A collection of rock roll songs for contralto voice

Roberta - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (G#3-F5)

Susan Boyle - Wild Horses (F3-C5)

Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (Eb4-Eb5)

Linda Ronstadt - When Will I Be Loved (C4-C5)

The Crystals - Then He Kissed Me (C4-Bb4)

Annette Funicello - Tall Paul (Bb3-D5)

Buffalo Springfield - I Am a Child (E4-D5)

Cilla - Step Inside Love (C4-F5)

Crescendos - Oh Julie (D4-D5)

Dodie Stevens - Merry, Merry Christmas, Baby (C4-E5)

Etta James - Dance With Me Henry (C4-F5)

Etta James - Tell Mama (C4-F5)

Janis Joplin - Ball and Chain (C4-D5)

Janis Joplin - Down on Me (B3-D5)

Janis Joplin - Get It While You Can (G3-E5)

Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz (Bb3-Eb5)

Janis Joplin - Stay With Me (Bb3-F5)

Joan Jett - Bad Reputation (C4-C5)

Joan Jett - Do You Wanna Touch Me? (G3-B4)

Laura Nyro - Jimmy Mack (A3-E5)

Lesley Gore - It's My Party (Bb3-D5)

Melissa Etheridge - Ain't It Heavy (B3-B4)

Melissa Etheridge - If I Wanted To (F#3-C#5)

Melissa Etheridge - Like the Way I Do (F3-D5)

Melissa Etheridge - You Can Sleep While I Drive (G3-A4)

Peggy Lee - I'm a Woman (G3-G4)

Postmodern Jukebox - Bye Bye Bye (F#3-C#5)

Primal Scream - Little Death (C4-A4)

Primal Scream - Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar (A4-Eb5)

Ruth Brown - Jack O' Diamonds (C4-D5)

The Chiffons - One Fine Day (C4-D5)

The Crystals - He's Sure the Boy I Love (C#4-E5)

The McGuire Sisters - Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight (D4-D5)

The Poni-tails - Born Too Late (E4-F5)

The Pretenders - Brass In Pocket (F#3-C#5)

The Pretenders - Human (On The Inside) (G3-B4)

The Pretenders - I Go To Sleep (G3-Bb4)

The Pretenders - Kid (G3-B4)

The Pretenders - Mystery Achievement (A3-A4)

The Ronettes - Be My Baby (C#4-B4)

The Shangri-Las - Leader of the Pack (C4-B4)

The Shirelles - Baby, It's You (B3-E5)

Toni Fisher - The Big Hurt (D4-Db5)

Willie Mae Thorton - Hound Dog (Bb3-Db5)