Singing Guide: Mario Lombardo

Singing Guide: Mario Lombardo

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Mario Lombardo was a famous Italian singer who contributed significantly to the music industry in the 20th century. If you want to learn how to sing like him, you need to be familiar with the unique characteristics of his voice.

Lombardo had a unique tenor voice that was incredibly smooth and appealing. He had an effortless vibrato and the ability to sustain long notes beautifully. To learn how to sing like Lombardo, you need to pay attention to the following techniques:

  • Breath Control
  • One of the unique characteristics of Lombardo's voice is his ability to control his breath expertly. To develop this skill, you need to focus on breathing exercises that will help you build breath control and support. Some useful breathing exercises can be found in this article Breath support.

  • Vibrato
  • Lombardo had an excellent vibrato that was distinct from other tenors of his time. Vibrato is a technique that requires the coordination of the vocal chords and breath support. To learn more about Vibrato, check this article Singing with Vibrato.

  • Voice Registers
  • Lombardo was known for his ability to switch smoothly between different registers in his voice without any noticeable transition. Learning how to manage your voice registers efficiently is essential if you want to develop a singing style like Lombardo. This article Voice Registers & Vocal Break will give you a better understanding of the voice register and their importance while singing.

  • Song Choice
  • Lombardo was famous for singing songs that showcased his unique voice. As you develop your Lombardo-style singing, it's essential to pick songs that will accentuate the qualities we've highlighted above. Singing Carrots offers a vast collection of songs that you can search by vocal range, difficulty level, and genre. Check out their song search tool to find the perfect song to practice.

To become an excellent Lombardo-style singer, you need to master these techniques and practice regularly. Singing Carrots offer numerous resources to help you develop your talent, including singing courses like Educational singing course, vocal range tests like Vocal Range Test, and pitch training like Pitch Training - Educational Singing Game to name a few.

Don't hesitate to use Singing Carrots as a valuable resource to help you become a great Lombardo-style singer!

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