Michelle Branch vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

F3 - F#6

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
Breathe (F3-D5)

Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
The Game of Love (F#3-F#6)

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Voice types

Based on their range the artist can perform songs for:

Contralto (F3-F5)

Mezzo-soprano (A3-A5)

Soprano (C4-C6)

More songs by the artist

I'd Rather Be In Love (Bb3-C5)

'Til I Get Over You (G3-E5)

Sweet Misery (G3-D5)

If Only She Knew (G3-B4)

Empty Handed (A3-D5)

Where Are You Now? (F#3-C#5)

Find Your Way Back (G3-C5)

Are You Happy Now? (Bb3-Db5)

One of These Days (Ab3-F5)

You Set Me Free (G3-C5)

Desperately (G3-D5)

You Get Me (A3-B4)

Here with Me (Bb3-Bb4)

Drop In the Ocean (F3-D5)

Something To Sleep To (F3-Db5)

Tuesday Morning (F#3-E5)

Love Me Like That (G3-C5)

It's You (F#3-A#4)

Hotel Paper (F#3-C#5)

Everywhere (Bb3-Db5)

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