Singing Guide: Les Paul & Mary Ford

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Les Paul and Mary Ford were a popular duo in the 1950s, known for their unique sound that combined Les Paul's technical guitar playing with Mary Ford's smooth, multi-tracked vocals. Their iconic hit "How High the Moon" showcased not only their musical collaboration but also their pioneering use of recording technology.

To learn singing like Mary Ford, it is important to focus on her clear and precise vocal technique. Ford's smooth and effortless voice was the perfect complement to Paul's intricate guitar playing. To hone a voice like hers, it is essential to work on breath control and proper vocal support. Singing Carrots provides a Breath Support article that gives practical tips for improving these techniques.

Another aspect of Mary Ford's singing style was her emphasis on diction and articulation. To develop these skills, try practicing articulation exercises like the Finger Bite exercise, which can be found in the list of skill-related videos provided by Singing Carrots.

In terms of songs to learn, "How High the Moon" is a great starting point for studying Mary Ford's vocal style. Additionally, "Vaya Con Dios" and "Mockin' Bird Hill" are other popular songs that showcase her smooth and effortless voice.

Lastly, it is worth noting Les Paul's role in their iconic sound. Learning to play guitar like him is a great way to understand and appreciate their musical collaboration. Singing Carrots offers a variety of guitar and singing exercises, including the Vocal Pitch Monitor, that can help in this pursuit.

By focusing on breath control, proper vocal support, diction, and articulation, as well as studying their iconic songs and musical collaboration, singers can learn to embody the unique vocal style of Les Paul and Mary Ford.

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