Singing Guide: Larry Sparks

Singing Guide: Larry Sparks

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If you desire to sing like Larry Sparks, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. Sparks’ signature voice is known for his bluegrass style that is characterized by using proper throat positioning, keeping an open mouth, utilizing lower volume levels, and incorporating heart and soul into every note.

Apart from learning how he sings, you must take care of your vocal health. Following good vocal hygiene, such as warming up before singing, drinking enough water, and avoiding harmful activities such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption is essential to avoiding vocal strain and damage.

Significance of Bluegrass

For over 60 years, Larry Sparks has been making Bluegrass music with his unique style of playing and singing. He has a rich, deep, and expressive voice that enchants any listener's ears. What makes bluegrass music so attractive for many is its fast tempos, vocal harmonies, and signature picking style. Learn more about bluegrass music and what sets it apart.

Proper throat positioning

Proper throat positioning is a crucial component of Sparks' vocal technique. Bluegrass singing requires a balance between a tight and loose throat. Avoid constrictions of your throat by singing the right way.

Keeping an 'open mouth'

Maintain an open mouth when singing to allow your voice box to relax. Additionally, an open mouth reduces the strain in your upper throat and vocal cords, resulting in better resonances in the lower regions of your vocals.

Lower Volume Levels

Singing softly enables you to have more control over your voice. It allows you to communicate the sincere emotions and sound in the lyrics.

Emotion and soul

Unlike most pop songs that follow an established structure, bluegrass loans the singers time to combine their emotions and feelings more organically into singing's various aspects. Let your heartfelt emotions and soul resonate with your audience.

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