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Top 77 traditional pop songs for mezzo voice for audition and karaoke

This is a song chart of the top 77 traditional pop songs for mezzo, based on the votes of 46995 Singing Carrots users. We count a 'vote' when a user adds one of our 75,000 songs to their repertoire (favorites list). For each song, we show a vocal range (in parentheses). If you click on a song name, you will be able to see the song key, and a list of useful links to the karaoke version, music sheet, and lyrics. If you click on a singer's name, it will take you to the singer's page where you can see all songs by that singer, sorted by popularity and range.

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77 Allegro - The Gentleman Is a Dope (C4-E5)

76 A Date With Judy - Through the Years (Bb3-F5)

75 Abbey Lincoln - Softly As In a Morning Sunrise (C4-F5)

74 Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again (G#4-A5)

73 Vera Lynn - The Isle of Innisfree (B3-C5)

72 Vera Lynn - It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow (Eb4-F5)

71 Vera Lynn - Half As Much (Bb3-Eb5)

70 Thomas Mezzo - This Is My Country (B3-F5)

69 The Brass Ring - The Phoenix Love Theme (Senza Fine) (C4-C5)

68 The Andrews Sisters - Near You (C4-E5)

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67 Sylvia Dee - Chickery Chick (C4-D5)

66 Sophie Tucker - After You've Gone (D#4-F5)

65 Shirley Temple - On the Good Ship Lollipop (C4-D5)

64 Shirley Temple - Animal Crackers In My Soup (Bb3-Bb4)

63 Sandy Stewart - My Coloring Book (C4-D5)

62 Rosemary Clooney - The Promise (I'll Never Say Goodbye) (A3-D5)

61 Rosemary Clooney - The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing (Bb3-D5)

60 Rosemary Clooney - Mangos (Bb3-Bb4)

59 Postmodern Jukebox - Creep (C4-D5)

58 Petula Clark - Color My World (A3-Bb4)

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57 Peggy Lee - Alone Together (D4-F5)

56 Patti Page - How Much Is That Doggie In the Window (C4-C5)

55 Patti Page - Allegheny Moon (B3-D5)

54 Nymph Errant - It's Bad for Me (C4-F5)

53 Meet Me in St. Louis - Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis (C4-E5)

52 Love Story - Look Around (And You'll Find Me There) (Bb3-F5)

51 Lady Luck - My Heart Stood Still (C4-D5)

50 Judy Garland - How About You? (E4-E5)

49 Judy Garland - Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe (B3-F#5)

48 Judy Garland - Get Happy (Bb3-Ab5)

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47 Judy Garland - For Me and My Gal (C#4-D5)

46 Gracie Fields - Sally (C4-E5)

45 Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - Moonlight Cocktail (A#3-F#5)

44 Girl Crazy - Embraceable You (D4-E5)

43 Florrie Forde - Down at the Old Bull and Bush (C4-E5)

42 Eydie Gorme - Blame It on the Bossa Nova (C4-F5)

41 Eva Cassidy - Summertime (A3-Eb5)

40 Etta Jones - Don't Go To Strangers (A3-D5)

39 Ethel Merman - I Got the Sun In the Morning (C4-C5)

38 Ella Fitzgerald - The Swingin' Shepherd Blues (Bb3-F5)

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37 Eileen Barton - (If I Knew You Were Comin') I'd've Baked a Cake (C4-D5)

36 Edith Piaf - Mon Dieu! (E4-F5)

35 Doris Day - You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby (C4-F5)

34 Doris Day - Everybody Loves a Lover (B3-D5)

33 Dinah Washington - Drinking Again (D4-D5)

32 Diana Krall - Prairie Lullaby (C4-F5)

31 Diana Krall - Lonely Avenue (F4-D5)

30 Connie Francis - My Happiness (C4-C5)

29 Charlotte Church - Bali Hai (Eb4-F5)

28 Billie Holiday - Mandy Is Two (Bb3-Eb5)

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27 Billie Holiday - It Had to Be You (D4-E5)

26 Billie Holiday - I Can't Give You Anything But Love (D#4-E5)

25 Bette Midler - Stuff Like That There (A3-C5)

24 Bessie Smith - Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out (G4-G5)

23 Anita Bryant - Paper Roses (B3-D5)

22 Vera Lynn - You Belong to Me (C4-D5)

21 Vera Lynn - Wish Me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye) (C4-D5)

20 Peggy Lee - Black Coffee (C4-E5)

19 On a Clear Day You Can See Forever - Come Back to Me (D4-E5)

18 Judy Garland - I Wish I Were in Love Again (C4-C#5)

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17 IZ - Over the Rainbow (A3-E5)

16 Ella Fitzgerald - Hard Hearted Hannah (Eb4-Eb5)

15 Doris Day - The Black Hills of Dakota (D4-E5)

14 Dionne Warwick - Anyone Who Had a Heart (C4-D5)

13 Billie Holiday - When You're Smiling (D4-Eb5)

12 Billie Holiday - All of Me (A3-C5)

11 Vera Lynn - As Time Goes By (Bb3-C5)

10 Rosemary Clooney - This Ole House (C4-Eb5)

9 Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - In the Mood (B3-D5)

8 Doris Day - A Bushel and a Peck (B3-D5)

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7 Anything Goes - You're the Top (Bb3-F5)

6 Sutton Foster - Flight (C4-Ab5)

5 Judy Garland - Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart (Eb4-F5)

4 Judy Garland - The Boy Next Door (C4-D5)

3 Joan Morris - Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise (Bb3-D5)

2 Edith Piaf - Sous le ciel de Paris (C4-F5)

1 Ella Fitzgerald - (Our) Love Is Here To Stay (C4-E5)

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