Lana Del Rey vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

C3 - C#6

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
I Can Fly (C3-C5)
User likes: Starry Night

Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
Cola (B3-C#6)
User likes: Starry Night

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Voice types

Based on their range the artist can perform songs for:

Contralto (F3-F5)

Mezzo-soprano (A3-A5)

Soprano (C4-C6)

More songs by the artist

Summertime Sadness (C#3-C#5)
User likes: Joelle Phoebe W Belu Piantanida Sude Zeynep Nur Ünal Starry Night you were my abience. Angel Luna alexia tomás zc flip dli

Blue Jeans (F3-F5)
User likes: Phoebe W Emily Morley Sude Starry Night you were my abience. alexia carlie xoxo

Dark Paradise (B3-C#5)
User likes: Sude Starry Night you were my abience.

Brooklyn Baby (F3-Eb5)
User likes: Z E L Starry Night

Video Games (E3-A4)
User likes: Sude Starry Night

Radio (D3-A4)
User likes: Ezgi Arıncı Starry Night

Young & Beautiful (D3-A4)
User likes: Sude Starry Night

Ultraviolence (F3-A4)
User likes: Sude Starry Night

Born to Die (E3-A4)
User likes: Sude Starry Night

The Blackest Day (E3-C#5)
User likes: Belu Piantanida Starry Night

National Anthem (G3-Bb4)
User likes: Sude Starry Night

Bel Air (E3-C5)
User likes: Ezgi Arıncı Starry Night

Gods and Monsters (F#3-D#4)
User likes: Starry Night Katie Langon

West Coast (E3-C#5)
User likes: Sude Starry Night

Money Power Glory (D3-F5)
User likes: Dua Zia Starry Night

Happiness is a butterfly (A3-D5)
User likes: Z E L

Cruel World (A3-A4)
User likes: Katie Langon

Off To the Races (E3-G5)
User likes: Starry Night

Yayo (Eb3-Eb5)
User likes: Starry Night

Ride (F3-E5)
User likes: Starry Night

Body Electric (B3-C#5)
User likes: Starry Night

The Other Woman (D3-F5)
User likes: Starry Night

Salvatore (D3-C#5)
User likes: Z E L

This Is What Makes Us Girls (D3-C5)
User likes: Starry Night

Blue Velvet (C3-Eb4)
User likes: Jayden Matos

Art Deco (A3-E5)
User likes: Z E L

American (E3-D5)
User likes: Starry Night

Diet Mountain Dew (Ab3-C5)
User likes: Starry Night

High by the Beach (G3-D5)
User likes: Z E L

Pretty When You Cry (A#3-F#5)
User likes: Starry Night

Old Money (D3-G4)
User likes: Starry Night

F**ked My Way To the Top (F3-D5)
User likes: Starry Night

Sad Girl (Bb3-D5)
User likes: Starry Night

Shades of Cool (A3-D5)
User likes: Starry Night

Big Eyes (B3-Eb5)
User likes: Starry Night

Once Upon a Dream (D4-F5)
User likes: Starry Night

Honeymoon (F3-C5)
User likes: Belu Piantanida

Black Beauty (E3-D5)
User likes: Starry Night

Million Dollar Man (G#3-A#4)
User likes: Starry Night

Doin' Time (F3-D5)

Swan Song (C#3-D#5)

Lolita (G3-Bb4)

Season of the Witch (F#3-E5)

Let Me Love You Like a Woman (F3-D5)

Looking for America (E3-B4)

Freak (Ab3-C5)

Venice Bitch (G3-G4)

Love (F3-Db5)

Lucky Ones (A3-E5)

24 (E3-E5)

Terrence Loves You (D3-E5)

Without You (Gb3-Db5)

The greatest (D3-C5)

Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind (D3-B4)

hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it (D3-C5)

Music to Watch Boys To (E3-D#5)

Lust for Life (F3-C6)

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (D3-G4)

Change (G3-C5)

Mariners Apartment Complex (E3-G#4)

Chemtrails Over the Country Club (E3-C5)

White Dress (E3-E5)

Religion (G3-E5)

God Knows I Tried (E3-Eb5)

Norman f*****g Rockwell (E3-E5)

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