A collection of adult contemporary songs for baritone voice

Al Stewart - Year of the Cat (D3-F4)

Josh Groban - When You Say You Love Me (B2-A4)

Michael Bublé - Always on My Mind (A2-D4)

Michael Bublé - Me and Mrs. Jones (A2-A4)

REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling (E3-A4)

Il Divo - Mama (A#2-A4)

Josh Groban - Awake (D#3-G#4)

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again Naturally (B2-G4)

Josh Groban - Broken Vow (A2-A4)

Josh Groban - Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso (C3-F4)

Kenny Rogers - Lucille (A2-A#3)

Lionel Richie - All Night Long (D#3-G#4)

Lionel Richie - Hello (E3-F4)

Loggins & Messina - Danny's Song (D3-F#4)

Major Harris - Love Won't Let Me Wait (E3-G4)

Michael Bublé - It Had Better Be Tonight (E3-G#4)

Michael Bublé - Save the Last Dance for Me (A#2-F#4)

Michael W. Smith - Here I Am to Worship (D3-E4)

Michael W. Smith - The Stand (F3-D4)

Barry Manilow - Can't Smile Without You (B2-F4)

Barry Manilow - I Am Your Child (C3-E4)

Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (A3-A4)

Bruce Hornsby - The End of the Innocence (D#3-G#4)

Christopher Cross - Ride Like the Wind (A#2-A#3)

David Pomeranz - It's In Every One of Us (D3-G4)

George Michael - I Can't Make You Love Me (D3-A4)

James Taylor - Sweet Baby James (A2-C#4)

Jim Brickman - Beautiful (As You) (D#3-A4)

Joe Cocker - With a Little Help from My Friends (E3-G4)

Josh Groban - Ave Maria (F3-F4)

Josh Groban - Brave (B2-G#4)

Josh Groban - Hymne a L'Amour (C3-G#4)

Josh Groban - Mi Mancherai (Il Postino) (C#3-G4)

Josh Groban - Si Volvieras a Mi (A#2-G#4)

Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up (C3-G4)

Lionel Richie - Stuck on You (A#2-F4)

Michael Bublé - A Song for You (A2-G#4)

Michael Bublé - Everything (A2-F#4)

Michael Bublé - Georgia on My Mind (A#2-G4)

Michael Bublé - Wonderful Tonight (A#2-G#4)

The Bee Gees - I Started a Joke (D3-G4)

Adam Lambert - Mad World (C3-D4)

Air Supply - All Out of Love (G3-A4)

Amos Lee - Arms of a Woman (E3-F#4)

Andrea Bocelli - Caro Gesù Bambino (B2-C4)

Andrea Bocelli - Pero Te Extrano (E3-G4)

Andrea Bocelli - Romanza (C3-A4)

Art Garfunkel - 99 Miles From L.A. (G3-E4)

Backstreet Boys - Incomplete (A2-E4)

Barry Manilow - Just Arrived (C3-F4)

Barry Manilow - One Voice (C3-G4)

Bryan Adams - I'll Always Be Right There (E3-F#4)

Burt Bacharach - This Guy's In Love With You (C3-G4)

David Archuleta - My Kind of Perfect (E3-A4)

Don Henley - Take a Picture of This (G#3-G#4)

Enrique Iglesias - Somebody's Me (D#3-G#4)

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (Live Version) (D3-E4)

George Benson - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You (C#3-G#4)

George Michael - Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (D#3-G4)

James Taylor - Belfast To Boston (B2-D4)

James Taylor - That Lonesome Road (D3-D4)

James Taylor - Up on the Roof (C3-F4)

Jamie Cullum - Wheels (B2-F#4)

Jim Brickman - The Bare Necessities (C3-A4)

Josh Groban - All 'Improvviso Amore (B2-A4)

Josh Groban - Galileo (Someone Like You) (B2-A4)

Josh Groban - Now or Never (A#2-G#4)

Josh Groban - O Holy Night (B2-F#4)

Josh Groban - Per Te (D#3-A4)

Josh Groban - Petit Papa Noël (C3-D#4)

Josh Groban - Remember When It Rained (A#2-G#4)

Josh Groban - The Little Drummer Boy (D3-G#4)

Josh Groban - Verita (C#3-G#4)

Josh Wilson - Before the Morning (D3-F#4)

Josh Wilson - Fall Apart (C3-G4)

Josh Wilson - I Refuse (A2-G4)

Journey - When You Love a Woman (A2-B3)

Kathy Troccoli - He Will Make a Way (A2-D#4)

Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds - When Can I See You (A2-D4)

Kenny Rogers - A Soldier's King (A#2-F4)

Lee Greenwood - The Pledge of Allegiance (D3-A4)

Leonard Cohen - Almost Like the Blues (D3-G4)

Leonel Garcia - Entra En Mi Vida (C3-G4)

Lionel Richie - Ballerina Girl (C3-G4)

Lionel Richie - Deep River Woman (D#3-F4)

Luther Vandross - Superstar (D3-A4)

Mark Schultz - Different Kind of Christmas (C#3-F#4)

Matthew West - Something To Say (E3-F#4)

Michael Bublé - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (C#3-F#4)

Michael Bublé - Cry Me a River (D3-E4)

Michael Bublé - Hold On (A#2-G4)

Michael Bublé - Love You Anymore (A#2-F#4)

Michael Bublé - That's Life (B2-G#4)

Michael W. Smith - There Is None Like You (D3-D#4)

Mike and the Mechanics - The Living Years (C3-F4)

Morris Albert - Feelings (D3-E4)

Neil Diamond - Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show (C3-F4)

Neil Diamond - Desirée (C3-F4)

Patrick Swayze - She's Like the Wind (B2-E4)

Phil Collins - One More Night (D3-A4)

Randy Newman - A Fool In Love (A2-G4)

Rick Astley - Together Forever (F#3-G4)

Ronan Keating - Father and Son (A2-F#4)

Ronnie Freeman - Satisfied (D3-A4)

Seal - A Change Is Gonna Come (B2-A4)

Seal - Don't Cry (B2-A4)

Seal - Lips Like Sugar (B2-F#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - I'll Take Care of You (B2-E4)

Steve Tyrell - One Less Bell To Answer (A2-D#4)

Steve Tyrell - Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head (C3-C#4)

Sting - Balulalow (D#3-F4)

Sting - Be Still My Beating Heart (E3-G4)

Sting - Fields of Gold (D3-D4)

Sting - Moon Over Bourbon Street (B2-C4)

The Bee Gees - Don't Forget To Remember (B2-F4)

The Prince of Egypt - Through Heaven's Eyes (B2-G#4)

Tim McGraw - Real Good Man (A2-F#4)

Toto - Georgy Porgy (E3-E4)

Toto - I'll Be Over You (F3-F4)

Toto - Pamela (A2-C4)

UB40 - Kingston Town (A2-D4)

Van Morrison - Full Force Gale (A3-G4)

98 Degrees - Christmas Wish (C3-G4)

98 Degrees - Give Me Just One Night (G3-A4)

98 Degrees - I Do (Cherish You) (D#3-G#4)

98 Degrees - If Every Day Could Be Christmas (D#3-A4)

98 Degrees - This Gift (D3-G#4)

Adam Friedman - What If (C3-A4)

Adventures in Love - We Remember Love (A2-C#4)

Air Supply - Even the Nights Are Better (D3-F4)

Air Supply - Every Woman in the World (D#3-A4)

Air Supply - Here I Am (E3-A4)

Air Supply - Two Less Lonely People In the World (E3-G#4)

Alex Parks - Beautiful (A#2-A#3)

Al Jarreau - Our Love (C3-G4)

All-4-One - Beautiful (As You) (D#3-A4)

America - Amber Cascades (E3-E4)

America - Another Try (A#2-D#4)

America - Lonely People (F#3-G4)

America - Muskrat Love (B2-E4)

America - Paradise (B2-E4)

America - Sandman (E3-D4)

America - The Border (A#3-G4)

America - Tin Man (E3-A4)

America - Today's the Day (B2-E4)

America - Ventura Highway (E3-F#4)

America - You Can Do Magic (D3-G4)

Amos Lee - Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight (C#3-F#4)

Andrea Bocelli - Amo soltanto te (C3-G4)

Andrea Bocelli - Bellissime Stelle (B2-G4)

Andrea Bocelli - Júrame (A#2-F4)

Andrea Bocelli - La Luna Che Non C'è (C#3-A4)

Andrea Bocelli - L'Appuntamento (B2-F4)

Andrea Bocelli - Melodramma (B2-A4)

Andrea Bocelli - Momentos (B2-E4)

Andrea Bocelli - 'O Mare E Tu (A2-F4)

Andrea Bocelli - Porque Tu Me Acostumbraste (A#2-F4)

Andrea Bocelli - Por Ti Volaré (Time to Say Goodbye) (C3-A4)

Andy Grammer - I Am Yours (A#2-G4)

Antonello Venditti - Benvenuti in paradiso (F#3-A4)

Antonello Venditti - Ricordati di me (C3-A4)

Art Garfunkel - A Heart in New York (D3-F4)

Atlantic Starr - Masterpiece (C3-F4)

Babyface - For the Cool In You (F#3-C#4)

Babyface - How Come, How Long (B2-E4)

Babyface - Reason for Breathing (B2-A4)

Babyface - Soon As I Get Home (B2-A4)

Babyface - Whip Appeal (E3-A4)

Backstreet Boys - Helpless When She Smiles (C3-G#4)

Backstreet Boys - I Need You Tonight (B2-G#4)

Backstreet Boys - I Still... (A2-A4)

Backstreet Boys - Love Will Keep You Up All Night (A#2-G4)

Backstreet Boys - No Place (C3-G4)

Backstreet Boys - Panic (E3-A4)

Backstreet Boys - Siberia (C3-F4)

Backstreet Boys - Trouble Is (A2-A4)

Backstreet Boys - Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon (A2-F4)

Barry Manilow - Beautiful Music (A2-F4)

Barry Manilow - Brooklyn Blues (D3-F4)

Barry Manilow - Could It Be Magic (C3-D#4)

Barry Manilow - Daybreak (C3-F4)

Barry Manilow - Even Now (A2-F4)

Barry Manilow - I Don't Want to Walk Without You (C3-F4)

Barry Manilow - If I Should Love Again (A#2-E4)

Barry Manilow - I Guess There Ain't No Santa Claus (C3-D#4)

Barry Manilow - I Made It Through the Rain (F3-E4)

Barry Manilow - It's Just Another New Year's Eve (C3-D4)

Barry Manilow - I Was a Fool (A#2-E4)

Barry Manilow - I Write the Songs (B2-F#4)

Barry Manilow - Just Remember (C3-D4)

Barry Manilow - Keep Each Other Warm (A2-E4)

Barry Manilow - Lay Me Down (C3-F4)

Barry Manilow - Let's Hang On! (D#3-F4)

Barry Manilow - Mandy (G3-G4)

Barry Manilow - New York City Rhythm (A2-F4)

Barry Manilow - No Other Love (A#2-D#4)

Barry Manilow - Please Don't Be Scared (A2-F4)

Barry Manilow - Ready to Take a Chance Again (C#3-F4)

Barry Manilow - Ships (D#3-G4)

Barry Manilow - Singin' With the Big Bands (A2-F4)

Barry Manilow - Some Kind of Friend (A3-G4)

Barry Manilow - Somewhere In the Night (A#2-G4)

Barry Manilow - Sweet Heaven (D3-F#4)

Barry Manilow - Sweet Life (D3-G4)

Barry Manilow - The Bells of Christmas (C3-D#4)

Barry Manilow - The Best of Me (A#2-F4)

Barry Manilow - The Old Songs (A#2-F#4)

Barry Manilow - This One's for You (A2-F#4)

Barry Manilow - Tryin' to Get the Feeling Again (C3-G4)

Barry Manilow - Weekend in New England (G3-A4)

Barry Manilow - When I Wanted You (C#3-G4)

Barry Manilow - When the Good Times Come Again (A#2-F#4)

Barry Manilow - When the Meadow Was Bloomin' (C3-F4)

Barry Manilow - Where Does the Time Go? (C3-D#4)

Barry Manilow - Who Needs To Dream (A2-E4)

Bebo Norman - Be My Covering (A2-G4)

Bebo Norman - Break Me Through (A2-F#4)

Bebo Norman - Disappear (A2-G4)

Bebo Norman - Great Light of the World (C#3-G#4)

Bebo Norman - How You Love Me (C#3-C4)

Bebo Norman - Into the Day (C3-G4)

Bebo Norman - Try (A2-D4)

Big & Rich - Lost in This Moment (G3-A4)

Billy Joel - A Matter of Trust (A2-G4)

Billy Joel - Christie Lee (G3-A4)

Billy Joel - Keeping the Faith (D3-G4)

Billy Joel - Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) (D3-D4)

Billy Ocean - Can We Go 'Round Again (G#3-G#4)

B. J. Thomas - Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head (C3-E4)

Bon Jovi - Lost Highway (D3-G4)

Bon Jovi - Seat Next To You (F3-G4)

Bon Jovi - Summertime (D3-E4)

Bon Jovi - We Got It Going On (G3-G4)

Boyz II Men - In the Still of the Nite (I'll Remember) (C3-C4)

Boyz II Men - It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday (C#3-A4)

Boyz II Men - Water Runs Dry (D3-G4)

Boyzone - Arms of Mary (D#3-D#4)

Boyzone - Baby Can I Hold You? (F3-G4)

Boyzone - Better (A#2-G4)

Boyzone - Father and Son (D#3-C4)

Boyzone - It's Time (A#2-G4)

Boyzone - Love Me for a Reason (E3-A4)

Boyzone - Picture of You (G3-F4)

Boyzone - When You Say Nothing at All (B2-E4)

Boyzone - You Needed Me (C3-F4)

Boz Scaggs - Breakdown Dead Ahead (E3-G4)

Boz Scaggs - Jojo (D#3-G#4)

Boz Scaggs - Look What You've Done to Me (A2-G4)

Boz Scaggs - Slow Dancer (A2-F#4)

Brian Littrell - My Answer Is You (E3-A4)

Brian Littrell - Over My Head (D3-G4)

Brian McKnight - Nobody (D3-G4)

Bruce Hornsby - Big Rumble (D3-G4)

Bruce Hornsby - Cruise Control (G3-G4)

Bruce Hornsby - Fields of Gray (D3-E4)

Bruce Hornsby - Hot House Ball (D#3-F4)

Bruce Hornsby - Long Tall Cool One (E3-F4)

Bruce Hornsby - Passing Through (C#3-G#4)

Bruce Hornsby - Rainbow's Cadillac (A#2-D#4)

Bruce Hornsby - Spider Fingers (F3-A4)

Bruce Hornsby - Swing Street (D#3-F4)

Bruce Hornsby - Talk of the Town (A2-D4)

Bruce Hornsby - The Long Race (E3-A4)

Bruce Hornsby - The Red Plains (D3-G4)

Bruce Hornsby - The Tango King (C#3-A4)

Bruce Hornsby - The Tide Will Rise (F3-G4)

Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is (D3-E4)

Bruce Hornsby - Walk in the Sun (E3-F#4)

Bruce Hornsby - What a Time (C3-F4)

Bryan Adams - All for Love (G3-A4)

Bryan Adams - Black Pearl (F#3-A4)

Bryan Adams - Broken Wings (E3-G#4)

Bryan Adams - Cloud Number Nine (B2-G4)

Bryan Adams - Cuts Like a Knife (A3-A4)

Bryan Adams - I'm Ready (F3-G4)

Bryan Adams - It Ain't a Party…If You Can't Come Around (D3-A4)

Bryan Adams - (I Wanna Be) Your Underwear (D3-G4)

Bryan Adams - Somethin' To Believe In (F#3-A4)

Bryan Adams - Star (D3-G4)

Bryan Adams - Straight From the Heart (G3-A4)

Bryan Adams - Summer of '69 (A3-A4)

Bryan Adams - Walk On By (D3-G4)

Bryan Adams - When You're Gone (G3-A4)

Bryan Duncan - A Child's Love (A#2-C4)

Bryan Duncan - Don't Look Away (B2-E4)

Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love (A3-F#4)

Bryn Terfel - My Little Welsh Home (D#3-D4)

Burt Bacharach - Making Love (A#2-D#4)

Burt Bacharach - Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head (C3-E4)

Cat Stevens - Father and Son (A2-F#4)

Celtic Thunder - I'll Tell Me Ma / Muirsheen Durkin / Courtin in the Kitchen / The Holy Ground (A2-G4)

Celtic Thunder - Just a Song at Twilight (B2-D4)

Celtic Thunder - Mull of Kintyre (B2-G4)

Celtic Thunder - My Boy (A2-E4)

Celtic Thunder - Remember Me (Recuerdame) (B2-G4)

Celtic Thunder - Ride On (A2-D#3)

Celtic Thunder - Tears of Hercules (D3-G#4)

Celtic Thunder - The Island (F3-A4)

Chicago - Alive Again (A#2-C4)

Chicago - Brand New Love Affair Part II (D3-B3)

Chicago - Child's Prayer (C3-F4)

Chicago - Come In from the Night (D3-A4)

Chicago - Dreamin' Home (A2-F#3)

Chicago - Fancy Colours (G#3-A4)

Chicago - Flight 602 (A#2-B3)

Chicago - Follow Me (A2-C4)

Chicago - Forever (C3-F#4)

Chicago - Gently I'll Wake You (F3-E4)

Chicago - Get Away (E3-A3)

Chicago - Gone Long Gone (G3-A4)

Chicago - Hideaway (B2-D4)

Chicago - Hot Streets (C#3-E4)

Chicago - I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love (A2-A#3)

Chicago - I Stand Up (G3-G4)

Chicago - Look Away (E3-A4)

Chicago - Loser With a Broken Heart (A2-C4)

Chicago - Mama Take (B2-A3)

Chicago - Manipulation (G3-G4)

Chicago - Movin' In (G3-A4)

Chicago - No Tell Lover (C3-C4)

Chicago - Off To Work (B2-A3)

Chicago - Once or Twice (F3-G4)

Chicago - One from the Heart (F3-A4)

Chicago - Only Time Can Heal the Wounded (D#3-A4)

Chicago - Over and Over (G3-A4)

Chicago - Paradise Alley (A2-A3)

Chicago - Policeman (F3-D#4)

Chicago - Prima Donna (B2-B3)

Chicago - Rediscovery (C3-C4)

Chicago - Something in This City Changes People (C#3-C4)

Chicago - Song of the Evergreens (E3-G4)

Chicago - Take a Chance (D#3-G4)

Chicago - The Woman Don't Want To Love Me (B2-B3)

Chicago - Till the End of Time (G3-G4)

Chicago - Upon Arrival (A3-A4)

Chicago - Uptown (E3-A4)

Chicago - Victorious (G3-E4)

Chicago - We Can Stop the Hurtin' (E3-F4)

Chris De Burgh - A Spaceman Came Travelling (D3-A4)

Chris De Burgh - Borderline (C3-D4)

Chris De Burgh - Missing You (E3-A4)

Chris De Burgh - The Head and the Heart (D3-G4)

Chris Rea - Loving You (E3-E4)

Christopher Cross - Sailing (D3-D4)

Christopher Cross - Think of Laura (F#3-A4)

Claudio Baglioni - Avrai (A#2-A4)

Claudio Baglioni - Via (C3-G4)

Cody Karey - You Are the Song (C3-G4)

Coldplay - We All Fall in Love Sometimes (C3-G4)

Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night (F3-G#4)

Dan Fogelberg - Rhythm of the Rain (D3-G4)

D'Angelo - Chicken Grease (E3-F#4)

D'Angelo - One Mo'Gin (D#3-F4)

Dan Hill - Sometimes When We Touch (C3-G4)

Dan Hill - Sometimes When We Touch [Excerpt] (E3-F#4)

Daniel O'Donnell - He Took Your Place (D3-D#4)

Daniel O'Donnell - My Forever Friend (B2-D#4)

Daniel Powter - Free Loop (F3-A4)

Danny Wilson - Mary's Prayer (G3-G4)

Daryl Braithwaite - The Horses (F#3-G#4)

Dave Barnes - Family Tree (D3-E4)

Dave Koz - Show Me the Way - Piano Accompaniment (C#4-F#4)

Dave Mason - Will You Love Me Tomorrow? (F#3-G4)

David Essex - A Winter's Tale (C3-F4)

David Foster - Voices That Care (A#2-D4)

David Foster - Who's Holding Donna Now (E3-G4)

David Hasselhoff - Jump in My Car (D3-F#4)

Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further (E3-G4)

Dermot Kennedy - Days Like This (A#2-G#4)

Don Henley - For My Wedding (B2-E4)

Don Henley - The Heart of the Matter (A2-A3)

Don McLean - Bronco Bill's Lament (D3-G4)

Don McLean - Wonderful Baby (C#3-G4)

Donny Osmond - Whenever You're In Trouble (E3-G#4)

Drew Gasparini - On and On and On (A#2-D#4)

Drew Gasparini - The Last Loser in the Universe (D3-A4)

Ed Sheeran - Candle in the Wind (2018 Version) (B2-G#4)

Elton John - Bite Your Lip (C3-A3)

Elton John - Little Jeannie (A2-A#3)

Elton John - Take Me to the Pilot (A2-A3)

Elton John & Taron Egerton - (I'm Gonna) Love Me Again (D3-F4)

Elton John - Whenever You're Ready (A2-G3)

Elvis Costello - God Give Me Strength (B2-A4)

Elvis Presley - Steamroller (B2-G4)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Love Will Set You Free (A2-G#4)

Enrique Iglesias - Maybe (A2-A4)

Enrique Iglesias - Takin' Back My Love (A2-A4)

Enrique Iglesias - Tired of Being Sorry (C3-A#3)

Eric Clapton - Believe In Life (A#2-G#4)

Eric Clapton - Diamonds Made From Rain (F3-G4)

Eric Clapton - Forever Man (G3-A4)

Eric Clapton - Further on Up the Road (A#2-G4)

Eric Clapton - I Can't Stand It (G3-E4)

Eric Clapton - I've Got a Rock 'n' Roll Heart (A2-G4)

Eric Clapton - Knockin' On Heaven's Door (B2-F#4)

Eric Clapton - Lay Down Sally (D3-D4)

Eric Clapton - Let It Grow (A2-G4)

Eric Clapton - Love Comes to Everyone (D3-F#4)

Eric Clapton - May You Never (B2-E4)

Eric Clapton - My Father's Eyes (D3-E4)

Eric Clapton - My Very Good Friend, the Milkman (A#2-F4)

Eric Clapton - Ride the River (B2-C4)

Eric Clapton - Run Home To Me (E3-G#4)

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven (E3-E4)

Eric Clapton - Willie and the Hand Jive (A2-G#4)

Eric Clapton - Worried Life Blues (A2-G4)

Extreme - More Than Words (G#3-F#4)

Fausto Leali - Mi manchi (A2-G#4)

Frankie J. - How To Deal (D3-G4)

Frank Mills - When You Smile (C3-D4)

Frank Mills - Wish I Weren't Alone (F3-C4)

Frank Sinatra - You Will Be My Music (A#2-D#4)

Gareth Gates - Good Thing (F3-G4)

Gareth Gates - (I've Got No) Self Control (F3-G4)

Gareth Gates - One and Ever Love (E3-G4)

Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines - It Don't Matter To the Sun (D3-E4)

Gary Barlow - Dying Inside (D#3-G#4)

Gary Barlow - God (D3-G4)

Gary Barlow - Jump (E3-F#4)

Gary Barlow - Let Me Go (D3-F#4)

Gary Barlow - Requiem (C#3-A4)

Gary Barlow - Since I Saw You Last (D#3-F#4)

Gary Barlow - Small Town Girls (D3-A4)

Gary Barlow - This House (F#3-F#4)

Gary Barlow - We Like To Love (A2-A4)

Gary Chapman - Always (C3-F4)

Gavin James - Always (B2-A4)

Gene Pitney - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (C3-D#4)

Genesis - Anything She Does (F#3-A4)

Genesis - Hold on My Heart (D#3-G#4)

Genesis - Home By the Sea (E3-A4)

Genesis - Jesus He Knows Me (D3-G#4)

Genesis - Living Forever (G3-G4)

Genesis - Man on the Corner (C#3-F#4)

Genesis - Me and Sarah Jane (B2-A4)

Genesis - Never a Time (G3-A4)

Genesis - Since I Lost You (A3-A4)

Genesis - Taking It All Too Hard (D#3-A4)

Genesis - Tell Me Why (E3-A4)

GENTRI - A Million Dreams (C3-G#4)

GENTRI - And So It Goes (F3-A4)

GENTRI - Barricade (D3-G4)

GENTRI - Danny Boy (D3-A4)

GENTRI - Enough (C#3-G#4)

GENTRI - Let It Be (E3-A4)

GENTRI - Lullaby (B2-A4)

GENTRI - Nothing But You (B2-A4)

GENTRI - The Face (A3-A4)

GENTRI - The Rose (E3-A4)

Geoff Moore & The Distance - If You Could See What I See (D#3-D#4)

George Harrison - Got My Mind Set on You (F3-A4)

George Michael - A Different Corner (D3-G4)

George Michael - Faith (F#3-G#4)

George Michael - Fast Love (E3-G4)

George Michael - Father Figure (D3-G4)

George Michael - John and Elvis are Dead (E3-G4)

George Michael - Move On (A2-E4)

George Michael - Praying for Time (A#2-G4)

George Michael - Too Funky (A2-A4)

George Michael - Understand (D3-F4)

George Michael - You Have Been Loved (A2-E4)

George Vidal - Temblando (A2-E4)

Gianni Lorenti - L'amour le vent (B2-G4)

Gino Vannelli - Wheels of Life (F3-A4)

Glenn Frey - Part of Me, Part of You (D3-A4)

Goo Goo Dolls - Before It's Too Late (C3-G4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Baby Step Back (B2-B3)

Gordon Lightfoot - Carefree Highway (C3-D4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Salute (A Lot More Livin' to Do) (D3-D4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Sweet Guinevere (C3-D4)

Gordon Lightfoot - Tattoo (A2-D4)

Hall & Oates - Did It in a Minute (D3-G4)

Hall & Oates - Family Man (G3-A4)

Hall & Oates - Say It Isn't So (E3-A4)

Harry Chapin - If My Mary Were Here (D3-E4)

I Camaleonti - Eternità (D3-F#4)

Il Divo - All by Myself (Solo Otro Vez) (B2-G#4)

Il Divo - Come Primavera (D3-A4)

Il Divo - Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? (C3-A4)

Il Divo - La Luna (C3-A4)

Il Divo - La Vida Sin Amor (C3-G#4)

Il Divo - Musica (C3-G4)

Il Divo - The Power of Love (La Fuerza Mayor) (B2-A4)

Il Divo - Una Noche (C#3-G4)

Jackson Browne - Fountain of Sorrow (D3-F4)

Jackson Browne - Here Come Those Tears Again (A#2-G4)

Jackson Browne - Late for the Sky (C3-F4)

Jackson Browne - The Pretender (D3-G4)

Jack Wagner - All I Need (D3-A4)

James Blunt - 1973 (G#3-A4)

James Blunt - Annie (D3-G4)

James Blunt - Best Laid Plans (C3-G#4)

James Blunt - Bonfire Heart (E3-G4)

James Blunt - Calling Out Your Name (G3-A4)

James Blunt - Face the Sun (A3-G4)

James Blunt - Give Me Some Love (C3-D4)

James Blunt - I Can't Hear the Music (G3-G4)

James Blunt - I Really Want You (C3-G4)

James Blunt - Love Love Love (C#3-A4)

James Blunt - One of the Brightest Stars (E3-A4)