A collection of christian rock songs for bass voice

MercyMe - Bring the Rain (E3-E4)

Brian Littrell - In Christ Alone (A#2-E4)

Relient K - I Celebrate the Day (B2-D4)

Aaron Shust - My Savior, My God (A2-E4)

Petra - Love (G2-C#4)

Red - Hymn for the Missing (F3-D#4)

Third Day - Offering (B2-E4)

Todd Agnew - Grace Like Rain (C#3-E4)

Warren Barfield - Love Is Not a Fight (A2-E4)

Aaron Shust - Glory To You (E3-D#4)

Big Daddy Weave - Every Time I Breathe (A#2-D#4)

Big Daddy Weave - Hold Me, Jesus (B2-E4)

Big Daddy Weave - What I Was Made For (B2-E4)

Building 429 - No One Else Knows (B2-E4)

Delirious? - Majesty (Here I Am) (G#2-D4)

Desperation Band - Strong God (C3-E4)

Lincoln Brewster - More Than Amazing (F#3-D4)

MercyMe - God with Us (A2-E4)

Third Day - Cry Out To Jesus (C3-E4)

Third Day - I Will Always Be True (D3-E4)

Third Day - Thief [live version] (G2-C4)

Third Day - You're Everywhere (G2-E4)

Tim Hughes - Beautiful One (C3-D4)

tobyMac - Atmosphere (A2-B3)

tobyMac - Irene (A2-E4)

Aaron Shust - Change the Way (B2-D4)

Aaron Shust - Give It All Away (D3-E4)

Aaron Shust - In Your Name (E3-B3)

Aaron Shust - Let the People Praise (D3-D4)

Aaron Shust - Live To Lose (G2-E4)

Aaron Shust - Matchless (B2-D#4)

Aaron Shust - More Wonderful (C3-D#4)

Aaron Shust - One Day (D3-E4)

Aaron Shust - Stand To Praise (Psalm 117) (C3-D4)

Aaron Shust - Stillness (Speak To Me) (D#3-D#4)

Aaron Shust - The Name of Jesus (C#3-E4)

Anastasis - I Am (G#2-B3)

Andrew Peterson - Dancing In the Minefields (G#2-C#4)

Andrew Peterson - Lay Me Down (B2-E4)

Audio Adrenaline - Get Down (A2-A3)

Audio Adrenaline - Ocean Floor (B2-C#4)

Bebo Norman - Could You Ever Look At Me (B2-D#4)

Bebo Norman - Perhaps She'll Wait (D3-E4)

Bebo Norman - The Hammer Holds (C3-C#4)

Bebo Norman - The Middle (D3-D4)

Big Daddy Weave - Completely Free (B2-E4)

Big Daddy Weave - From Here (D3-E4)

Big Daddy Weave - His Name Is Jesus (C3-E4)

Big Daddy Weave - I'll Be Brave This Christmas (B2-D4)

Big Daddy Weave - In Christ (C3-E4)

Big Daddy Weave - It's All About You (D3-D4)

Big Daddy Weave - Just the Way I Am (A#2-D#4)

Big Daddy Weave - Killing Me Again (A2-E4)

Big Daddy Weave - Words of Life (C3-E4)

Bob Hartman - Seen and Not Heard (G#2-E4)

Building 429 - Empty (G2-E4)

Charlie Hall - Walk the World (B2-E4)

Chasen - God and King (D#3-D#4)

David Crowder Band - All Creatures #2 (F#2-E4)

David Crowder Band - Intoxicating (F2-C#4)

David Crowder Band - Only You (G2-C4)

David Crowder Band - Open Skies (D3-D4)

David Crowder Band - Our Love Is Loud (D3-D4)

David Crowder Band - Phos Hilaron (E3-C4)

Delirious? - Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble? (C3-E4)

Delirious? - Find Me In the River (F#2-B3)

Delirious? - God, You Are My God (E3-E4)

Delirious? - I Could Sing of Your Love Forever (B2-B3)

Delirious? - Shout To the North (D3-D4)

Delirious? - What a Friend I've Found (E2-A3)

Desperation Band - Counting on God (A2-A3)

Desperation Band - God Be Praised (with Our God Reigns) (A#2-E4)

Desperation Band - I Am Free (B2-B3)

Desperation Band - Magnified (F#2-D4)

Desperation Band - My Savior Lives (E3-E4)

Desperation Band - Overcome (C#3-E4)

Earthsuit - Whitehorse (A2-E4)

Jars of Clay - The Long Fall (D3-E4)

Jonny Diaz - Stand for You (D3-E4)

Kendall Payne - Closer To Myself (G#2-C#4)

Kutless - Everything I Need (D3-E4)

Kutless - Jesus, Lord of Heaven (F2-C4)

Larry Norman - I Am a Servant (G2-A#3)

Lincoln Brewster - Let the Praises Ring (E3-E4)

Lincoln Brewster - Made New (A#2-A#3)

Lincoln Brewster - Majestic (D3-D4)

Lincoln Brewster - Shout for Joy (C#3-C#4)

Lincoln Brewster - The Love of God (D3-D4)

Lincoln Brewster - The Power of Your Name (C#3-E4)

Lincoln Brewster - This Love (C#3-E4)

Marty Sampson - Came to My Rescue (B2-E4)

MercyMe - This So Called Love (D#3-D#4)

Michael W. Smith - Emily (A#2-E4)

Michael W. Smith - How Long Will Be Too Long (C#3-E4)

Michael W. Smith - Kentucky Rose (C3-E4)

Michael W. Smith - Missing Person (A2-E4)

Michael W. Smith - The Other Side of Me (E3-E4)

Michael W. Smith - The Same Power (D3-E4)

Newsboys - In Wonder (A#2-D#4)

Newsboys - Joy (E3-E4)

Newsboys - Pouring It Out for You (D#3-E4)

Newsboys - Presence (My Heart's Desire) (D3-D4)

Newsboys - Reality (G2-B3)

Newsboys - Shine (C3-D4)

Newsboys - You Are My King (A2-B3)

Newsboys - You Are My King (Amazing Love) (A2-B3)

Paul Baloche - All Because of the Cross (D3-E4)

Paul Baloche - Celebrate the Lord of Love (B2-C#4)

Paul Baloche - Gloria (C3-D#4)

Paul Baloche - God Most High (A#2-D#4)

Paul Baloche - Great Redeemer (C3-D4)

Paul Baloche - He Is Here (B2-B3)

Paul Baloche - How Great Is the Love (A2-D4)

Paul Baloche - I Cling To the Cross (C#3-C#4)

Paul Baloche - Just Say (D3-D4)

Paul Baloche - Just To Be With You (D3-E4)

Paul Baloche - Look Upon the Lord (D3-D4)

Paul Baloche - Loved By You (D3-D4)

Paul Baloche - My Hope (C3-D#4)

Paul Baloche - Offering (C3-C4)

Paul Baloche - Only True God (A#2-D4)

Paul Baloche - Open the Eyes of My Heart (A2-B3)

Paul Baloche - Our God Saves (B2-D4)

Paul Baloche - Praise (C3-C4)

Paul Baloche - Shout for Joy (E3-E4)

Paul Baloche - The Kingdom of God (D3-E4)

Paul Baloche - The Same Love (D#3-E4)

Paul Baloche - The Way (C3-E4)

Paul Baloche - We Are Saved (F#3-E4)

Paul Baloche - Your Blood Ran Down (D3-C4)

Petra - Beat the System (G2-D4)

Petra - Beyond Belief (B2-C#4)

Petra - He Came, He Saw (B2-C4)

Petra - Hello Again (B2-E4)

Petra - Hollow Eyes (A2-D#4)

Petra - I Love the Lord (C3-D4)

Petra - I Need To Hear From You (G2-D4)

Petra - I Waited for the Lord (B2-E4)

Petra - Judas' Kiss (A2-B3)

Petra - Just Reach Out (A2-E4)

Petra - Lovely Lord (A#2-D4)

Petra - Lucas Mcgraw (G3-E4)

Petra - Medley: Only by Grace, To Him Who Sits on the Throne, You are Holy (G#2-D4)

Petra - Only By Grace (C3-C4)

Petra - Set for Life (A2-A3)

Petra - Show Your Power (A2-E4)

Petra - Song of Moses (B2-E4)

Petra - Thankful Heart (G2-A3)

Petra - The Longing (F2-G3)

Petra - This Means War (A2-C4)

Petra - We Want To See Jesus Lifted High (E3-E4)

Phil Keaggy - God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (E2-E4)

Plus One - God Is In This Place (B2-E4)

P.O.D. - Set Your Eyes To Zion (C3-D4)

Red - Faceless (B2-E4)

Relient K - At Least We Made It This Far (D3-D4)

Shawn McDonald - Time (D3-E4)

Silage - Billboards (D3-E4)

Skillet - Awake and Alive (B2-C4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Miracle of the Moment (A2-E4)

Stryper - Honestly (A#2-A#3)

Stuart Townend - There Is a Hope (G2-E4)

Tauren Wells - Known (G#2-A#3)

Telecast - Release the Deep (G2-E4)

Third Day - Anything (E2-E4)

Third Day - Children of God (B2-E4)

Third Day - Come Together (D3-E4)

Third Day - Consuming Fire (A2-E4)

Third Day - I Believe (B2-E4)

Third Day - I've Always Loved You (D#3-E4)

Third Day - Love Song (G2-D4)

Third Day - Make Your Move (D3-E4)

Third Day - Show Me Your Glory (B2-D#4)

Third Day - Victorious (D3-E4)

Third Day - You Are So Good To Me (A2-A3)

Tim Hughes - Be Glorified (E3-D4)

Tim Hughes - Here I Am to Worship (A2-A3)

Tim Hughes - Maker of All Things (G2-D4)

Tim Hughes - May the Words of My Mouth (C3-E4)

Todd Agnew - Gloria (D3-E4)

Todd Agnew - Joy Unspeakable (C3-D4)

Traci West - Who Can Satisfy My Soul Like You? (F2-C4)

True Vibe - Jump, Jump, Jump (F2-A#3)

Warren Barfield - I Belong To You (C#3-E4)

White Heart - We Are His Hands (B2-E4)