A collection of jazz rock songs for tenor voice

The Doors - Riders on the Storm (D3-B3)

Steely Dan - Do It Again (G3-A4)

Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 (with Horn Parts) (A3-C5)

Chicago - Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home (F#3-E4)

Chicago - Saturday in the Park (D3-B4)

Steely Dan - Any Major Dude Will Tell You (E3-G4)

Steely Dan - Josie (B3-A4)

Steely Dan - Only a Fool Would Say That (E3-C5)

Steely Dan - The Fez (G3-F4)

Traffic - The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys (G3-F#4)

Van Morrison - Full Force Gale (A3-G4)

Chicago - A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast (F#3-A4)

Chicago - A Hit By Varèse (G3-G4)

Chicago - Anxiety's Moment (F3-G#4)

Chicago - A Song for Richard and His Friends (D3-A4)

Chicago - Beginnings (E3-E4)

Chicago - Brand New Love Affair, Part I (E3-G#4)

Chicago - Byblos (E3-G#4)

Chicago - Call on Me (G#3-C5)

Chicago - Critic's Choice (D3-E4)

Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (D3-F4)

Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? [with Horn Parts] (D3-F4)

Chicago - Fancy Colours (G#3-A4)

Chicago - Goodbye (C4-A#4)

Chicago - Hollywood (G3-F4)

Chicago - Hot Streets (C#3-E4)

Chicago - I Don't Want Your Money (F#3-G4)

Chicago - I'd Rather Be Rich (G3-A4)

Chicago - I'm a Man (D#3-D#4)

Chicago - In the Country (E3-B4)

Chicago - It Better End Soon: 1st Movement (G3-G4)

Chicago - It Better End Soon: 4th Movement (G3-A#4)

Chicago - Just You 'n' Me (F3-C5)

Chicago - Liberation (C3-A4)

Chicago - Little Miss Lovin' (D3-A#3)

Chicago - Loneliness Is Just a Word (G3-D4)

Chicago - Love Was New (D#3-F4)

Chicago - Lowdown (C#3-B4)

Chicago - Make Me Smile (D#3-G#4)

Chicago - Make Me Smile - Horn section score (D#3-G#4)

Chicago - Memories of Love (D3-D4)

Chicago - Mississippi Delta City Blues (C#3-G4)

Chicago - Morning Blues Again (D3-A4)

Chicago - Mother (A3-G4)

Chicago - Movin' In (G3-A4)

Chicago - Now More Than Ever (D4-G4)

Chicago - Oh Thank You Great Spirit (D3-G4)

Chicago - P.M. Mourning (C3-C5)

Chicago - Poem 58 (E3-G#4)

Chicago - Questions 67 and 68 (G3-C5)

Chicago - Sing a Mean Tune, Kid (D#3-D#4)

Chicago - Skin Tight (D4-A#4)

Chicago - Someday (August 29, 1968) (G3-A4)

Chicago - So Much to Say, So Much to Give (F3-F4)

Chicago - Song of the Evergreens (E3-G4)

Chicago - Where Do We Go From Here (E3-B4)

Eric Clapton - Do What You Like (A3-A4)

Frank Zappa - Sofa No. 2 (C3-C5)

J.D. Souther - A Chorus of Your Own (C3-G4)

J.D. Souther - Come on Up (C3-B4)

J.D. Souther - House of Pride (E3-A4)

J.D. Souther - The Secret Handshake of Fate (C3-F#4)

Rory Gallagher - A Million Miles Away (A3-A4)

Santana - All the Love In the Universe (D3-B4)

Steely Dan - Aja (C#3-A4)

Steely Dan - Any World (That I'm Welcome To) (D#3-A#4)

Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters (G3-A#4)

Steely Dan - Bad Sneakers (E3-A4)

Steely Dan - Barry Town (E3-F#4)

Steely Dan - Black Cow (F#3-G4)

Steely Dan - Black Friday (E3-G#4)

Steely Dan - Bodhisattva (B3-B4)

Steely Dan - Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me) (G3-A4)

Steely Dan - Chain Lightning (A3-G4)

Steely Dan - Change of the Guard (E3-A4)

Steely Dan - Charlie Freak (E3-E4)

Steely Dan - Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More (A3-A4)

Steely Dan - Deacon Blues (E3-B4)

Steely Dan - Don't Take Me Alive (G3-G4)

Steely Dan - Everyone's Gone To the Movies (A3-G4)

Steely Dan - Everything You Did (B3-G4)

Steely Dan - Fire In the Hole (F3-G#4)

Steely Dan - FM (G3-A4)

Steely Dan - Green Earrings (A3-G4)

Steely Dan - Haitian Divorce (F#3-G#4)

Steely Dan - Home At Last (G#3-G#4)

Steely Dan - I Got the News (G#3-G#4)

Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne (F3-A4)

Steely Dan - King of the World (G3-A4)

Steely Dan - Midnite Cruiser (D3-F4)

Steely Dan - Monkey In Your Soul (E3-F#4)

Steely Dan - My Old School (G3-G4)

Steely Dan - My Rival (E3-G#4)

Steely Dan - Night By Night (A3-A4)

Steely Dan - Parker's Band (F#3-C5)

Steely Dan - Pearl of the Quarter (E3-A4)

Steely Dan - Peg (E3-A4)

Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic (E3-A4)

Steely Dan - Razor Boy (A3-G#4)

Steely Dan - Reelin' In the Years (A3-B4)

Steely Dan - Rikki Don't Lose That Number (G#3-A4)

Steely Dan - Rose Darling (D3-A4)

Steely Dan - Show Biz Kids (D3-G4)

Steely Dan - Sign In Stranger (C4-A4)

Steely Dan - The Boston Rag (A3-G4)

Steely Dan - The Caves of Altamira (E3-G#4)

Steely Dan - The Royal Scam (A#3-A#4)

Steely Dan - Third World Man (D#3-A#4)

Steely Dan - Through With Buzz (C3-F#4)

Steely Dan - Throw Back the Little Ones (G3-G#4)

Steely Dan - Turn That Heart Beat Over Again (F#3-C5)

Steely Dan - With a Gun (G3-G4)

Steely Dan - Your Gold Teeth (G3-F4)

Steely Dan - Your Gold Teeth II (F#3-F#4)

The Doors - End of the Night (D3-G4)

The Doors - Five to One (C3-B4)

The Doors - Gloria (D3-B4)

The Doors - Hello, I Love You (D#3-A#4)

The Doors - Indian Summer (C#3-A3)

The Doors - L.A. Woman (E3-C5)

The Doors - Light My Fire (D3-A4)

The Doors - Love Me Two Times (E3-B4)

The Doors - Love Street (C3-C#4)

The Doors - Moonlight Drive (F3-A4)

The Doors - My Eyes Have Seen You (A3-B4)

The Doors - Soul Kitchen (E3-A4)

The Doors - Spanish Caravan (C3-C4)

The Doors - Strange Days (E3-B4)

The Doors - The End (D3-A4)

The Doors - Twentieth Century Fox (D3-A4)

The Doors - Waiting for the Sun (D3-D4)

The Zombies - I Love You (G3-B4)

Traffic - Freedom Rider (G#3-C5)

Van Morrison - And It Stoned Me (D3-B4)

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks (F#3-A4)

Van Morrison - Beautiful Vision (F#3-G#4)

Van Morrison - Caravan (C3-B4)

Van Morrison - Centerpiece / Blues Backstage (F3-C#4)

Van Morrison - Come Running (E3-A4)

Van Morrison - Don't Worry About a Thing (D#3-G#4)

Van Morrison - Warm Love (A3-A4)