A collection of alternative ccm songs for contralto voice

Francesca Battistelli - Beautiful, Beautiful (G3-D5)

Addison Road - What Do I Know of Holy (A3-D5)

BarlowGirl - Beautiful Ending (A3-E5)

Francesca Battistelli - Lead Me To the Cross (F#3-D5)

Natalie Grant - Alive (G3-D5)

Francesca Battistelli - Heaven Everywhere (A3-A4)

Mindy Gledhill - Anchor (G3-C5)

Sara Groves - He's Always Been Faithful (A3-D5)

Superchick - Beauty From Pain (F3-Eb5)

Britt Nicole - All This Time (B3-D#5)

Britt Nicole - Walk on the Water (Bb3-Eb5)

FFH - On My Cross (Bb3-F5)

Plumb - Cut (A3-C#5)

Plumb - Need You Now (How Many Times) (A3-C5)

Addison Road - Hope Now (A3-D5)

Addison Road - This Little Light of Mine (C4-C5)

Francesca Battistelli - Free to Be Me (F3-C5)

Heather Williams - Hallelujah (G3-E5)

Mandisa - Born for This (G3-F5)

Mandy Moore - Only Hope (G3-E5)

Mindy Gledhill - All About Your Heart (A3-B4)

Stacie Orrico - (There's Gotta Be) More To Life (F3-Eb5)

Superchick - Stand In the Rain (G#3-B4)

BarlowGirl - Tears Fall (G#3-G#4)

Britt Nicole - Gold (Ab3-F5)

Britt Nicole - Set the World on Fire (F#3-E5)

FFH - Follow Love (Gb3-Bb4)

FFH - I'm Alright (G3-D5)

FFH - You Write the Words (A3-D5)

Francesca Battistelli - Angel By Your Side (F3-D5)

Francesca Battistelli - Forever Love (G#3-C#5)

Francesca Battistelli - Hundred More Years (Gb3-Db5)

Francesca Battistelli - Strangely Dim (Ab3-Eb5)

Francesca Battistelli - Time in Between (F#3-D5)

Francesca Battistelli - You're Here (Ab3-Db5)

Jamie Grace - Show Jesus (G#3-C#5)

Jamie Grace - You Lead (G3-D5)

Jennifer Deibler - In the Calm (B3-A4)

JJ Heller - What Love Really Means (G3-Bb4)

Krystal Meyers - The Beauty of Grace (A3-C5)

Plumb - I Don't Deserve You (G#3-B4)

Plumb - In My Arms (C4-D5)

Rebecca St. James - Forgive Me (A3-A4)

Addison Road - All That Matters (A3-E5)

Addison Road - Fight Another Day (A3-D5)

BarlowGirl - Here's My Life (A3-D5)

BarlowGirl - The Guy Song (G3-C#5)

Bethany Dillon - My Love Hasn't Grown Cold (A3-D5)

Bethany Dillon - New (G#3-B4)

Britt Nicole - Hanging On (G3-D5)

Britt Nicole - The Lost Get Found (G#3-D#5)

Britt Nicole - The Sun Is Rising (D4-C5)

Britt Nicole - You (Bb3-C5)

Crystal Lewis - I'd Rather Have Jesus (Bb3-F5)

Crystal Lewis - My Tribute (G3-F5)

Dara MacLean - Suitcases (C4-F5)

FFH - Astronaut (F3-F5)

FFH - Before It Was Said (G3-E5)

FFH - Big Fish (C4-D5)

FFH - Good To Be Free (B3-E5)

FFH - Have I Ever I Told You? (B3-E5)

FFH - His Love Goes on Forever (C4-E5)

FFH - I'll Join the Rocks (B3-E5)

FFH - It's a Good Day (Ab3-Db5)

FFH - Millionaire (F3-Eb5)

FFH - Never Gonna Be Alone (C4-F5)

FFH - One of These Days (B3-F5)

FFH - Only You (D4-E5)

FFH - Power In His Blood (A3-E5)

FFH - Ready for a World (Bb3-F5)

FFH - Ready To Fly (Bb3-E5)

FFH - So Is His Love (C4-F5)

FFH - The Only Hand You Need (G3-F5)

FFH - Waltz for Jennifer (C#4-D5)

FFH - Wholly To You (C4-E5)

Francesca Battistelli - Angel By Your Side (Unplugged) (F3-D5)

Francesca Battistelli - Be Born in Me (A3-D5)

Francesca Battistelli - Behind the Scenes (F3-C5)

Francesca Battistelli - Blue Sky (G3-D5)

Francesca Battistelli - Constant (G3-C5)

Francesca Battistelli - Don't Miss It (F#3-D5)

Francesca Battistelli - Hold Out for Love (Ab3-Eb5)

Francesca Battistelli - It's Your Life (G3-D5)

Francesca Battistelli - Keep Me Guessing (F#3-B4)

Francesca Battistelli - Motion of Mercy (F3-F5)

Francesca Battistelli - My Paper Heart (G3-C5)

Francesca Battistelli - So Long (F#3-B4)

Francesca Battistelli - Someday Soon (G3-C5)

Francesca Battistelli - Unpredictable (F#3-B4)

Francesca Battistelli - Where Were You? (Ab3-Db5)

Francesca Battistelli - Write Your Story (A3-D5)

Francesca Battistelli - You Never Are (F#3-B4)

Ginny Owens - With Me (A3-E5)

Hillsong Kids - I'm So Glad / You Are Here (The Same Power) (G3-B4)

Jaci Velasquez - I'm Not Looking Down (A3-B4)

Jaci Velasquez - Reason To Believe (B3-B4)

Jaci Velasquez - Supernatural (A3-E5)

Jaci Velasquez - Tonight (A3-C5)

Jaci Velasquez - With All My Soul (A3-C#5)

Jamie Grace - 1945 (G3-D5)

Jamie Grace - Beautiful Day (A3-B4)

Jamie Grace - God Girl (Bb3-Eb5)

Jamie Grace - One Song At a Time (F#3-B4)

Jennifer Knapp - A Little More (G3-D5)

Jennifer Knapp - Breathe on Me (A3-B4)

Jennifer Knapp - Hold Me Now (G3-D5)

Jennifer Knapp - Into You (A3-F5)

Jennifer Knapp - Martyrs & Thieves (F3-C5)

Jennifer Knapp - Ocean of Mercy (A3-E5)

Jennifer Knapp - Refine Me (F#3-B4)

Jennifer Knapp - Say Won't You Say (Bb3-C5)

Jesus Culture - Alleluia (F3-F5)

Jesus Culture - Center of Your Love (F#3-B4)

Jesus Culture - In the River (F3-C5)

Jesus Culture - Let It Echo (Heaven Fall) (F4-F5)

Jesus Culture - Rooftops (F#3-A4)

JJ Heller - You Already Know (G3-C5)

Julie Miller - Manger Throne (Bb3-C5)

Kate Miner - Father God I Wonder (B3-C5)

Kristene DiMarco - Carry Me (G3-C5)

Kristene DiMarco - Eyes on You, Lord (G3-B4)

Kristene DiMarco - It Is Well (F#3-B4)

Kristene DiMarco - Jesus, Your Love (A3-B4)

Kristene DiMarco - Lily's Song (Praise the Lord) (B3-G#4)

Kristene DiMarco - Mighty (A3-A4)

Kristene DiMarco - Over and Over Again (G3-B4)

Kristene DiMarco - Song of Your Love (C4-C5)

Kristene DiMarco - Wonderful (B3-A4)

Krystal Meyers - Anticonformity (B3-C#5)

Krystal Meyers - Can't Stay (B3-B4)

Krystal Meyers - Collide (C4-C5)

Krystal Meyers - Fall To Pieces (Ab3-F5)

Krystal Meyers - Fire (F#3-D#5)

Krystal Meyers - Lovely Traces (G3-D5)

Krystal Meyers - My Savior (A3-C#5)

Krystal Meyers - Reflections of You (G3-E5)

Krystal Meyers - Rescue Me (G3-E5)

Krystal Meyers - Sing for Me (Ab3-Db5)

Krystal Meyers - The Way To Begin (G3-Eb5)

Krystal Meyers - Together (G#3-B4)

Mindy Gledhill - Crazy Love (Ab3-Db5)

Mindy Gledhill - I Do Adore (A3-C#5)

Mindy Gledhill - I Will Rest In You (F3-C5)

Moriah Peters - You Carry Me (A3-D5)

Nichole Nordeman - Lay It Down (G3-A4)

Out of Eden - Day Like Today (G3-D5)

Out of Eden - Every Move I Make (A3-D#5)

Plumb - God-Shaped Hole (G3-C5)

Plumb - I Can't Do This (B3-D5)

Plumb - One Drop (A3-B4)

Plumb - Stranded (G3-A4)

Plumb - Taken (F3-C5)

Rebecca St. James - Alive (A3-E5)

Rebecca St. James - Beautiful Stranger (A3-D5)

Rebecca St. James - God Help Me (F3-C5)

Rebecca St. James - I Thank You (F#3-B4)

Rebecca St. James - Lion (A3-F5)

Rebecca St. James - Shadowlands (F#3-B4)

Rebecca St. James - Yes, I Believe In God (A3-B4)

Rebecca St. James - You Are Loved (Bb3-Eb5)

Sangah Noona - Lord, I Need You (G3-F5)

Sara Groves - All Right Here (Bb3-G4)

Sara Groves - First Song That I Sing (A3-B4)

Sara Groves - Fly (A3-C#5)

Sara Groves - How Is It Between Us (F3-C5)

Sara Groves - Just One More Thing (G3-A4)

Sara Groves - Less Like Scars (F#3-B4)

Sara Groves - Maybe There's a Loving God (G3-B4)

Sara Groves - Remember Surrender (G3-G4)

Sara Groves - The Word (F3-A4)

Sara Groves - This Peace (G3-A4)

Sixpence None the Richer - A Million Parachutes (G3-Bb4)

Sixpence None the Richer - Anything (A3-D5)

Sixpence None the Richer - Breathe (C4-C5)

Sixpence None the Richer - Breathe Your Name (C4-E5)

Sixpence None the Richer - Dizzy (B3-D5)

Sixpence None the Richer - Down and Out of Time (D4-C#5)

Sixpence None the Richer - Easy To Ignore (A3-A4)

Sixpence None the Richer - Eyes Wide Open (G#3-C5)

Sixpence None the Richer - I Can't Catch You (B3-C5)

Sixpence None the Richer - I've Been Waiting (Bb3-D5)

Sixpence None the Richer - Love (B3-A4)

Sixpence None the Richer - Melody of You (A3-C#5)

Sixpence None the Richer - Moving on (E4-D5)

Sixpence None the Richer - Paralyzed (C#4-C#5)

Sixpence None the Richer - Puedo Escribir (D4-C5)

Sixpence None the Richer - Sister, Mother (A#3-B4)

Sixpence None the Richer - Still Burning (Ab3-Eb5)

Sixpence None the Richer - Tension Is a Passing Note (B3-G4)

Sixpence None the Richer - The Last Christmas Without You (D4-D5)

Sixpence None the Richer - The Lines of My Earth (B3-B4)

Sixpence None the Richer - The Waiting Room (Ab3-Bb4)

Sixpence None the Richer - Tonight (A3-D5)

Sixpence None the Richer - Waiting on the Sun (G3-D5)

Sixpence None the Richer - We Have Forgotten (A3-C#5)

Stacie Orrico - Bounce Back (A3-D5)

Stacie Orrico - I Could Be the One (F3-Eb5)

Stacie Orrico - Security (Ab3-Db5)

Superchick - I Belong To You (G3-A4)

Superchick - Pure (B3-B4)

Superchick - So Bright (Stand Up) (F#3-C#5)

Superchick - We Live (G3-D5)

ZOEgirl - About You (A3-E5)

ZOEgirl - Anything Is Possible (A3-F5)

ZOEgirl - Constantly (C4-D5)

ZOEgirl - Dismissed (G3-C5)

ZOEgirl - Give Me One Reason (F3-C5)

ZOEgirl - I Believe (F3-E5)

ZOEgirl - Jesus, Lover of My Soul (B3-C5)

ZOEgirl - Living for You (G3-E5)

ZOEgirl - No You (G3-D5)

ZOEgirl - With All of My Heart (G3-Eb5)