Linkin Park vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

G2 - E6

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
Iridescent (G2-G4)

Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
Lying From You (E3-E6)

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Voice types

Based on their range the artist can perform songs for:

Baritone (A2-A4)

Tenor (C3-C5)

More songs by the artist

What I've Done (G3-G4)
User likes: Ellie ESC Cristóbal Zapata Courtney Coulsey xXBlack_OceanXx Kyle Cadwallader Ylenia Angel McLaughlin garrett beck Alex Genea parker jackson Eren Alp ebru özer Pınar Tokat Resai Karabulut İpekbaşak Arslan Mirae edit Busra Meydan ummuhan yirmili Александр Сыпченко Sky_River F I AmathYAH Ammuwd Boyan Kiuranov Bert Hudson Kyle Mariah Herber Speakk Lyfe Pat May Vincent Broglio Zeynep Ekşi Spiel Profil Teeroni Robinson

Numb (C#3-A4)
User likes: Joelle Himiko Toga Angel McLaughlin Ezeekiel Love Belu Piantanida

One Step Closer (E3-G#4)
User likes: xXBlack_OceanXx Brandy Wright

New Divide (E4-G#4)
User likes: alina

Lost In the Echo (A3-G4)
User likes: LynxAryllis Radish

Leave Out All the Rest (A2-G4)
User likes: Thomas Høgmo

The Messenger (D4-C5)
User likes: LynxAryllis Radish

Wretches and Kings (B3-A4)
User likes: Katie Langon

Valentine's Day (C3-F4)
User likes: Vincent Broglio

The Little Things Give You Away (G3-C5)
User likes: LynxAryllis Radish

The Catalyst (A3-A4)
User likes: LynxAryllis Radish

Pushing Me Away (E3-G4)

Bleed It Out (F4-C5)

Given Up (E3-B4)

Talking to Myself (D3-A#4)

Breaking the Habit (C3-A#4)

With You (F#3-B4)

Roads Untraveled (G#2-E4)

Hit the Floor (C4-D5)

Fallout (D3-A3)

Robot Boy (D3-E4)

Don't Stay (A3-D6)

When They Come for Me (C3-B4)

One More Light (D#3-D#4)

Castle of Glass (B2-G#4)

Hands Held High (A2-F#4)

A Place for My Head (B3-G4)

Shadow of the Day (F3-F4)

Nobody's Listening (C3-C5)

Blackout (E3-C#5)

Runaway (E3-B4)

Forgotten (G3-A4)

The Requiem (E3-B3)

Jornada Del Muerto (E3-D4)

Somewhere I Belong (B2-G5)

Burning In the Skies (D3-F4)

Burn It Down (D3-A4)

Crawling (C#3-B4)

Figure.09 (D4-A#4)

From the Inside (A2-C6)

Waiting for the End (B2-B4)

Easier To Run (E3-B4)

Faint (D3-A#4)

A Light That Never Comes (C4-A#4)

Points of Authority (D3-E5)

By Myself (A3-D#5)

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