Kari Jobe vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

F3 - E5

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
I'm Singing (F3-C5)

Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
When Hope Came Down (A3-E5)

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More songs by the artist

Hands To the Heavens (Ab3-Bb4)

Holy Spirit (B3-C#5)

We Exalt Your Name (C4-Bb4)

You Are Good (A3-C#5)

What Love Is This (Ab3-Db5)

Stars In the Sky (A3-C5)

Savior's Here (Ab3-Eb5)

Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest) (Ab3-C5)

No Sweeter Name (D4-C5)

Rise (B3-C5)

We Are (C4-D5)

I Am Not Alone (B3-B4)

Only Your Love (B3-C#5)

Come Alive (C#4-B4)

Revelation Song (C4-D5)

Singing Over Me (B3-C5)

I Will Sing (Bb3-D5)

You Are for Me (C4-D5)

The Cross of Christ (G3-C5)

Love Came Down (Ab3-Db5)

Be Still (C4-Eb5)

Oh, The Power (Ab3-Db5)

Let the Heavens Open (F3-Eb5)

On the Throne (B3-C5)

The Cross Is My Confession (C4-Bb4)

Lover of My Soul (G3-C5)

Speak to Me (G3-C5)

Everyone Needs a Little (A3-B4)

When You Walk In the Room (E4-B4)

Run To You (I Need You) (Db4-Eb5)

The Garden (G3-D5)

My Beloved (B3-C5)

Let the Heavens Open Up (Bb3-C5)

Heal Our Land (B3-C#5)

Messiah (A3-D5)

Forever (Ab3-Db5)

Look Upon the Lord (E4-D5)

Beautiful (B3-D5)

How Majestic (G#3-B4)

Here (A3-D5)

One Desire (D4-D5)

Sweep Me Away (A3-D5)

Joyfully (B3-B4)

Find You on My Knees (A3-E5)

Lord Over All (D4-B4)

The Cause of Christ (A3-E5)

Healer (A3-C5)

Keeper of My Heart (D4-B4)

Always Enough (A3-B4)

Let Your Glory Fall (Gb3-Cb5)

Steady My Heart (B3-C5)

Fall Afresh (A3-B4)

Breathe on Us (Bb3-Cb5)

Closer to Your Heart (Ab3-Gb4)

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