Singing Guide: Logan Paul feat. Why Don't We

Singing Guide: Logan Paul feat. Why Don't We

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Logan Paul's "Help Me Help You" - A Pop-Rap Tutorial

Logan Paul is a YouTuber turned rapper, known for his energetic and humorous performances. In his song "Help Me Help You" featuring boy band Why Don't We, he showcases a pop-rap style reminiscent of early 2000s boy bands. If you want to learn to sing and rap like Logan Paul in "Help Me Help You," here are some tips:

  1. Foster your sense of humor:

    Logan Paul's personality is one of his biggest assets. His wit and sense of humor come through in his vocal performances, making them fun and engaging. Work on developing your own sense of humor to inject into your singing and rapping.

  2. Master your vocal range:

    Logan Paul's singing in this song is in the higher end of his range, so practice hitting those notes smoothly without straining your voice. Use the Vocal range test tool from Singing Carrots to determine your own vocal range and practice exercises in your range.

  3. Practice your pitch accuracy:

    The stability and accuracy of your pitch is key to hitting those high notes like Logan Paul. Use Singing Carrots' pitch accuracy test to identify any areas you need to work on and then try pitch training exercises.

  4. Study the song structure:

    "Help Me Help You" is a great example of a pop-rap song with catchy hooks. Listen to the song multiple times to understand the structure, paying attention to the verse, chorus, and bridge.

  5. Experiment with phrasing:

    Logan Paul experiments with phrasing, varying the way he delivers the lyrics in different parts of the song. Practice by singing along with the song and then experimenting with different ways of delivering the lyrics.

  6. Focus on your breath control:

    Good breath control is key to hitting those rapid-fire lines. The Singing Carrots' breathing basics article will give you more insight into good breathing technique.

  7. Work on your vibrato:

    Vibrato is often used in pop and rap music to add a unique flavor to the voice. Study the Singing with Vibrato article and the Farinelli Breathing exercise video from Singing Carrots to get started.

By following these tips and using the tools and resources available on Singing Carrots, you can learn to sing and rap like Logan Paul in "Help Me Help You" and beyond.

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