harris - Beneath Still Waters (A3-B4)

Emmylou Harris - Born To Run (A3-B4)

Emmylou Harris - Green Pastures (B3-B4)

Emmylou Harris - If I Could Only Win Your Love (G3-C5)

Emmylou Harris - One of These Days (F3-C#5)

Emmylou Harris - Orphan Girl (A3-C#5)

Emmylou Harris - The Last Cheater's Waltz (G3-F5)

Emmylou Harris - To Daddy (G3-C5)

Eva Cassidy - American Tune (F#3-D5)

Eva Cassidy - Early Mornin' Rain (G3-C5)

Eva Cassidy - Kathy's Song (F3-F4)

Eva Cassidy - Oh, Had I a Golden Thread (A3-B4)

Eva Cassidy - Yesterday (A3-E5)

Feist - Fire in the Water (A3-D5)

Finding Neverland [Musical] - All That Matters (Bb3-Eb5)

First Aid Kit - Fireworks (F3-Eb5)

First Aid Kit - Stay Gold (G3-A4)

Florence + the Machine - Ship to Wreck (C4-C5)

Four Bitchin Babes - Butter (F3-C5)

Frances - Under Our Feet (G3-E5)

Frente! - Ordinary Angels (B3-C#5)

Gabrielle Aplin - Alive (B3-E5)

Gabrielle Aplin - Home (B3-C#5)

Gabrielle Aplin - Human (C4-C5)

Gabrielle Aplin - Keep on Walking (B3-D5)

Gabrielle Aplin - November (Bb3-Eb5)

Gabrielle Aplin - Panic Cord (A3-D5)

Gabrielle Aplin - Ready To Question (A3-D5)

Gabrielle Aplin - Waking Up Slow (Piano Version) (C4-D5)

Gale Garnett - We'll Sing in the Sunshine (D4-D5)

Gretchen Peters - Over Africa (A3-B4)

Gretchen Peters - Revival (Bb3-C5)

Gretchen Peters - The Secret of Life (A3-B4)

Gretchen Peters - When You Are Old (A3-E5)

Hayley Westenra - Hine, E Hine (E4-F5)

Heart - Magic Man (G3-D5)

Helen Creighton - Farewell to Nova Scotia (B3-B4)

Hilary Duff - Chasing the Sun (A3-B4)

I'm With Her - Call My Name (G3-B4)

I'm With Her - Game to Lose (A#3-B4)

I'm With Her - See You Around (Bb3-C5)

Indigo Girls - Airplane (G3-C5)

Indigo Girls - Andy (B3-B4)

Indigo Girls - Cedar Tree (D4-D5)

Indigo Girls - Closer To Fine (G3-G4)

Indigo Girls - Cold Beer and Remote Control (G3-D5)

Indigo Girls - Dead Man's Hill (G3-G4)

Indigo Girls - Fare Thee Well (G3-A4)

Indigo Girls - Faye Tucker (A3-D5)

Indigo Girls - Language or the Kiss (G3-A4)

Indigo Girls - Let It Be Me (G3-Eb5)

Indigo Girls - Love Will Come To You (F#3-B4)

Indigo Girls - Nashville (F#3-G#4)

Indigo Girls - Peace Tonight (G3-C5)

Indigo Girls - Philosophy of Loss (A3-B4)

Indigo Girls - Reunion (G#3-C#5)

Indigo Girls - Shame on You (A3-F#4)

Indigo Girls - Soon Be To Nothing (G3-A4)

Indigo Girls - The Wood Song (B3-C5)

Indigo Girls - Touch Me Fall (D4-E5)

Indigo Girls - Trouble (F#3-D5)

Indigo Girls - We Are Together (G3-B4)

Ingrid Michaelson - End of the World (Bb3-Eb5)

Ingrid Michaelson - Home (G#3-D#5)

Ingrid Michaelson - So Long (F#3-A#4)

Ingrid Michaelson - The Chain (C4-C5)

Ingrid Michaelson - Warpath (F#3-D5)

IZ - A Hawaiian Like Me (D4-D5)

IZ - 'Ama'ama (E4-C#5)

IZ - Panini Pua Kea (E4-C5)

IZ - 'Ulili E (B3-Db5)

Jackie DeShannon - What the World Needs Now (Ab3-E5)

Jade Bird - Love Has All Been Done Before (C4-Db5)

Jade Bird - My Motto (G#3-B4)

Jain - Come (G#3-B4)

Janis Ian - At Seventeen (G3-Ab4)

Janis Ian - This Train Still Runs (F3-B4)

Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee (B3-C5)

Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love (B3-B4)

Jenn Bostic - Snowstorm (F#3-D5)

Jewel - 1000 Miles Away (G3-D5)

Jewel - Down So Long (G3-A4)

Jewel - Who Will Save Your Soul (C4-B4)

Joan Armatrading - Love and Affection (B3-B4)

Joan Armatrading - Willow (G3-D5)

Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust (G3-Bb4)

Joan Baez - Farewell, Angelina (A3-A4)

Joan Baez - Joe Hill (G3-G4)

Joan Baez - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (F3-G4)

Joan Baez - There But for Fortune (D4-D5)

Joan Baez - We Shall Overcome (C4-D5)

Joni Mitchell - A Case of You (Ab3-F5)

Joni Mitchell - Blue (A3-D5)

Joni Mitchell - Both Sides, Now (Gb3-Cb5)

Joni Mitchell - Carey (Ab3-Db5)

Joni Mitchell - Chelsea Morning (B3-B4)

Joni Mitchell - Come In From the Cold (Ab3-C5)

Joni Mitchell - Face Lift (E4-F5)

Joni Mitchell - Free Man In Paris (G3-A4)

Joni Mitchell - Help Me (A3-E5)

Joni Mitchell - Hissing of Summer Lawns (A3-C5)

Joni Mitchell - Ladies of the Canyon (A3-D5)

Joni Mitchell - Love (F#3-B4)

Joni Mitchell - Man From Mars (F#3-A4)

Joni Mitchell - Michael From Mountains (A3-C5)

Joni Mitchell - Morning Morgantown (A3-D5)

Joni Mitchell - Raised In Robbery (G3-C5)

Joni Mitchell - Raised On Robbery (G3-D5)

Joni Mitchell - River (G3-E5)

Joni Mitchell - Solid Love (Ab3-Db5)

Joni Mitchell - Stay In Touch (E4-F5)

Joni Mitchell - The Crazy Cries of Love (F3-G4)

Joni Mitchell - Urge for Going (F3-C5)

Joni Mitchell - Wild Things Run Fast (F3-C5)

Joni Mitchell - Woman of Heart and Mind (G3-G4)

Joni Mitchell - Woodstock (G3-D5)

Joss Stone - Super Duper Love (D4-D5)

Joyce Leong - Lavender's Blue (Dilly, Dilly) (Db4-Bb4)

Judie Tzuke - Stay With Me Till Dawn (C4-C5)

Judy Collins - Albatross (B3-B4)

Judy Collins - My Father (Bb3-C5)

Judy Collins - Since You've Asked (G3-A4)

Judy Collins - Song for Judith (Open The Door) (G3-D5)

Judy Collins - Suzanne (A3-F#4)

Judy Collins - Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Bb3-Bb4)

Judy Garland - It's a Great Day for the Irish (D4-E5)

Juice Newton - Angel of the Morning (F3-C5)

Kasey Chambers - Barricades and Brick Walls (Bb3-A4)

Kasey Chambers - On a Bad Day (Bb3-Bb4)

Kasey Chambers - Runaway Train (G#3-G#4)

Kasey Chambers - This Flower (A3-Bb4)

Kate Miller-Heidke - The Last Day on Earth (G3-E5)

Kate Nash - Mariella (G3-C5)

Kate Nash - Xxxxhead (G#3-B4)

Kate Rusby - The Village Green Preservation Society (A3-Bb4)

Kate Wolf - Brother Warrior (D4-E5)

Kate Wolf - Carolina Pines (D4-E5)

Kate Wolf - Eyes of a Painter (D4-E5)

Kate Wolf - Friend of Mine (A3-B4)

Kate Wolf - Here in California (D4-E5)

Kate Wolf - Poet's Heart (C4-E5)

Kate Wolf - The Trumpet Vine (E4-E5)

Kate Wolf - You're Not Standing Like You Used To (D4-E5)

Kathy Mattea - Asking Us To Dance (G3-G4)

Kathy Mattea - Brightest and Best (G3-A4)

Kathy Mattea - Good News (Ab3-Bb4)

Kathy Mattea - Nothing But a Child (G3-G4)

Kathy Mattea - What a Wonderful Beginning (F3-Bb4)

Katie Melua - Faraway Voice (C4-D#5)

Kesha - Here Comes the Change (F3-Eb5)

Kooman & Dimond - Blue Horizon (C4-D5)

Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch (G3-G4)

Laura Marling - Devil's Spoke (F3-C5)

Laura Marling - What He Wrote (E4-F5)

Laura Nyro - Blackpatch (G3-E5)

Laura Nyro - Stoned Soul Picnic (C4-Eb5)

Laura Nyro - Wedding Bell Blues (C4-D5)

Lennon & Maisy - Boom Clap (G#3-C#5)

Lennon & Maisy - Lean On (Gb3-Eb5)

Leonardo's Bride - Even When I'm Sleeping (C4-C5)

Linda Ronstadt - Blue Bayou (F#3-D#5)

Linda Ronstadt - Different Drum (G3-A4)

Linda Ronstadt - Heart Like a Wheel (G3-Bb4)

Linda Ronstadt - It Doesn't Matter Anymore (D4-D5)

Linda Ronstadt - Long Long Time (G3-D5)

Linda Ronstadt - When Your Lover Has Gone (G#3-Bb4)

Linda Ronstadt - You're No Good (Ab3-Eb5)

Lisa Loeb - What Am I Supposed to Say (G3-F#4)

Love - Alone Again Or (A4-E5)

Lucinda Williams - Are You Alright? (F#3-B4)

Lucinda Williams - Can't Let Go (F3-G4)

Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (G3-A4)

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (G3-A4)

Maddie Poppe - Going Going Gone (A3-D5)

Maisie Peters - John Hughes Movie (A3-D5)

Mama Cass Elliot - Different (D4-F5)

Mama Cass Elliott - Make Your Own Kind of Music (G#3-B4)

Marianne Faithfull - Summer Nights (C4-D5)

Martina McBride - My Baby Loves Me (C4-C5)

Mary Black - Leaving the Land (A3-D5)

Mary Chapin Carpenter - A Place In the World (C4-F5)

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Between Here and Gone (D4-E5)

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Closer and Closer Apart (C4-F5)

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Grand Central Station (C#4-D5)

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Here I Am (C4-F5)

Mary Chapin Carpenter - He Thinks He'll Keep Her (F#3-A4)

Mary Chapin Carpenter - John Doe No. 24 (B3-B4)

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Jubilee (F3-Bb4)

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Not Too Much to Ask (D4-D5)

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Why Shouldn't We (C4-F5)

Mary MacGregor - Torn Between Two Lovers (F3-Bb4)

Mary McDonald - Down to the River to Pray (with Lord, Listen to Your Children) (G3-Eb5)

Maybelle Carter - In the Highways (A3-D5)

Melanie - Lay Down (B3-E5)

Mindy Gledhill - Crazy Love (Ab3-Db5)

Mindy Gledhill - I Do Adore (A3-C#5)

Mindy Gledhill - I Will Rest In You (F3-C5)

Miranda Lambert - Baggage Claim (Ab3-Bb4)

Miranda Lambert - Dear Diamond (G3-B4)

Miranda Lambert - Easy Living (A3-A4)

Miranda Lambert - Fastest Girl In Town (F3-D5)

Miranda Lambert - Look At Miss Ohio (G3-A4)

Miranda Lambert - Oklahoma Sky (G3-G4)

Miranda Lambert - Over You (F3-A4)

Miranda Lambert - Same Old You (G3-D5)

Miriam Winter - The Wedding Banquet (A3-B4)

Mitch and Mickey - A Kiss At the End of the Rainbow (A3-D5)

Mitch and Mickey - One More Time (A3-B4)

Natalie Merchant - Beloved Wife (G3-A4)

Natalie Merchant - Carnival (F#3-E4)

Natalie Merchant - Eat for Two (F3-Ab4)

Natalie Merchant - Jealousy (A3-G4)

Nina Simone - I Shall Be Released (G#3-A4)

Of Monsters and Men - Crystals (G3-G4)

Of Monsters and Men - Dirty Paws (Bb3-C5)

Of Monsters and Men - From Finner (F#3-D#5)

Of Monsters and Men - Human (E4-E5)

Of Monsters and Men - I of the Storm (A3-A4)

Of Monsters and Men - King and Lionheart (Bb3-D5)

Of Monsters and Men - Love Love Love (G3-E4)

Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound (B3-C#5)

Of Monsters and Men - Sloom (A3-D5)

Of Monsters and Men - Slow and Steady (F#3-B4)

Of Monsters and Men - Yellow Light (A3-F#4)

Olivia Newton-John - Have You Never Been Mellow (E4-F5)

Patty Griffin - Be Careful (F3-Bb4)

Patty Griffin - Burgundy Shoes (G3-G4)

Patty Griffin - Heavenly Day (G#3-C#5)

Patty Griffin - Let Him Fly (A3-C#5)

Patty Griffin - Trapeze (F3-C5)

Patty Griffin - Up to the Mountain (MLK Song) (F#3-D#5)

Phoebe Bridgers - Motion Sickness (G3-C5)

Phoebe Snow - Poetry Man (A3-D5)

Pitch Perfect - Cups (You're Gonna Miss Me) (G3-A4)

Rachel Unthank - On a Monday Morning (F#3-A4)

Rae Morris - Grow (G3-D5)

Regina Spektor - Better (G3-C5)

Regina Spektor - Dance Anthem of the 80's (Ab3-Db5)

Regina Spektor - Grand Hotel (G3-C5)

Regina Spektor - Lady (G3-C5)

Shawn Colvin - Sunny Came Home (F#3-A4)

Sia - Alive (F#3-E5)

Suzanne Vega - Marlene on the Wall (G3-F4)

Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars - Safe & Sound (B3-D5)

The Carter Family - Keep on the Sunny Side (F3-G4)

The Carter Family - Single Girl, Married Girl (C4-A4)

The City - Paradise Alley (B3-C#5)

The New Seekers - I Get a Little Sentimental Over You (D4-F5)

The Pierces - You'll Be Mine (A3-Bb4)

The Pogues - A Pair of Brown Eyes (D4-D5)

The Pogues - Misty Morning, Albert Bridge (C4-C5)

The Pogues - Rain Street (G3-G4)

The Pogues - The Body of An American (G3-C5)

The Pogues - The Broad Majestic Shannon (A3-E5)

The Pogues - Thousands Are Sailing (A3-E5)

The Pogues - White City (B3-D5)

The Seekers - Georgy Girl (Bb3-F5)

The Seekers - I Am Australian (D4-D5)

The Shirelles - Baby, It's You (B3-E5)

Tina Turner - Acid Queen (F#3-E5)

Tori Amos - Mother (Db4-Db5)

Traditional - Marianne (G3-B4)

Twin Sisters Digital Media - This Little Light of Mine (F3-C5)

Waitress: The Musical - It Only Takes a Taste (Bb3-Eb5)

Yael Naim - New Soul (A3-F5)