A collection of rap metal songs for tenor voice

Linkin Park - Numb (C#3-A4)

Linkin Park - One Step Closer (E3-G#4)

Korn - Freak on a Leash (D3-E4)

Disturbed - Another Way To Die (D3-C5)

Disturbed - Asylum (D3-B4)

Disturbed - Bound (G3-B4)

Disturbed - Crucified (G3-A#4)

Disturbed - Devour (F#3-B4)

Disturbed - Down With the Sickness (G#3-A4)

Disturbed - Innocence (D3-A#4)

Disturbed - My Child (G3-G4)

Disturbed - Never Again (A#3-C5)

Disturbed - Prayer (A#3-C5)

Disturbed - Remember (D3-A#4)

Disturbed - Sacrifice (D3-A4)

Disturbed - Serpentine (F3-A#4)

Disturbed - The Animal (E3-A4)

Disturbed - The Infection (D3-A#4)

Disturbed - Warrior (G3-A#4)

Incubus - Warning (D#3-A#4)

Incubus - Wish You Were Here (E3-A4)

Korn - A.D.I.D.A.S. (C3-A4)

Korn - Blind (E3-G#4)

Korn - Bottled Up Inside (B3-A4)

Korn - Dead Bodies Everywhere (E3-F#4)

Korn - Earache My Eye (E3-B4)

Korn - Embrace (C4-C5)

Korn - Hollow Life (D3-B4)

Korn - I'm Hiding (D3-A4)

Korn - Make Believe (D3-A4)

Korn - One More Time (A3-A4)

Korn - Thoughtless (B3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - A Lesson Learned (E3-G#4)

Limp Bizkit - Boiler (D3-G4)

Limp Bizkit - Clunk (D3-A4)

Limp Bizkit - Counterfeit (E3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - Don't Go Off Wandering (B3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - Faith (D3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - Getcha Groove On (D3-D4)

Limp Bizkit - Hold On (F#3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - I'm Broke (B3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - Indigo Flow (B3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - Just Like This (G#3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - Livin' It Up (A3-A4)

Limp Bizkit - My Generation (E3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - My Way (E3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - N 2 Gether Now (C#3-F3)

Limp Bizkit - Nookie (E3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - No Sex (E3-A4)

Limp Bizkit - Re-Arranged (D3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - Rollin' (G3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - Sour (F#3-B4)

Limp Bizkit - Stalemate (G3-C5)

Limp Bizkit - Stuck (D4-E4)

Limp Bizkit - The One (G3-G4)

Linkin Park - A Place for My Head (B3-G4)

Linkin Park - Bleed It Out (F4-C5)

Linkin Park - Burning In the Skies (D3-F4)

Linkin Park - Fallout (D3-A3)

Linkin Park - Forgotten (G3-A4)

Linkin Park - Given Up (E3-B4)

Linkin Park - Jornada Del Muerto (E3-D4)

Linkin Park - Lost In the Echo (A3-G4)

Linkin Park - Nobody's Listening (C3-C5)

Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away (E3-G4)

Linkin Park - Robot Boy (D3-E4)

Linkin Park - Runaway (E3-B4)

Linkin Park - Shadow of the Day (F3-F4)

Linkin Park - The Catalyst (A3-A4)

Linkin Park - The Little Things Give You Away (G3-C5)

Linkin Park - The Messenger (D4-C5)

Linkin Park - The Requiem (E3-B3)

Linkin Park - Valentine's Day (C3-F4)

Linkin Park - When They Come for Me (C3-B4)

Linkin Park - With You (F#3-B4)

Linkin Park - Wretches and Kings (B3-A4)

Papa Roach - Last Resort (A3-B4)

Pax217 - Engage (E3-A4)

Pillar - Fireproof (F3-G4)

Pillar - Just To Get By (D3-G4)

P.O.D. - Alive (D4-B4)

P.O.D. - Rock the Party (Off the Hook) (A3-E4)

P.O.D. - Satellite (D3-B4)

P.O.D. - Set It Off (A3-C5)

P.O.D. - Southtown (G3-B4)

P.O.D. - The Messenjah (B3-A4)

P.O.D. - Youth of the Nation (A3-A#4)

Rage Against the Machine - Freedom (C4-C4)

Slipknot - Duality (C3-C5)

Slipknot - Psychosocial (A#3-A#4)

Uncle Kracker - In a Little While (D3-G4)