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About Pitch Training

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Didn't try Pitch Training yet? It's an educational pitch-matching game.

You can try it right now for free. The demo includes pitch accuracy test and first level of the game.

Wandering what's behind the paywall?

In this review we reveal some screenshots and explain:

  • What's the structure of Pitch Training and how it was designed
  • Does it make sense to use it if you have a singing teacher
  • Who is it good and not good for
  • The science behind practice exercises

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What pro users say about us

Singing Carrots is a playful way to vocal train. The tests are accurate and fun to do. The courses are easy to understand and to put to practice. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I'm a songwriter and music producer. I started using Singing Carrots to improve my vocal performance on demos, and I feel it has improved my abilities to hit pitches, as well as boosting my confidence in my voice overall. It's fun and easy to do every day. I can't recommend it enough

Bill Gathen

A really useful website. Great for training and has a cool vocal range test.

Christian C.

Very happy with this product. Improved my singing 💯✅ Subscription worth getting


It is great! I love it and it is very helpful! I would recommend it!

Kali Smart

I started using singing carrots about three months ago, and since then I haven't come across anything better. It's helped improve my accuracy in pitch and increase my vocal range. I'd definitely recommend to at least give it a try.😁

Faraja Sadi

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