Singing Guide: Josephine Baker

Singing Guide: Josephine Baker

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

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Josephine Baker was a legendary singer, dancer, and actress known for her captivating performances and sultry voice. Her unique vocal technique, characterized by its smoky quality and emotive power, was a product of both her natural talent and years of training. In this article, we'll explore how to learn to sing like Josephine Baker using practical techniques and Singing Carrots resources.

Breathing and posture

As with many great singers, breath control and good posture are essential elements of Josephine Baker's vocal technique. To improve your breath support, I highly recommend the "Breath support" article on Singing Carrots, which covers the basics of diaphragmatic breathing and respiration. Additionally, "How posture affects your singing" is a great resource for understanding how to use your body to improve your sound. Good posture means standing up straight with your shoulders back and your chest out, allowing your lungs to expand fully and giving you greater control over your breath.

Vibrato and resonance

Josephine Baker was known for her use of vibrato, and her voice had a rich, resonant quality that added depth and power to her performances. The "Singing with Vibrato" and "Resonance in singing" articles on Singing Carrots are great resources for anyone looking to develop these techniques. Vibrato is created by rapidly fluctuating the pitch of a note, and can be practiced using the "Beggars Bounce" exercise included in the "Vibrato" section of the Skill-related Videos. To work on your resonance, try singing into a room with good acoustics while focusing on adjusting the position of your tongue and throat.

Voice registers and vocal range

Another aspect of Josephine Baker's singing that was key to her unique sound was her use of different voice registers. "Voice registers & vocal break" is a helpful article on the Singing Carrots website that covers how to identify your own voice type and work with different registers. Josephine Baker was able to use her chest voice (the lowest part of the female voice), head voice (the highest), and mixed voice (a combination of the two) to great effect, giving her performances added texture and complexity. To further explore your vocal range, Singing Carrots also offers a vocal range test that compares your range to that of famous singers.


Finally, Josephine Baker's singing was also notable for her clear articulation, which allowed her lyrics to be easily understood even through the sultry quality of her voice. The "Articulation" article on Singing Carrots is a great resource for improving this skill. Try the "Finger Bite" exercise included in the Skill-related Videos section, which helps with tongue control and enunciation.


By working on your breath support, posture, vibrato, resonance, voice registers, and articulation, you can begin to develop a singing technique similar to that of Josephine Baker. Singing Carrots offers a wide range of tools and resources to help you along the way, including exercises, articles, and even a singing course. Additionally, check out Singing Carrots' "Search songs by vocal range" feature to find songs that suit your vocal range, difficulty, and genre preference, and build your own performance set using the "Song-book" feature. With practice and patience, you too can develop a vocal style reminiscent of the one and only Josephine Baker.

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