Regina Spektor vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

D#3 - F5

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
Laughing With (Eb3-Eb5)

Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
Eet (Ab3-F5)
User likes: Sara Lee Anna P

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Voice types

Based on their range the artist can perform songs for:

Contralto (F3-F5)

More songs by the artist

Samson (B3-D#5)
User likes: Ellie ESC Ashley S Alex Genea Resai Karabulut Selin Çat Katie Langon AmathYAH Ammuwd Erica Muxlow Janna Anna P Marilia Giraudon

Firewood (Gb3-Db5)
User likes: İpekbaşak Arslan Annoynymous Beetle

One More Time With Feeling (G3-E5)
User likes: Phoebe W Katie Langon

Open (A3-C5)
User likes: İpekbaşak Arslan Katie Langon

The Call (F3-Bb4)
User likes: Katie Langon

Don't Leave Me (A3-E5)
User likes: Katie Langon

Older and Taller (A3-A4)
User likes: Katie Langon

Wallet (G3-C5)
User likes: Sara Lee

How (G3-Eb5)
User likes: Katie Langon

Somedays (C4-D5)
User likes: Katie Langon

All the Rowboats (F3-C5)
User likes: İpekbaşak Arslan

Machine (F3-Eb5)
User likes: Sara Lee

Fidelity (A3-D5)
User likes: Aurora Cervantes

Blue Lips (A3-C5)
User likes: Katie Langon

You've Got Time (F3-Eb5)
User likes: Bea Triz

Small Town Moon (G3-F5)
User likes: Katie Langon

Us (C4-Db5)
User likes: Sara Lee

Two Birds (G3-C5)

Small Bill$ (G3-Eb5)

The Light (Ab3-Eb5)

Genius Next Door (Ab3-Db5)

Sellers of Flowers (F#3-D5)

Black and White (C4-D5)

New Year (G3-D5)

Man of a Thousand Faces (G3-C5)

Better (G3-C5)

Human of the Year (F#3-E5)

End of Thought (A3-C5)

Lady (G3-C5)

The One Who Stayed and the One Who Left (A3-E5)

Dance Anthem of the 80's (Ab3-Db5)

Folding Chair (G3-C5)

Grand Hotel (G3-C5)

Obsolete (G#3-E5)

Hotel Song (E3-C#5)

On the Radio (G3-C5)

Tornadoland (F3-Bb4)

The Visit (G3-Bb4)

No Surprises (E3-C5)

Bleeding Heart (G3-F5)

The Calculation (G3-F5)

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