A collection of praise worship songs for soprano voice

Laura Story - Mighty to Save (D4-D5)

Avalon - Indescribable (C4-Db5)

Barbra Streisand - Holy Ground (Eb4-C5)

Darlene Zschech - All Things Are Possible (C4-C#5)

Graham Kendrick - The Servant King (C4-D5)

Hillsong Kids - Trust and Obey (D4-G5)

Kari Jobe - Revelation Song (C4-D5)

Audrey Assad - Lead Me On (C4-C5)

Christy Nockels - Be Still and Know (C4-C5)

Christy Nockels - Where the Spirit of the Lord Is (Gb4-Ab5)

Crystal Lewis - What a Fool I've Been (C4-C5)

Darlene Zschech - Emmanuel (C4-D5)

Darlene Zschech - First Love (E4-F#5)

Darlene Zschech - Go (C#4-C#5)

Darlene Zschech - God Is In the House (D4-D5)

Darlene Zschech - Holy Spirit Rain Down (C4-C5)

Darlene Zschech - Pray (C4-C5)

FFH - Spirit of the Living God (F#4-D5)

Hillsong Kids - For Who You Are (C#4-E5)

Hillsong Kids - Giving Everything (C4-D5)

Hillsong Kids - I'm Really Happy (D4-A4)

Hillsong Kids - Jesus Loves Me (C4-D5)

Hillsong Kids - Jesus You Care (F#4-F#5)

Hillsong Kids - More (C#4-B4)

Hillsong Kids - Spinning Around (Eb4-Bb5)

Hillsong Kids - You Are Good (F#4-G#5)

Ingrid Rosario - Este Es El Día (This Is the Day) (E4-F#5)

Jamie Grace - Do Life Big (C4-C5)

Jennie Lee Riddle - When the Stars Burn Down (E4-E5)

Jesus Culture - Beautiful Day (E4-G5)

Jesus Culture - Be Crowned (D4-E5)

Jesus Culture - For No Other Reason (E4-G5)

Jesus Culture - Halls of Heaven (G4-A5)

Jesus Culture - I Stand in Awe (C4-G5)

Jesus Culture - Living with a Fire (C4-G5)

Jesus Culture - Make Us One (C4-G5)

Jesus Culture - Move (Db4-Ab5)

Jesus Culture - Your Love Never Fails (F4-G5)

Kari Jobe - Come Alive (C#4-B4)

Kari Jobe - Lord Over All (D4-B4)

Kari Jobe - One Desire (D4-D5)

Kari Jobe - Run To You (I Need You) (Db4-Eb5)

Kari Jobe - We Are (C4-D5)

Kathryn Scott - I Belong (C4-C5)

Kristene DiMarco - Song of Your Love (C4-C5)

Laura Story - This Is the Day (C4-D5)

Lauren Daigle - Loyal (C4-C5)

Lauren Daigle - Still Rolling Stones (D4-C5)

Lynn Baird - Come Into His Presence (D4-F5)

Meredith Andrews - Receive Our King (C#4-D5)

Natalie Grant - Make Me Over (C4-D5)

Natalie Grant - Someday Our King Will Come (C4-D5)

Natalie Grant - You Deserve (C#4-F#5)

Nicole C. Mullen - Call on Jesus (C#4-C#5)

Nicole C. Mullen - Convinced (C4-F5)

Nicole C. Mullen - Freedom (C#4-C#5)

Niki Lott - If Not (D4-Eb5)

Peg Luke feat. Ginny Luke - Kum Ba Yah (C4-F5)

Sandi Patty - How Majestic Is Your Name (C4-D5)

Sandi Patty - Praise Medley (C4-G#5)

Sandi Patty - The Lord's Prayer (C4-G5)

Travis Cottrell feat. Lily Cottrell - We Turn Our Eyes (Db4-Gb5)

Twila Paris - Celebration / Kingdom of God (C4-D5)

Twila Paris - He Is Exalted (C4-F5)

Twila Paris - How Beautiful (D4-C5)

Twila Paris - Lamb of God (D4-Eb5)

Twila Paris - The Joy of the Lord (D4-E5)

Twila Paris - Wisdom (C4-E5)

We The Kingdom - Child of Love (D4-G5)

We The Kingdom - Holy Water (C4-Eb5)

We The Kingdom - If All I Had Was Christ (C#4-F#5)

We The Kingdom - Sing Wherever I Go (E4-A5)

ZOEgirl - Constantly (C4-D5)