Singing Guide: Katrina & The Waves

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

If you want to learn to sing like Katrina Leskanich from the band Katrina & The Waves, there are a few things you need to know. Katrina has a powerful voice that is built on a foundation of good breathing and vocal production techniques. To sing like her, you need to develop good breath support, an open throat, and strong vocal resonance.

One of the best ways to achieve the type of sound that Katrina is known for is to work on your posture. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and your chest is lifted so that you can take in deep, full breaths. Once you're breathing correctly, focus on keeping your throat open and relaxed, which will help produce the rich, full sound that Katrina is known for.

Another important skill to develop is pitch accuracy. Katrina is known for pitching her vocals perfectly on songs like "Walking on Sunshine" and "Love Shine a Light." Use the Singing Carrots pitch accuracy test and pitch training exercises to improve your own pitch accuracy.

Katrina also has a unique vocal technique that involves using a lot of chest voice. This is most notable in songs like "Walking on Sunshine" and "Going Down to Liverpool." To develop a similar sound, focus on strengthening your chest voice by working on exercises that specifically target this register. The Singing Carrots video, "Chest Voice Explained," is a useful resource for learning about this technique.

To learn how to sing like Katrina, you'll also need to study her songs and style of singing. "Walking on Sunshine" is a classic example of Katrina's sound and you can use the Singing Carrots song search feature to find more songs that match her vocal range, difficulty and genre preference.

In addition to these resources, you can also take advantage of Singing Carrots' educational singing course, which covers singing theory and practical tips. The course is a great way to learn more about vocal production and other important skills to help you improve your singing.

Keep practicing and refining your technique with Singing Carrots tools and resources, and you'll be singing like Katrina Leskanich in no time.

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