Singing Guide: Thomas Rhett feat. Maren Morris

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

To resonate your voice like Thomas Rhett’s, you need to know how he performs his music.

Thomas Rhett’s style of singing in most of his songs is Country-Pop, which involves melodic country music notes with some flavor of pop beats. He is famous for his skillful use of contrasting vocal registers in his songs. His highly resonant voice stands out for his innovative use of vocal range to deliver powerful ballads and soft numbers alike. In this article, we will discuss his unique vocal technique and suggest some practical Singing Carrots exercises and resources for you to sing like him.

Identifying Thomas Rhett's Unique Vocal Technique

Thomas Rhett’s vocal technique primarily involves controlling and manipulating his vocal registers. He smoothly transitions from his chest voice to his head voice while singing different pitches, creating a balanced vocal quality in his songs. Moreover, he is a master of falsettos, which he often uses to lighten-up slow numbers. One track that showcases his falsetto impressively is “Look What God Gave Her”. By hitting the highest notes with falsetto, he draws his listeners’ attention and charms them with the smoothest vocal transition from his higher chest voice into falsetto.

Apart from his control over vocal registers, Thomas Rhett is famous for his focus on breath support and proper air-flow. His breath control is evident in “Crash and Burn,” where he smoothly slides from his chest a lower vocal range into his mixed voice, while his ability to maintain breath support is never more apparent than in “Die a Happy Man." He sings with an unhurried grace and ensures that his sound is supported by well-controlled airflow.

Songs to Practice

For those looking to learn Thomas Rhett’s vocal style, there are a few songs that encapsulate his unique vocal technique. “Marry Me” and “Die A Happy Man” highlight how he can transition from chest voice to head voice seamlessly, while “Look What God Gave Her” showcases his falsetto.

Singing Exercises and Resources to Help You Sing Like Thomas Rhett

  • Exercise: Singing Comfort Zone

    This video covers the basics of chest voice, head voice, and voice breaks, similar to what Thomas Rhett’s vocal style requires.

    Singing Comfort Zone
  • Resource: Pitch Accuracy Test

    Trying this Singing Carrots exercise can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your pitch accuracy.

    Pitch accuracy test
  • Resource: Vocal Range Test

    This resource will help you identify your vocal range and compare it with Thomas Rhett.

    Vocal range test
  • Resource: Articulation Technique

    For Thomas Rhett’s numinous voice texture, articulation is vital. This resource provides practice tips on how to achieve proper articulation.

    Articulation Technique
  • Resource: Singing with Vibrato

    Adding vibrato is a critical technique in Thomas Rhett's singing style. The article explains how to master it and lists exercises you need.

    Singing with Vibrato

By incorporating these Singing Carrots’ exercises and resources in your daily practice, you can achieve the same vocal texture like Thomas Rhett. Remember, with the unique combination of breath support, falsetto, and contrasting vocal registers, you too can sing like a professional.

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