Pitch Training: Tune, Range, and Rhythm Vocal Exercises for Singers of All Levels.

Voice Training in Pitch, Range, and Rhythm for Singers of All Levels.

Voice Training in Pitch, Range, and Rhythm for Singers of All Levels.

Vocal Exercises with Instant Visual Feedback Guarantee Results,
backed by data from 73450 successful users.

Vocal Exercises with Instant Visual Feedback Guarantee Results, backed by data from 73450 successful users.

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Simple Gameplay

  1. Listen to a given vocal exercise melody
  2. Sing along into the mic
  3. See your pitch and if you hit the right notes
Simple gameplay is at the heart of our approach, making it easy for anyone to start improving their singing skills. First, you'll listen to a vocal exercise melody, designed to gradually enhance your ability to tune and train your ear. As you sing along into the mic, our innovative software provides real-time feedback, allowing you to see not just your pitch but also how accurately you're hitting the musical notes. This interactive method is perfect for developing your absolute pitch, as each session is tailored to help you recognize and replicate pitches more effectively. Each exercise builds on the last, ensuring consistent improvement and a deeper understanding of musicality.
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Voice training tailored to your voice and skill level

  • The game starts with a test to check your current pitch accuracy
  • The exercises become more complex with each level of the game
  • Practice each melody until you master it or move to the next challenge
  • All voice exercises can be adjusted to fit within your vocal range
Our voice training is uniquely tailored to match your specific vocal range and skill level, whether you're a beginner or more advanced. Starting with a simple test to assess your current pitch accuracy, our game-like training allows you to engage with each exercise right in your browser, with no additional software required. You'll start with single notes, ensuring you can sing in-tune notes before progressing to more complex sequences. Each assignment is designed to be both challenging and rewarding, allowing for adjustments to perfectly fit your vocal capabilities. This personalized approach ensures that every singer can develop their skills at a comfortable pace, laying a solid foundation for advanced vocal techniques.
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Track your vocal training progress

See how much and how often you practice

Tracking your vocal training progress is crucial to improvement, as consistent monitoring enables you to see the tangible results of your efforts. By measuring how much and how often you practice, along with providing detailed charts of your vocal range test results, the amount of practice, and pitch accuracy, our platform offers a comprehensive view of your development. These data points are essential for understanding how well you are matching pitch with each next note or piece of music. Without this kind of feedback, it's challenging to identify areas that need more focus or to recognize when it’s time to advance to more complex exercises. Our tools are designed to give you the insights needed to steadily improve your singing skills, ensuring every practice session moves you closer to your vocal goals.
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Compete with other players

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Until week end
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1 Crazy singer 1405
2 Alejandro Vasquez 1031
3 Eliška Boháčiková 691
4 Анастасия Неважно 643
5 Avpboy 625
6 Anonymous Orange 608
7 The best 560
8 marta neri 560
9 BEES80 534
10 Amelia Fiocca 513
Compete with other players and stay engaged as you master different pitches! Our platform rewards each right note hit or exercise completed with carrot points, adding an element of fun and motivation to your practice sessions. With your microphone, you can join in on challenges with great musicians from around the world. However, it's important to us that competition remains healthy and supportive. We ensure that scoring is fair and balanced: hitting the highest note doesn’t necessarily score higher, preventing any push to sing out of your range or risk overstraining your voice. This approach promotes not just a great ear for music, but also a sustainable and safe way to learn and grow as a vocalist.
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Free bonus

Once you enroll in our voice training, you'll gain complimentary access to our educational singing series. Each week, you'll receive invaluable resources directly to your mailbox. These materials cover a broad range of topics beyond pitch matching, including performance tips, detailed guides on how to learn specific songs, and insights into the theory behind how our bodies produce sound. Additionally, you'll find extensive content on various singing techniques and vocal exercises, ensuring a comprehensive approach to both the theory and practice of singing. This rich array of resources is designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your vocal abilities in all aspects of singing.