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Learning to Sing Like Shovels & Rope

Shovels & Rope is an American indie folk duo composed of spouses Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst. The band has released several albums, becoming known for their raw, unpolished sound.

To sing like Shovels & Rope, it's essential to adopt their unique style. One of the most striking features of their music is their use of harmonies. To replicate these harmonies, it's important to start by learning to sing in tune. The Pitch Accuracy Test tool on Singing Carrots is an excellent resource to help you achieve this.

The duo's music also features a lot of grit and rawness in their singing technique. This can be achieved through learning how to use a vocal distortion technique, as explained in the Vocal Distortion & Growling article from Singing Carrots.

Additionally, Shovels & Rope's music has a lot of energy and passion, with the duo often singing into a single microphone and performing with gusto. To replicate this, it's crucial to work on your performance skills, as outlined in the Tips for Performing on Stage article from Singing Carrots.

Finally, a great way to get started in learning to sing like Shovels & Rope is to study some of their most iconic songs. Some fan favorites include "Birmingham," "The Devil is All Around," and "Carnival." These songs feature the duo's unique harmonies, raw style, and energetic performance approach.

Utilize Singing Carrots' Song Search tool to find similar songs and become familiar with the harmonies and energy that define Shovels & Rope's sound.

By incorporating these tips and resources, you'll be well on your way to singing like Shovels & Rope!

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