Singing Guide: Oren Lavie

Singing Guide: Oren Lavie

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

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Understanding Oren Lavie's Unique Vocal Technique

Oren Lavie's vocal technique is characterized by a combination of falsetto and soft speech. This technique creates a stark contrast between the two, which adds a unique flavor to his music. Falsetto is a technique that involves singing in a higher register than the natural voice. To capture Oren Lavie's unique singing style, it is essential to master this technique. Breathing exercises like the Farinelli Breathing exercise can help to strengthen the voice and enhance falsetto.

Choosing Songs to Showcase Oren Lavie's Vocal Technique

To learn singing like Oren Lavie, you need to choose songs that showcase his unique vocal technique. Some of his most famous songs that you can use as reference include "Her Morning Elegance" and "Lock Down Lullaby." One key to mastering his songs is paying attention to the melody, and the emotional delivery of the lyrics.

Incorporating Relevant Singing Carrots Resources

At Singing Carrots, we offer several resources that can help you to master Oren Lavie's vocal technique. For instance, our Pitch Training educational singing game can help you to refine your pitch and vocal control. Our Vocal range test can help you to determine your vocal range and compare it with that of other famous singers. Besides, our range of articles on topics such as breathing basics, vocal registers, and vocal break can provide valuable insights to help you improve your singing.

Practical Tips to Sing Like Oren Lavie

  • Focus on the melody and the emotional delivery of the lyrics when learning his songs.
  • Practice breathing exercises like the Farinelli Breathing to enhance your falsetto.
  • Use online resources like Singing Carrots to refine your pitch and vocal control.
  • Take our vocal range test to determine your vocal range and compare it to Oren Lavie's.
  • Explore the range of articles on our blog, which cover topics like breathing, vocal registers, performance tips, and voice types.


Oren Lavie is a master at using his voice to create a unique emotional atmosphere in his music. By following these practical tips, using relevant Singing Carrots resources, and practicing Oren Lavie's songs, you can learn to sing like this talented singer-songwriter. So start practicing today, and discover the magic of Oren Lavie's vocal technique!

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