Singing Guide: Yungen feat. Jess Glynne

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Yungen, known for his smooth and soulful vocals, has made his mark on the UK music scene with his R&B, hip hop, and grime-infused tracks. If you want to learn how to sing like Yungen, you'll need to work on a blend of vocal techniques that draw on breath control, tone, phrasing, and emotion.

Vocal Technique

Yungen's style of singing characteristically uses a lot of vibrato and falsetto. He typically sings in a mid to high range and utilizes a smooth and warm tonality that often incorporates melisma and runs as a melodic feature. Here are some tips to master his style:

Breath Control and Tone

To achieve Yungen's style, you will need to work on breath control and tone. Train your diaphragm and core muscles to support your breathing, and work with your natural vocal range to match Yungen's high-toned vocals. To improve your breath control, refer to breath support and breathing basics.


Yungen uses a lot of vibrato in his singing to give his voice a tremulous quality that enhances the emotive content of his songs. Vibrato requires the support of your breath control and a flexible voice. Practice your vibrato listening and performing along with the vocal exercises in both "Beggars Bounce" and "Diaphragm Bounce".


Yungen is known for his smooth and soulful style, which often incorporates falsetto voice to create a pleasing and unique sound. Falsetto requires a strong breath and clear voice, with a lot of control over the pitch. For good clear notes, working in the vocal range test is the best way to enhance the falsetto voice.

Song Selection

If you want to sing like Yungen, his songs are a great place to start. Two great examples to highlight Yungen's singing technique are "Mind On It" and "Take My Number." "Mind On It" showcases Yungen's skill in utilizing mixed registers, vocal control, and articulate articulation, while "Take My Number" features his use of vibrato, falsetto, and mixed voice control.

Singing Carrots’ Resources

To strengthen your Yungen-style singing, consider using Singing Carrots' tools and resources such as the educational singing course, where you can learn more about the basics of singing, as well as get more advanced tips with contemporary vocal techniques such as heavy modal, twang and belting. Moreover, use the pitch accuracy test and vocal pitch monitor to help you refine your tone and improve your pitch accuracy, which will both contribute to singing Yungen's style. Finally, the song search tool and vocal ranges of famous singers can be used to find new songs to sing and to explore how your vocal range compares with famous singers who may have similar styles to Yungen.

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