A collection of thrash songs for baritone voice

Volbeat - Fallen (D#3-A4)

Damageplan - Breathing New Life (B2-A4)

Damageplan - FXXk You (C4-A4)

Lamb Of God - Redneck (A3-A4)

Mastodon - Hand of Stone (G#3-A4)

Mastodon - I Am Ahab (A3-A4)

Mastodon - Island (E4-G#4)

Mastodon - Megalodon (C4-G4)

Mastodon - Seabeast (C4-G#4)

Mastodon - Sleeping Giant (C4-G#4)

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction (C3-E4)

Metallica - Am I Evil? (A3-G4)

Metallica - ...And Justice for All (A3-G4)

Metallica - Atlas, Rise (B3-G4)

Metallica - Battery (B2-G3)

Metallica - Blackened (A#3-G#4)

Metallica - Blitzkrieg (D4-G4)

Metallica - Damage, Inc. (B3-G4)

Metallica - Disposable Heroes (B3-A4)

Metallica - Don't Tread On Me (F#3-A4)

Metallica - Fade to Black (G3-G4)

Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls (D4-G4)

Metallica - Hardwired (D4-G4)

Metallica - Harvester of Sorrow (B2-G4)

Metallica - Holier Than Thou (B3-G4)

Metallica - Leper Messiah (D4-G#4)

Metallica - Mama Said (A2-F4)

Metallica - Master of Puppets (C3-A3)

Metallica - Moth into Flame (G3-A4)

Metallica - Motorbreath (A3-A4)

Metallica - My Friend of Misery (B3-A4)

Metallica - One (D3-G4)

Metallica - St. Anger (G3-A4)

Metallica - The Shortest Straw (B3-G4)

Metallica - The Struggle Within (A3-A4)

Metallica - The Unforgiven (E3-G4)

Metallica - Through the Never (F3-G4)

Metallica - Until It Sleeps (D3-A4)

Metallica - Welcome Home (E3-G4)

Metallica - Wherever I May Roam (G3-A4)

Pantera - Cemetery Gates (C#3-A4)

Pantera - Strength Beyond Strength (D#4-A4)

Shadows Fall - Act of Contrition (D4-G4)

Shadows Fall - Eternity Is Within (B3-G4)