Sia vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

D3 - A5 (2.6 octaves)

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
Midnight Decisions (D3-G4)
User likes: S.A.
Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
Unforgettable (F4-A5)
User likes: Марк Лайтман

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Voice types

Based on their range the artist can perform songs for:

Contralto (F3-F5)

Mezzo-soprano (A3-A5)

More songs by the artist

Elastic Heart [Piano Version] (C#4-C#5)
User likes: Samo Stormy Hefko Geah John thomas annie lol Fernanda Ferreira Jade Ambrósio Nosellama Joelle IVONNE SIGRID PABON RIVERA Alisse Daaé Harpsost Phoebe W AchelRay Haha Luly Ramirez greenwatermelone TotallyMeagan Maya Landry spiiderii boii Gaia Poli Hilal Kaya Eren Alp Desiree D'Amico ebru özer iza aybk Z E L Mirae edit Zekkk Rr Christina Sude Naz Savaş İpekbaşak Arslan Inayah Melissa Hayes ZuZu Co Damla Törüner you were my abience. violet clark Gizem Şahin Danielle Shobe Sensible Shy ummuhan yirmili Sky_River Jenniffer Duitama Katie Langon Angel Luna Kannu Ravi Julia Olive Miller Mattis Leía Minttu Huuha Nikki Abdullah Kara alexia Seherzada Huseljic DRISHTI HARCHANDRAI Sage Aster Sude Bakırcı Anne-Sophie Van Bever Elvire stwa Erica Muxlow saadet sama Ilea Allen Zeynep Ekşi Valentina Alfaro Simge Öztürk Ada Mcfadden Zing Zing Bengisu Tibet Reetta Kivinen alyssa amott T Nina Erica Faulkner Jennifer Perren Sara Nester ccattano27 Gizem Özcan Siri Northpaw maria Beril Demir Noah Page Belu Piantanida John Rogers Daniella Lafuente Anonymous Potato Lipika the Genius S T Emily Estelle Todoroni Nae Nae Coder Girl Jess M Isabela Molines jennai kristine Mizzukko Jacqueline Flores Romane Legend Chandni Chandra Shekar Nermine El Golli kah a. Sumayah Rahman Tia Roach Name Malinda Allen oce an Erza belserion Allie Brighton Thalia Remice Ariana Zafrin Lauren Clark Sumayah R Carys Hahn Fernanda Ribeiro John Crumpton Tam tamz Kate Jacqui-May Allison-Dodds Erica Faulkner nupy Natalie Hodgson
Alive (F#3-E5)
User likes: Zee Jon
Unstoppable (F#3-B4)
User likes: Lana Maykhan
Reaper (E3-D5)
User likes: Ada Mcfadden
Snowman (F3-Gb4)
User likes: Tatyana Mordiva Landu
Saved My Life (Bb3-Eb5)
User likes: Sima Karim
Helium (G#3-C#5)
Round and Round (Ab3-Eb5)
Jesus Wept (F3-Ab4)
Rainbow (A3-D5)
Angel by the Wings (G#3-D#5)
Magic (E3-D5)
Together (D4-C5)
Salted Wound (G3-G4)
Confetti (Ab3-Db5)
Satisfied (G3-C5)
I'm Still Here (F#3-A4)
Big Girls Cry (G4-A5)
Eye of the Needle (G#3-C#5)
Courage to Change (F#3-C#5)
Kill and Run (F#3-D5)
Move Your Body (G3-C5)
Free Me (A3-F#5)
Burn the Pages (D4-C5)

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