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Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson: Examples to Follow

Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson are two iconic singers from two different musical genres. When it comes to Iglesias, his music is characterized by his melodic Spanish-inspired ballads, while Nelson’s style is best known for his authentic country vocal timbre that undoubtedly makes him an instantly recognizable artist. In this article, we will examine the ways in which both men approach their vocals, what specific techniques of theirs are worth incorporating into your own practice routine, and explore some of their noteworthy tracks as examples to follow.

Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias is undeniably one of Spain’s most beloved singers, and his voice has enchanted audiences for decades. His technique is a great example of how to achieve a rich and polished vocal sound. Iglesias' unique style is known for his vibrato singing technique, which is the rapid shaking of the voice as pitch fluctuates.

Breathing Techniques

Iglesias's breathing technique is phenomenal and is a key part of his singing style. He has such strong breath control that allows him to effortlessly glide from a high note to a low note without losing his breath or running out of air. To emulate this, try deep breathing exercises daily by inhaling using your diaphragm to control your breathing.

Micro-Vocal Adjustments

In Iglesias' music, you will notice how he changes from soft whisper-singing to a more demanding and forceful singing. Being able to control and maintain your voice with such ease is very important. It requires micro-vocal adjustments and a technical understanding of voice. Iglesias's style utilizes light vocal exercises like humming, lip trills, and tongue twisters to release any tight or constricted muscles in the throat.

Vocal Range

When listening to Iglesias, it is impossible not to notice his effortless delivery of high notes. Iglesias's ability to execute melodic lines with ease and control makes him an incredible singer to learn from when it comes to expanding your vocal range.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is among the great performers whose music blurs the lines between country, folk, and rock. He is known for his direct country vocal approach that includes a laid-back vocal timbre, twangs, and a distinctive use of phrasing that gives his music an authentic feel.

Vibrato Control

An essential feature of Nelson’s singing style is his vibrato control. Nelson's possession of a steady vibrato has made him stand out amongst his country peers. To achieve this, practice singing for extended periods while maintaining control over your vibrato. You can also take up a Vocal pitch monitor session to help you detect and improve your vibrato control.

Tight Muscles Release

Nelson's voice is relaxing and laid back, but it's not without intense power when called upon. However, it’s effortless to maintain tension in the muscles when singing in a laid-back style. Nelson addresses this problem by doing some basic warm-up exercises with a humming tone, which helps to release unnecessary tensions in the muscles.

Chest Voice

One of Nelson's iconic features is his use of the chest voice register. He can incorporate chest voice to create a resounding and powerful sound while maintaining melody and sustaining high notes. To incorporate this technique, try vocal exercises like the singing comfort zone to expand your chest voice range.

Example Songs

The following are some examples to emulate Iglesias's and Nelson's vocals:

  • To emulate Iglesias, listen to his classic hits such as "Baila Morena" and "Me Va, Me Va."
  • To emulate Nelson, listen to "On the Road Again" and "Always on My Mind."

Singing is a journey, and incorporating the singing techniques of established artists is an effective process of enhancing your skill. With the guidance of Singing Carrots' educational courses and exercises, you can achieve this success and proficiency.

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