A collection of indie pop songs for mezzo voice

Feist - 1234 (A3-B4)

Birdy - Beautiful Lies (A3-B4)

Birdy - Without a Word (D4-C5)

Halsey - Ghost (B3-A4)

Kate Nash - We Get On (B3-C5)

Marina and The Diamonds - Obsessions (A3-C5)

Birdy - Fire and Rain (C4-C5)

Birdy - Skinny Love (B3-C#5)

Eva Cassidy - Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (B3-C5)

Florence + the Machine - Spectrum (A3-F#5)

Sia - Breathe Me (E4-G5)

Alice Merton - No Roots (A3-C#5)

Anna Clendening - Boys Like You (A3-D5)

Au/Ra - Panic Room (C4-C5)

Aurora - Queendom (B3-F#5)

Billie Eilish - bad guy (F#4-F5)

Billie Eilish - Bored (A3-D5)

Billie Eilish - i love you (G4-A5)

Billie Eilish - listen before i go (E4-G5)

Billie Eilish - my future (E4-G5)

Billie Eilish - my strange addiction (A3-C5)

Billie Eilish - party favor (A3-A4)

Billie Eilish - Six Feet Under (A3-D5)

Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (B3-F5)

Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown (G4-A5)

Birdy - Ghost in the Wind (A3-D5)

Birdy - Keeping Your Head Up (B3-F#5)

Birdy - Open Your Heart (Bb3-C5)

Birdy - Shelter (Db4-Db5)

Birdy - Terrible Love (B3-A4)

Birdy - Words as Weapons (A3-D5)

Birdy - Young Blood (C4-C5)

Bishop Briggs - River (A3-D5)

Blossoms - Charlemagne (F4-E5)

Blossoms - The Keeper (D4-F#5)

Bonnie Somerville - Winding Road (F4-F#5)

Catatonia - International Velvet (D4-F5)

Celeste - Strange (A3-B4)

Chvrches - Death Stranding (D4-C5)

Chvrches - Leave a Trace (A3-E5)

Chvrches - Never Say Die (B3-C#5)

Chvrches - We Sink (A3-F#5)

Ellie Goulding - Joy (B3-E5)

Feist - Honey Honey (Bb3-C5)

Feist - My Moon My Man (A3-B4)

Feist - Past In Present (B3-D5)

Feist - Sealion (B3-D5)

Florence + the Machine - No Light, No Light (C4-D5)

Florence + the Machine - Wish That You Were Here (B3-D5)

Frances - No Matter (Bb3-Eb5)

Freya Ridings - Castles (B3-B4)

Freya Ridings - Ultraviolet (Bb3-F5)

Gabrielle Aplin - Home (B3-C#5)

Gabrielle Aplin - Ready To Question (A3-D5)

Grace VanderWaal - A Better Life (A3-D5)

Grace VanderWaal - City Song (C4-D5)

Grace VanderWaal - Talk Good (A3-E5)

Haim - Falling (A3-B4)

Halsey - New Americana (Bb3-C5)

He Is We - I Wouldn't Mind (A3-E5)

I'm With Her - Game to Lose (A#3-B4)

I'm With Her - See You Around (Bb3-C5)

Ingrid Michaelson - Another Life (A3-E5)

Ingrid Michaelson - Miss America (A3-B4)

Ingrid Michaelson - Still the One (A3-A4)

Jennifer Ann - Mad World (C#4-A#4)

Jorja Smith - The One (Bb3-C5)

Kate Nash - Skeleton Song (A3-C5)

keudae - always, i'll care (Eb4-Gb5)

Kiiara - Gold (C4-C5)

Kimbra - Settle Down (A3-E5)

Lana Del Rey - Dark Paradise (B3-C#5)

Lana Del Rey - Happiness is a butterfly (A3-D5)

Laura Welsh - Undiscovered (B3-C#5)

Lauren Aquilina - Lovers or Liars (A3-D5)

Lindsey Stirling - We Are Giants - Cello Trio & Piano/Vocal (D4-E5)

Lindsey Stirling - We Are Giants - Violin Trio & Piano/Vocal (D4-E5)

LuvBug - Best Is Yet to Come (Eb4-F5)

Lykke Li - No Rest for the Wicked (A3-A4)

Maggie Rogers - Alaska (A3-E5)

Maggie Rogers - Light On (A3-D5)

Maggie Rogers - Past Life (A3-C5)

Marina and The Diamonds - Mowgli's Road (B3-E5)

Marina and The Diamonds - Rootless (Bb3-Eb5)

Marina and The Diamonds - Shampain (Bb3-F5)

Melanie Martinez - Play Date (A3-Bb4)

- Final Song (B3-E5)

- When I Was Young (B3-E5)

Natalie Taylor - Surrender (Eb4-Eb5)

Nerina Pallot - Love Will Tear Us Apart (A3-G4)

Noah Kahan & Julia Michaels - Hurt Somebody (Bb3-Ab5)

Of Monsters and Men - Dirty Paws (Bb3-C5)

Of Monsters and Men - I of the Storm (A3-A4)

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks (A3-A5)

Of Monsters and Men - Yellow Light (A3-F#4)

Regina Spektor - Older and Taller (A3-A4)

Sia - Big Girls Cry (G4-A5)

Sia - Burn the Pages (D4-C5)

Sia feat. The Weeknd & Diplo - Elastic Heart (A3-C#5)

Sia - Fire Meet Gasoline (Bb3-C5)

Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill (Bb3-Bb4)

St. Vincent - Digital Witness (Bb3-C5)

The Ting Tings - Great DJ (B3-B4)

Tones and I - Can't Be Happy All the Time (D4-C5)

Tones and I - Dance Monkey (C4-A4)

Tones and I - Never Seen the Rain (C#4-B4)

Zella Day - Compass (C4-F5)