A collection of teen pop songs for soprano voice

Katy Perry - California Gurls (C4-Bb5)

Katy Perry - Wide Awake (C4-D5)

All Saints - Lady Marmalade (D4-D5)

Avril Lavigne - Goodbye (D4-D5)

Gabriella Cilmi - Echo Beach (C4-C5)

Hannah Montana - Nobody's Perfect (C4-D5)

Kelly Clarkson - Where Is Your Heart (C4-F5)

Aaryn Doyle - What It Takes (D4-C5)

Aly & AJ - Rush (C4-C5)

Ariana Grande & The Weeknd - Love Me Harder (C4-C6)

Avril Lavigne - Unwanted (D4-B4)

Avril Lavigne - What the Hell (E4-E5)

Becky G - Shower (G4-A5)

Birdy - Just a Game (C4-C5)

Blue - Alive (C4-F5)

Blue - One Love (D#4-D#5)

Blue - U Make Me Wanna (D4-G5)

Britney Spears - 3 (C4-C5)

Britney Spears - …Baby One More Time (D4-A5)

Britney Spears - Brave New Girl (C4-C5)

Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy (E4-A5)

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (C4-F5)

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts (C4-A5)

Debbie Gibson - Fallen Angel (D4-C5)

Debbie Gibson - Staying Together (C4-Eb5)

Demi Lovato - Don't Forget (C#4-E5)

Demi Lovato - Get Back (D4-E5)

Demi Lovato - Never Been Hurt (C#4-D5)

Demi Lovato - Our Time Is Here (C4-D5)

Demi Lovato - Really Don't Care (D4-D5)

Demi Lovato - Remember December (Eb4-F5)

Demi Lovato - Who Will I Be (D4-E5)

Demi Lovato - Without the Love (D4-E5)

Descendants [2015] - Did I Mention (C4-C6)

Descendants 3 - Night Falls (D4-E5)

Descendants 3 - One Kiss (C4-C5)

Girls Aloud - Beautiful Cause You Love Me (D4-D5)

Grace VanderWaal - Burned (C4-D5)

Grace VanderWaal - Moonlight (D4-C5)

Hannah Montana - I Wanna Know You (C4-C5)

Hannah Montana - One in a Million (D4-C6)

Hannah Montana - See You Again (C4-D5)

Hannah Montana: The Movie - Everything I Want (E4-A5)

Hilary Duff - I Am (F4-A5)

Hilary Duff - Wake Up (C#4-C#5)

Jessica Simpson - I Think I'm in Love with You (D4-F#5)

Jessica Simpson - Sweetest Sin (D4-F5)

Jessica Simpson - With You (D4-D5)

Julia Michaels - Issues (C4-Eb5)

Katy Perry - Birthday (C4-G5)

Katy Perry - E.T. (Eb4-Db5)

Katy Perry - Firework (C4-G5)

Katy Perry - Hot n Cold (D4-D5)

Katy Perry - International Smile (E4-A5)

Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (D4-E5)

Katy Perry - Part of Me (C4-D5)

Katy Perry - Spiritual (C4-D5)

Kelly Clarkson - A Moment Like This (C4-A5)

Kesha - We R Who We R (Eb4-Bb4)

Little Mix feat. Stormzy - Power (D4-F#5)

Little Mix - Love Me like You (D4-E5)

Meaghan Martin - 2 Stars (C4-C5)

Meaghan Martin - Tear It Down (D4-D5)

Miley Cyrus - G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out) (C4-Bb4)

Miley Cyrus - Goodbye (D4-C6)

Miley Cyrus - Let's Dance (F4-Bb5)

Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop (F#4-G#5)

Natasha Bedingfield - Love Like This (C4-F5)

Sabrina Carpenter - Eyes Wide Open (C4-F5)

Sabrina Carpenter - The Middle of Starting Over (G4-G5)

Taylor Swift - All You Had to Do Was Stay (C4-F5)

Taylor Swift - How You Get the Girl (C4-C5)

Taylor Swift - New Romantics (D4-C6)

Taylor Swift - Red (C4-C5)

Taylor Swift - Sad Beautiful Tragic (E4-D5)

Taylor Swift - Welcome to New York (D4-D5)

The Cheetah Girls - Dance Me If You Can (C4-D5)

The Saturdays - Higher (F4-F5)

Tiffany - Could've Been (C4-Eb5)

Whitney Houston - How Will I Know (D4-F5)