Singing Guide: Spellbound

Singing Guide: Spellbound

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Learning to Sing like Spellbound: A Comprehensive Guide

Spellbound is an American a capella group that has been mesmerizing audiences for years. Their unique blend of traditional a cappella roots and modern pop has cemented their place as one of the most exciting vocal acts out there, so it's no surprise you want to learn how to sing like them.

In this guide, we'll take you through some of the key techniques that make Spellbound stand out from the crowd, along with some practical advice and Singing Carrots resources that will help you hone your skills and perfect your performance.

The Spellbound Sound

The first thing to note about Spellbound's style is that they use their voices to create a full-band sound. While some a cappella groups aim to mimic instruments, Spellbound aims to create an entirely new, rich sonic texture with nothing but their voices.

This means they use a range of techniques to manipulate the sounds of their voices in ways that are not necessarily intended for traditional singing styles. They play with rhythm, pitch, and timbre to create an innovative sound that still maintains a sense of familiar harmony and melody.

Their style also incorporates elements of beatboxing and sound effects. By adding percussive rhythms and electronic textures with their voices, Spellbound adds yet another layer to their dynamic sound.

Key Techniques

To learn to sing like Spellbound, here are some key techniques to focus on:

  • Breath Control: Breath control is a fundamental technique for singing well. Spellbound's sound requires singers who are able to control their breathing, not only for sustenance but also for rhythm and dynamics. To get started with breath support, check out Singing Carrots' breath support article.
  • Range: Spellbound showcases a wide range of vocal tones. Knowing your vocal range and challenging it is key to achieving this feat. To determine your vocal range, use Singing Carrots' Vocal Range Test.
  • Diction and Articulation: Paying attention to diction and articulation is important for making the lyrics easily understood. The "Articulation" article on Singing Carrots provides a good reference.
  • Rhythm: While it may sound effortless, mastering complex, offbeat rhythms takes patience and practice. To get started, check out Singing Carrots' Finger Bite exercise.
  • Sound Effects: Spellbound incorporates electronic and percussive effects into their sound. To try this on your own, check out Singing Carrots' Twang Exercise and Sustain Vocal Exercise.

Preparing to Sing

Once you've got the techniques down, it's time to start learning some Spellbound songs. Use Singing Carrots' Search songs by vocal range tool to find songs that fit your unique range and style preference. Listen to your chosen songs to get a sense of their musical structure and harmony.

There are lots of articles on Singing Carrots that can help you learn new songs. Try starting with the How to Learn a Song Effectively article to develop a clear learning strategy.

When preparing to sing a Spellbound song, focus on the key techniques we've outlined above. Don't be intimidated by the group's complex sound; just take it one technique at a time and practice, practice, practice.


With the right techniques and Singing Carrots resources at your disposal, you can learn to sing like Spellbound. Remember to start slow and build your skills with each new technique you try, and soon enough you'll be creating innovative, exciting sounds just like this iconic group.

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