A collection of europop songs for tenor voice

Josh Groban - Hymne a L'Amour (C3-G#4)

Josh Groban - Mi Mancherai (Il Postino) (C#3-G4)

a-ha - Foot of the Mountain (G3-A4)

Take That - Butterfly (D3-B4)

Alvaro Soler - El Mismo Sol (G3-A4)

Andrea Bocelli - Il Mare Calmo Della Sera (D3-A#4)

Backstreet Boys - Climbing the Walls (D3-B4)

Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (C#3-A#4)

Backstreet Boys - Just To Be Close To You (F#3-B4)

Backstreet Boys - Roll With It (F3-A#4)

Backstreet Boys - Siberia (C3-F4)

George Baker - Little Green Bag (C3-C5)

Gottlieb Wendehals - Herbert (D3-D4)

Haddaway - What Is Love (D3-G4)

Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now (C3-B4)

Josh Groban - Au Jardin Des Sans-Pourquoi (C3-F4)

Josh Groban - Bells of New York City (F3-G4)

Josh Groban - In Her Eyes (E3-F#4)

Josh Groban - L'Ora Dell'addio (D#3-G4)

Josh Groban - L'Ultima Notte (C3-A4)

Josh Groban - Mi Morena (C3-A4)

Josh Groban - Never Let Go (F3-A#4)

Josh Groban - Straight To You (D#3-C#4)

Marco Borsato - Zij (C3-A4)

Ronan Keatng - This Is Your Song (E3-D4)

Sergey Lazarev - You Are the Only One (F#3-A4)

Take That - A Million Love Songs (G#3-F#4)

Take That - Beautiful Morning (F#3-B4)

Take That - Greatest Day (C3-D4)

Take That - Hold On (D3-B4)

Take That - I'd Wait for Life (F3-A#4)

Take That - Love Love (F3-A#4)

Take That - Never Forget (E3-B4)

Take That - Promises (D3-D4)

Take That - The Circus (E3-A4)

Take That - The Flood (E3-A4)

Take That - Today I've Lost You (F#3-B4)

Take That - Up All Night (D3-E4)

Take That - When We Were Young (D3-F#4)

Take That - Wooden Boat (C#3-G4)

The Wanted - Lightning (D3-G4)

Udo Jürgens - Das ist dein Tag (C3-G4)