Singing Guide: Jonas Blue feat. JP Cooper

Singing Guide: Jonas Blue feat. JP Cooper

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

If you're looking to learn how to sing like JP Cooper, then you need to understand his unique vocal technique. JP Cooper has a soulful and raspy voice that makes him stand out in the crowd. In this article, we will discuss how to develop a similar voice and some of his most popular songs that showcase his unique style.

Vocal Technique

JP Cooper is known for his raspy voice, which is a result of his unique vibrato. To emulate his sound, it's crucial to control your breath and practice vibrato exercises. Singing exercises like Twang, Chest Voice Explained and Mixed Voice can help you to develop your chest voice and control your breath. Learning to control your vibrato can also help you achieve a sound closer to JP Cooper's. Check out some of these vibrato exercises and practice them regularly to develop control over your voice.

Popular Songs

Some of JP Cooper's most popular songs showcase his unique vocal style. Here are a few songs to listen to and practice:

  • September Song:

    This song features JP Cooper's signature style of raspy and soulful singing.

  • She's On My Mind:

    The catchy chorus of this song showcases JP Cooper's exceptional vocal range.

  • Passport Home:

    This song highlights his ability to convey emotion through his singing.

  • Perfect Strangers:

    In this song, JP Cooper shows his versatility by displaying a more upbeat and pop-inspired vocal.

Singing Tips

Alongside the exercises mentioned earlier, incorporating practical breathing, resonance, and vocal warm-up exercises can help you develop your voice further. It's crucial to take care of your vocal health and avoid any damage by implementing healthy habits, such as staying hydrated, warming up before singing, and avoiding foods that cause acid reflux. Check out these singing tips for more advice on vocal health.

Singing Resources

Singing Carrots offers various resources that can help you improve your singing, including a vocal range test, pitch accuracy test, a Vocal Pitch Monitor, and a Pitch Training program. Additionally, our search songs by vocal range feature can help you find the perfect song for your vocal range, difficulty, and genre preference.

Remember, the key to sounding like JP Cooper is not to mimic him entirely but take inspiration from his unique style and use it to develop your voice. By practicing regularly, working on your technique, and taking care of your vocal health, you can improve your singing skills and reach your full potential.

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